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GREAT news and prayer request

April 24th, 2008 by admin

Several breaking news items for you, and at the end I have a personal prayer request.

Let’s start with the AMAZING news…


The e-mail from Jose, the campaign leader of the spring 2008 Rockland County, New York, 40 Days for Life began with the words: “Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the Lord!!!”

The message went on to share the breaking news about the first abortion facility in the United States to SHUT DOWN following a local 40 Days for Life campaign!

Jose said, “Our prayers have been answered!” He had said his group would not stop until the last abortion facility in the area was closed. “The last is now gone thanks to the 40 Days for Life 24/7 vigil at 200 East Eckerson Road, New City, New York.”

Jose also went on to credit the faithfulness of many local people who have been praying at that abortion facility for many years.

According to Richard, another local 40 Days for Life leader, “The Almighty has blessed us with an awesome victory.” The abortion center announced it will be closing this Friday, April 25.


Our family visited this 40 Days for Life site during their campaign — joining them at night in the snow as they held their vigil by candlelight.

As soon as I heard the news, I dug up the photo I snapped when we were there…

… And you will NEVER believe what message was on the sign of one of their young prayer volunteers!

Look at the photo for yourself:

God is SO good!TWO PLANNED PARENTHOOD LOCATIONS STOP ABORTIONSThe great news just keeps rolling in!

Two Planned Parenthood facilities — where 40 Days for Life campaigns were held — have unexpectedly stopped doing abortions: in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa.

I was in Council Bluffs a few weeks ago on a Saturday — the regular day for abortions there.

When we arrived outside the Planned Parenthood, the prayer volunteers were shocked that the facility was completely closed for the day.

According to a follow-up email sent by Christine, a local 40 Days for Life volunteer and director of a Christian pregnancy center across the street from Planned Parenthood:

“The Saturday before you came was March 29th, and there have been no abortions since then. Phone calls to PP have been made. They say they are no longer doing abortions. I stand in awe of the greatness of the mercy of God!!!!!!!!”

Pam, leader of the 40 Days for Life in Lincoln, e-mailed me, “Praise God our Planned Parenthood did not do abortions the last two Fridays and a phone call revealed that at the moment they are ‘not doing abortions in Lincoln.’”

Leaders in both locations are unsure of the reason for the cessation, but they suspect it is because no abortionist is available (since both facilities previously shared the same abortionist.)

Whatever the reason, Pam sent me this wonderful update about a life saved as a result:

“I received a phone call from a pro-life friend who works for a local OB/Gyn. A woman came to their office and told them that she had an appointment scheduled with PP Lincoln and that they called and canceled her appointment because ‘the doctor was not available’”

Pam finished by saying, “The woman took this as a sign from God that she should not have an abortion and has committed to having her baby!!! Wow our prayers are answered!”


The seeds of faith planted during the fall 2007 campaign are now bearing fruit as we are starting to get reports of babies being born who were spared from abortion by the 40 Days for Life.

Here are just a few…

1.) Wynette, leader of the SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA campaign writes: “Some very good news… sidewalk counselor, Jennifer, who during the 40 Days for Life compassionately assisted a young woman she met in front of Planned Parenthood in downtown Sacramento, e-mailed me joyfully announcing that a baby boy was born recently as a result of the prayerful presence! Thanks and praise be to God! Jennifer happily adds ‘we are becoming like family’ with regards to herself, new Mom, and new baby. Your prayers are still needed, however, as the baby boy weighs only 2.5 pounds, though the doctors say he is doing GREAT, so we are very, very thankful that Jennifer was able to help a young Mother choose LIFE for her child!”

2.) While doing an interview a few nights ago on the “NextWave Live” show on EWTN radio, host Stephanie Wood told me that a baby was recently born in GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, after being saved from abortion by the local 40 Days for Life campaign. The baby was named Bella!

