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DAY 35: God hears every prayer

October 26th, 2010 by admin

I know there are many of you who would like to join the prayers in front of the abortion center, but for very good reasons you are unable to do so.

All of you praying are a very important part of this campaign … and I know your prayers are being heard.

“Thank you so very much, Shawn, for providing daily coverage of the glorious happenings each day,” wrote Katie. “I am 85 years old and handicapped, so I can not go to Planned Parenthood clinics in my area; but I do relay your message.”

Katie said she makes copies of the daily e-mails and brings them to people at her church. “I know that some of those wonderful people have been moved to go to the Planned Parenthood clinic to pray and help save babies.”

Mary Ann wrote to say that she doesn’t drive, but she did have a friend take her to pray in front of a Planned Parenthood facility. “The ten or twelve people that we had was a grace from God,” she said.

“I go to church daily and you all are in my prayers,” she added. “Please pray for my church so that we get more pro-lifers so we can be more active — young ones that can do what us oldies can’t!”

There are others who are great distances from the nearest vigil — like Marcia in Kenya and Gabriela in Argentina.

“I’m a missionary in Kenya,” wrote Marcia, “and from here, the only thing that I can do is to pray. I would love to be there to pray in front of those abortion clinics, but I know that it doesn’t matter where we are; the Lord hears our prayer.”

Marcia said she needs to remind herself that the battle belongs to the Lord. “I feel that if I pray more or fast, the Lord will shut down all those abortion clinics. But His ways are higher than mine; I always need to have that in my mind. And remember that we are called to be faithful servants.”

“I really wish I could be physically present at one of the 238 locations where all of you are praying for an end to abortion,” Gabriela said. “However, I also know that prayer is powerful regardless the geographical place it comes from. God receives the prayers from every single heart and distributes His grace as He pleases.”

Margie prays at the 40 Days for Life vigil in her community; but she also stays in touch with a friend who is in a nursing home. On a recent visit, Margie said one of the volunteers reminded her friend that she is not far from a late term abortion clinic and can offer prayers from right where she is.

The woman in the nursing home is someone who is used to being on the front lines, “so this is a different role in the abortion battle than what she is used to taking,” Margie said.

“For those of you who can still get out there and take a shift,” she said, “do it for pro-lifers who no longer are able to get out to the clinics to pray. Do it! Receive the courage and the grace to stand for life today!”

Here’s today’s devotional from Carmen Pate, a member of the 40 Days for Life board of directors.


Pray for post-abortive women who cannot forgive themselves; may they understand that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sin is covered. Blessed is the one to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.

– Romans 4:7-8

REFLECTION by Carmen Pate, 40 Days for Life

In the passage above, the Apostle Paul making a point about justification by faith, refers back to David’s words in Psalm 32:1-2. In spite of the enormity of David’s sin — adultery with Bathsheba and his murder of her husband — and the utter absence of any personal merit, David in his brokenness, understood the imputed righteousness of God. David’s response was not continued guilt over his sins, but praise for his freedom from guilt, and God’s power to live life differently.

Once your relationship with God has been restored, your guilt has served its purpose and should no longer be given place in your life. This is true regardless of the sin, including the sin of abortion. As a post-abortive woman, I too struggled with this issue until I realized that punishing and hating myself after receiving God’s forgiveness was an insult to God.

It was as though I were minimizing Christ’s work on the cross as insufficient to cover my sin. I was denying Him the opportunity to bring glory to His name for the healing and restoration He wanted to do in my life. I was giving victory to the enemy who having lost the battle for my soul, was bent on destroying my testimony as I accepted the continual guilt he heaped on my mind.

It is my joy to continually sing of God’s grace rather than give the devil a foothold in my life. Don’t waste God’s mercy! Accept His forgiveness and forgive yourself as testimony of His amazing grace.


Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father, thank you for your amazing grace that saved a wretch like me. I come against the enemy of my soul who would have me feel cast down and dejected.

Lord, keep your children from falling prey to the accusations of the father of lies. Turn our mourning into dancing and may we bring praise to you as we give testimony of Your healing and restoration in our lives. For by His grace we are saved, Amen.


To download today’s devotional as a formatted, printable PDF to share with friends:


For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Has your community changed during this 40 Days for Life campaign? Please share your stories by posting a comment below.