3.) A few days ago, I shared with you the story related by a pastor in PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, about a baby spared from abortion by the 40 Days for Life effort. A follow-up message from Joanne, the local campaign leader included a 4D ultrasound picture of Baby Robert at 26 weeks in the womb. Here it is:

As you look at the photo of this adorable baby boy — made in God’s image and likeness — please realize that he is alive thanks to YOUR prayers along with those of thousands of others across the country and around the globe.Truly, nothing is impossible with God!A PERSONAL PRAYER REQUESTLast but certainly not least…

We have reviewed the 2,181 surveys submitted with input on where this national effort needs to go from here.

Your insights were eye-opening, and two things became crystal clear to us:

1.) This fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign is going to be a blockbuster effort, requiring a massive scaling-up effort on the part of the national team.

2.) There is a tremendous need to build on the momentum following a 40 Days for Life. Tools and training are desperately needed to educate, equip, and empower local people to establish and/or grow pro-life efforts to “fight the good fight” for the long haul.

These are HUGE opportunities…

…But so are the daunting challenges we will have to face.

Why God has given such an enormous mission to a fledgling little effort like 40 Days for Life is beyond me.

Our national team is made up of only one employee (me — with a tiny office in the corner of my bedroom) and our handful of dedicated volunteers have worked round the clock without receiving a nickel of compensation.

And to top it all off, we’re flat broke.

At the conclusion of this spring’s 40 Days for Life, there was exactly $351 in our organization account, and we have received no funding since that time.

(Isn’t it just like God to give us an opportunity to stretch our faith while doing His work?)

Bottom line — you’ve made it very clear that we have an opportunity to “strike while the iron is hot” and make a decisive impact that could mark the beginning of the end of abortion in America…

…And with much prayer and planning, we are almost ready to announce an aggressive strategic plan to do just that…

…But I have to be totally honest and tell you that we can’t do it on our own.

We’re going to need your prayers and your help.

Next Tuesday, watch your inbox for an e-mail from me with the subject line “Major announcement.”

In that message, I’ll let you know when we will be unveiling the big plans for the rest of 2008 and how you can help make a lifesaving impact.

In the meantime, our national team, my family, and I would deeply appreciate your prayers.

The best is yet to come!

In Christ,

David Bereit
National Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

P.S.- Several people e-mailed to say that they didn’t get the reports from my visit last week to the White House for the Pope’s arrival ceremony. It was an amazing day, and the pictures and audio reports are now all posted online at:

23 Responses to “GREAT news and prayer request”

  1. sally Says:

    have you heard about the One Million Rosaries for Unborn Babies on Saturday, May 3rd?

  2. C. J. Lunsford Says:

    I recently wrote Bill O’Reilly, the Factor the following:

    Planned Parenthood, it’s history.. horrible.. how it became tax paid, and what it’s cost us as a people, especially affecting blacks in America.
    We need to do something about the 50 MILLION babies being aborted in our country. What it has cost us in human LIFE, numbers, human assets, why we are now immigrating labor and other skills with people who do NOT have our best interests at heart. It has affected our military, education, vocations, medicine and law. We are a POORER people for having destroyed our own.

    It’s worse than Jessica’s Law.. this mania, population control mechanism is preventing little Jessica’s at all.. lv

    I will send him your link.. and see if he will cover it on his program.

    God Bless You!

  3. Carol Says:

    PRAISE GOD for this wonderful report!! It brings tears of joy and thankfulness to read about the abortion clinic closing, and the news of the PP facility in both Lincoln and Council Bluffs. We live in Council Bluffs, and I have spent some time at Gabriel’s Corner, so it is a joyful occasion to see God’s Mighty Hand at work. Funding will come, as you continue to trust in the Lord’s goodness. We have experienced God’s mercy and provision in our times of “stretching”, and I pray that you will continue to trust in His plans for you through this time.