21 Responses to “DAY 35: God hears every prayer”

  1. Edison & Michelle Kim Says:

    As a family we have been praying and fasting throughout this fall campaign. No abortion center here, praise God. We are finding ways to take action, though, including two of our sons starting a kids’ pro-life group. Every evening we come to the website to see the new tally of babies saved before praying the day’s devotional, and our boys (8, 6, 3) rejoice over the ever-rising number. Our 3-year-old says, “Jesus saved all those babies!” One of our daily prayers is for all of the babies whose mothers have appointments for abortions this week, that they will change their hearts and find new hope. The other night our sons were a little disappointed because the number had not risen, but then our 8-year-old said, “Well, I bet the number didn’t rise because some of those moms didn’t even GO to their appointments!” God truly does hear every prayer.

  2. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  3. Patricia Hope Trust Praise Lord Says:

    Thank you Carmen, for your reflection today. It ministered to me so
    much as a post abortive woman. Abortion has been a curse in my life,
    on my family (I am not the only post abortive woman in my family) and on
    this nation. I now rejoice in God’s forgiveness and pray to end abortion.

  4. Judeth Streich Says:

    I am post abortive–attended Racheal’s Vineyard week end in 2008–The healing was wonderful and I know my babies are waiting for me with Jesus in heaven’s garden–I am forgiven Thanks God!!

  5. Tears Says:

    My tears are for the many I know that have had abortions and are living in pain but do not connect it to the guilt of their choices. Oh heavenly Dad, it is your kidness that leads to repentance… draw them to Yourself this day.

  6. Molly Grigg Says:

    Every time a life is saved, our community is changed. This morning I was reading our pregnancy center’s prayerline. Posted there was a prayer request for “Z” who came to them after someone from 40 days for life told them about the pregnancy center. Z is married but the couples finances are dire and they didn’t think they could afford a child. After seeing their 7 week old baby on ultrasound, they tearfully embraced, and are committed to finding a way. Pray they trust God to meet their needs. Praise God another life has been saved!

  7. mary tegtmeyer Says:

    I am going to go at 2 to the syracuse PP, I’m handicapped but I know God will use me even if no one else comes .Mary said let it be done unto me according to thy word .Please pray for shannon she goes when no one else does .mary t

  8. mary Hewitt Says:

    Our abortion mill in grand chute,wis. is on a road with limited space to walk,and lots of trafffic, this year people have come out praying witnessing more often, and when people drive by we get alot of nice comments and waves We thank GOD for all of his wonderful deeds

  9. Anna Says:

    Whatsoever things are lovely…think on these things.
    Philippians 4:8

    Thankful that God saved a wretch like me through prayers of pro-life believers!

    Arms of Grace, Abortion Recovery Ministry

    Abba Father, today I pray for your daughters, the Daughters of the King.
    The day our babies died a part of us died also. The medical community has no cure for the deep wounds of abortion. We come to you for the cleansing and healing that only your Holy Spirit can provide. We pray for that healing touch now in the lives of those daughters that have been battered, abused, and wounded: verbally ,mentally , emotionally,physically,sexually ,and worst of all spiritually.

    May they come to you for the healing and leadership that will bring them eternal life. May your word become the foundation on which they build their lives.
    Give them the wisdom and strength to resist anything or anyone that would deny them the full equality that your word says that they possess because they are made in your image and likeness.

    Set your daughters free from the lies, distortions and chains of the enemy that tell them that they are less than what you created them to be. Increase their faith and help them to trust and obey your word.

    Set your daughters free from the lies from the pit of hell that convinced them to allow the life of their unborn child to be destroyed, I pray that you would comfort them in ways that only your blessed Holy Spirit can do. Bring them into the healing light of your love and forgiveness. Comfort their spirit with the knowledge that those babies are safe in the arms of Jesus. Those children have escaped from this world of pain and suffering. They are alive and active in the Army of God in heaven. Now we must stand united together to protect our future sons and daughters from being destroyed. Give these wounded daughters of yours the courage and strength to stand against the enemy here on earth that continues to blow the flames of hell into our faces. When we are threatened remind us that the battle is yours and no weapon formed against us will prosper. After we have done all that we can do, help us to stand in confidence that you will protect and defend us. God will avenge His children.

    Set your daughters free from the lies of those that would tell them that their only worth is to be found being a object of sexual pleasure for men that treat them as nothing more than an asset to used, abused and discarded when they no longer serve their purpose.

    Set your daughters free from the lies of those in health professions that tell them that sexual promiscuity is normal and that there no boundaries by God or man that need to be observed.

    Set your daughters free from the lies of leaders in high places that tell them they are can erase the mistakes of their sexual sin by destroying their unborn child.

    Set your daughters free from the fear that they will not find acceptance and forgiveness for past sins in Christ Jesus..

    Set your daughters free from the fear of Christians that would dare to treat them as less than forgiven and set free..

    Set your daughters free from the fear that you can not, or will not provide for all their needs if they will only trust and obey your word.

    Set your daughters free to forgive others as we would have you forgive us!

    By the power and authority of Jesus Christ, the one and only Lord of heaven and earth and everything under the earth, we claim the full inheritance that is ours because of His death, burial, and resurrection.

    He has set us free and we are free indeed!

  10. Patricia Roche Says:

    I’ve only recently begun to pray outside Planned Parenthood. Last week I went for my third time with an experienced pro-life prayer warrior.
    We’d just arrived at our spot on the sidewalk when my friend said “Let’s say our “Prayer of Protection”. We moved a few feet over to a telephone pole where her tote bag containing the written prayer was located. We had barely finished the prayer when one car was forced off the road by another car. This vehicle jumped the curb and landed right where we had been standing prior to saying our prayer of protection! A man lept out of the car and yelled at the other driver “What are you doing? I could have killed those two people!”
    All I could think was that these many prayers to end abortion and bring about the healing and conversion of all it’s victims must be doing a lot of good for such a blatant attack.

  11. Joan Albers Says:

    We, here at Sacred Heart Church in Colby, KS, are fortunate not to have an abortion clinic near us. Once again, in conjunction with the 40 Days for Life and National Right for Life month, our pastor, Father Dana Clark, is leading us in 40 HOURS for Life adoration during this week of Oct. 25 – Oct. 29. We celebrate Eucharistic Adoration for 8 hours each day, with a special Prayer Service either during the evening or during the lunch hour. Each day starts at a different time and ends at a different time so that all, whether working or not, have an opportunity to come to Jesus and pray in union with the prayer warriors in front of abortion clinics in our country and throughout the world. We pray for the end of abortion and for all those who advocate, perform, or assist in abortions. We thank God for David Bereit and Shawn Carney and all the comuunity leaders for their diligence in leading this prayer crusade. I know God will reward you as only He can. I send a weekly up-date to the bulletin as to the number of babies saved. Many are praying for the Right to Life of all, babies and elderly. God’s blessings on all, and Mary, Mother of Life, pray for us.

  12. mary Says:

    Thank you so much for all your doing on behalf of 40 Days for Life. I volunteer at a pregnancy center. Through much prayer three women who were abortion-minded changed their minds. Gods perfect will was seen that day!!

  13. Diane Says:

    We were with high school students and their parents a little over a week ago. We were taking pictures of our children before The homecoming dance. I mentioned to some of the students that when the priest gives you absolution–”I absolve you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, May all the good you do and suffering you endure help you to grow in holiness and reward you with eternal life”. This is when all of the sins(or bad scenes of ‘your video) are deleated and immediatly all of the merit for all the good you’ve done or suffering you have endured comes back as ‘the never seen before footage. Since most of them have missed mass on Sunday, I reminded them that they were in the state of mortal sin and that they had better ‘clean up’ their video/dvd before it is played on the 360 degree omnimax for all to see. One of the young men said that he learned more in two minutes than he did going to Catholic school his whole life. He is a senior in high school. Since then, the young man whose house the picture taking took place at started saying the rosary. He told me that he couldn’t even remember the last time he prayed the rosary. I shared with him the promises of Our Lady for those who pray the rosary. He is still praying!!! Many graces are coming from these 40 days of prayer and fasting!!!!!! We NEED to keep spreading the Good News!!!!!!!!

  14. Anne Foster Says:

    Remember, if we do not see the miracles we hope and pray for at the “murder mills” that GOD works at His own speed. We must not question GOD’S plans. GOD does NOT make mistakes. If the November election does not bring the desired results, remember GOD has a plan and in time HE will enact it at the proper moment. GOD will not let HIS Church be destroyed by satan and his evil followers in congress and the White House. Never in recent history has our right to vote been so important. As we pray for the lives of the innocents being murdered every day, we must also vote those evil ones out of office so that those very evil laws can be repealed and new ones that respect life can be enacted. GOD always wins in the end!!!!!