  4. Carla Says:

    The abortionist in Lincoln, NE probably quit because he did a botched abortion last September & was at that time being under investigation.
    Praise the Lord another so called doctor is gone!!!!!!!!

  5. Grace Harman Says:

    To stop the culture of death it isn’t enough to stop abortion. We must also stop distribution of condoms, birth control pills, and teaching of comprehensive sex ed. that recommends them. Many nations are losing population and are well below replacement numbers. The massive s.t.d. epidemic is destroying lives and endangering souls. P.P. also promotes this and so does the U.N. They don’t understand that there’s no such thing as “safe sex”.

  6. Grace Harman Says:

    We must return to God’s standard of life and follow His rules.

  7. Shirley J. Schooler Says:

    Dear David,

    Thanks be to God for all this good news! I will continue to pray for you and your team and will offer whatever financial support we can afford to help with the fall campaign.

    God bless,
    Shirley Schooler


    “PLAN FOR 2008″

  9. Brother Thomas Frey, C.S.C. Says:

    Dear David,
    May our good God be thanked, praised and evermore adored. You have my prayer support and that of our community of Brothers. Each month we have a Mass offered for The Respect For Life movement. Our 40 Days for Life is included. Keep up your good work. Deus Providebit.
    (God will provide).
    Brother Thomas Frey, C.S.C.

  10. Anita Usher Says:

    Hello David,

    I am so excited about all the great and wonderful news! Praise God!

    Know that we will give you everything we can so that you can do everything that needs to be done to end this atrocity of abortion. God has called you to this, He will provide a way to get it done! We will be praying for the Spirit of God to fall upon the hearts and minds of many around the globe, that they would open their pocket books and bring to fruition all the plans that God has put on your heart.

    I have some money that was given to me during the last 40 days for life. If you give me an address, I would love to send it on to you.

    God bless,

    Anita Usher

  11. joanne Says:

    Such wonderful news!!! Thank you, David, and all of you for your prayers, your love, and your perseverance. God is rewarding these efforts in magnificent ways!!!
    This Tuesday in Providence a Christian pastor popped up in answer to a prayer and asked the veteran sidewalk counselor if he could help out. Boy, can Rev. Bob pray! When the first PP client ridiculed him as she walked by, he looked to Heaven and THANKED God ahead of time for touching the woman’s heart! (I don’t know what happened later; I had to leave for an appointment, but no doubt, something did!) Thank You, Lord for Rev. Bob!!
    And I was told just recently that 18 Providence College students decided to pray outside Planned Parenthood on a regular basis, just because they wanted to!! The PP workers are looking mighty bewildered, which is always hopeful! Who is like God? I am in awe!
    As for baby Robert, if the last time you fell in love with God was last year, last month, or yesterday, his picture will make you fall in love with our Creator all over again! Who but God could create such beauty?!!!

  12. joanne Says:

    Thank you for mentioning the 1 Million Rosaries. Our diocese is encouraging us to participate! (We’re doing it between 9 & 10 on Broad St in Cranston, in case there are any Rhode Islanders reading. :))
    The website for more info and to register is:

    Their goal is to have at least one million rosaries said for the unborn on that day.

  13. Marianne Keating Says:

    I will participate in the one million rosaries and wondered if you had a bulletin announcing it that I could ask our Pastor to post and list in the bulletin? Please email me and let me know.

    God Bless,

  14. "Energizer Bunny" Says:

    Dear David,
    Praise God David for the “Mighty bond fire” you have started across America! Glory Be To Our All Powerful God and Savior Jesus. It is an answer to prayer that Abortuaries are being shut down! Wow!In addition to “40 days” at Heartbeat ministries 2000 babies are saved per week by the use of ultra sound machines and compassionate counseling. Dr. Dobson’s ultra Sound machines have saved over 75,000 babies with a 90% save when the mothers see their babies smiling, yawning and exercising! If the KofC could persuade each Bishop across America could request money for even one ultra machine that would mean thousands of saved babies!Also Mark Crutcher will allow me to use any botched abortion story in his book “Lime Five” as long as it is to save Babies! If we could use botched abortion stories to pass out at the abortion clinics all across America. We all could tag cars and pass them out to co-workers, neighbors or apartment complexes.
    Lime 5 has some hair raising stories of so many wounded women.
    May God Bless you David for all you do to save God’s Precious Babies.
    Your sister in Christ. “Energizer” Bunny

  15. VL Says:

    As a post-abortive woman of 30 years sitting hear reading these messages, it brings tears to my eyes–may I say, tears of joy and thankfulness you all of the dedicated people–ESPECIALLY the young people–who weren’t even born when Roe vs Wade happened. God is good! Only God can bring something wonderful out of something evil.

    From the bottom of my heart–THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! And continue to pray for all those who have had abortions, who still have a calloused heart and don’t accept that fact they have done something wrong, because sometimes it is the only way one can emotionally survive–like I was–until God mercifully reaches out and brings them to Himself.

  16. Kathy Haupt Says:

    I’ve been praying EVERY DAY for these little babies. I watched Father Frank Pavone’s Dismemberment video on YouTube at work and just started crying at my reception desk. Thanks be to God for all the babies saved by our prayers…what a wonderful encouragement to us to see that little precious miracle above! Thank you all and God Bless You!!!

  17. T. Smith Says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Captain V & I.

    We’re mighty proud of you back home, and you will always have our support and prayers.

  18. nancy l walker Says:

    Dear David; I am a good friend of Dr. Johnny Hunter and he recommeded that I contact you. Recently I have written a book The Forgotten Christian. It is a word picture of the pro-lifers at the killing center, day after day, year after year. It is moving and inspiring. I would like to offer you a deep discount on my book to use it as a fund raiser. Check out my web-site and see if you are interested. Hope to hear from you. In Christ, Nancy L. Walker

  19. Anne Says:

    The Mass. Legislature just approved of $500,000 in Gov. D. Patrick’s 2009 Budget for the homosexual agenda to be taught in our public and charter schools—Lexington Superintendent, P. Ash is brain-washing kids, K-5, beginning next September. Let’s pray for lapsed Catholic politicians who are bought off by Planned Parenthood and the homosexual lobby. “All it takes for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

  20. joanne Says:

    Anne, my neighbor, the faithful in RI pray for you and with you to overturn what has happened in MA. I will continue to remember you especially during Adoration at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church in Seekonk, where the St Joseph’s Chapel is open for perpetual adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
    So many MA citizens poured out and signed petitions for the protection of children and the unborn in your state. What is happening there despite all your efforts continues to be a tragedy and an insult to all Americans.
    Sadly, many in RI are pushing to follow in the footsteps of the MA government, and cheering the destruction of the family as a triumph of “freedom”. I hope that you will pray for us, too.
    “Nothing is impossible with God”! Victory over Planned Parenthood and the return of the family according to God’s design are on the way!!!

  21. Joy Stricker Says:

    David, as you know I cannot get to any of these places, but I can pray/intercede and I do. I am faithfully on board and actively following you and your famiy and your team daily. Continue to keep me updated as to urgent prayer requests and needs, please. Thank you for your unselfish love and especially for your Christian example to your children and thousands of other people, too! Your reward is awaiting you in Heaven! Indeed, it is!

    Remember, God, the great I AM, is watching and applauding you. HE is on your side! HE is in you, with you, for you, beside you, and is working through you to touch millions of lives. Be ever in touch with Him and have the hot line to Heaven turned on and turned up!!! :)

  22. Molly Stone Grigg Says:

    HOw would you recommend people financiallly contribute to 40 days for life? Could a system be made so donations could be given on-line?
    I would like to contribute.

  23. admin Says:

    We have added a “donate” link to the web site. It’s up at the top. You may contribute either online or by mail. Thanks and God bless you!!!

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