  15. Tom Dome Says:

    another confirmed save in Cleveland!

    Not a lot of detail, but friday, 10/22, a woman left Preterm, largest independent abortion clinic in Ohio (their annual report boasts of 5,432 surgical abortions in ‘09) and told 3 ladies praying on the side walk that she changed her mind and that they should continue their prayer vigil….that it works!

  16. Violet Vin Zant Says:

    Monday afternoon my husband took me to Regions Hospital to pray against abortion. It was drizzling a fine mist and it was brisk with the fall wind. There were others there. A mother and four children in various ages all with home made signs A woman in a wheel chair with a more professional looking sign a couple with more home made signs. Another lady who I have seen there before walking holding a picture of Our Blessed Mother and quietly walking praying the Rosary. I had made a very quiptic sign that said “Regions is SCHITZOID they save babies and MURDER them!” It was very colorful. I was a fraid to carry it but I was there so I said “it is the truth so show it.” and I did. Well we got a lot of honks and high signs except for one attractive young woman driving by who indicated we stink by waving her hand by her nose. I just prayed for her as I am sure the rest did too. At closing we gathered together and prayed one decade of the chaplet of divine Mercy. It was a calm day and God was with us. Violet

  17. Donna Ziegenbein Says:

    Thank you Shawn for all your daily updates. I am not able to go to PPH with my illness of lupus and kidney problems. I have prayed in all 40 days campaigns but one. I am up many nights in pain so I offer up my pain for our DEAR PRECIOUS GIFTS FROM GOD that are destroyed everyday. I try to say a rosary , stations of the cross, and the chaplet of Devine Mercy everyday. I wish I could go and pray !!!!! But I accept Gods will for me. Thank you and David again and may God Bless you Always !!!!!!!! Donna

  18. Sarah Says:

    Please pray for my cousin’s baby, Sophia Gianna, born prematurely at 24 weeks. She is only about 1 1/2 lbs. Thanks so much!

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    Today was the first really tough weather day we have had at this year’s vigil site in La Crosse WI. I was sick on Monday and could not make my usual time, so I was eager to get out there today and make up for my absence yesterday. Usually on Tuesdays I am joined by a few women and some homeschool kids from my Bible study, but with the bad weather I did not think any of them would show up. I was encouraged in the first minute by a women in the passing traffic who slowed and gave a warming smile, wave and a mouthed “thank you”. and then I was soooo surprised and elated when the first prayer warrior showed up – her name happens to be Mary! We prayed four decades of the Sorrowful Mysteries together in the cold, windy rain neither of us came full prepared to be standing in this morning. Right when we got to the Crucifixion and really needed some encourgement
    Faith, and her siblings (all with saint’s names) and their mother showed up and bolstered us to stand against the weather and the evil that was trying so hard to get us to quit the vigil hour and seek comfort and warmth. Those forces did not prevail, we completed the Rosary and Mary had to leave. Then we sang a few verses of Amazing Grace at the top of our lungs over the wind, rain and the traffic noises. THe mom of the young prayer warrior squad led us in the Divine Mercy Chaplet as we tried to protect, with our signs, the little ones from the wind and rain beating their faces. It was awesome and we felt so triumphant for the Lord in enduring the elements to Pray for the End to Abortion and the conversion of all those who are part of it.

    The quiet sunny days of praying have been so nice, but when you get to stand firm against evil and battle the physical elements there is someting so edifying and it really connects you to the power of faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ- We are warriors in HIs FIght and God only asks us to be faithful – all the success is His.

    As the crazy strong winds have been howling all day – I lift up in prayer all those who are praying through the night – keep God’s armor in mind and call on the Saints and Angles to protect you and help you stand firm in your faith and in your prayers to end abortion and heal our nation and the world from this evil atrocity of abortion.

    I thank deeply all those who are praying for the 40 Days for Life people – your prayers helped me stand out there today and I know they are helping others too. God Bless you.

  20. Esther Davis Says:

    I am another one of those “oldies” who cannot do the walking in front of an abortion center, but I will be driving by one in Cincinnati on Thursday, unable to get out of my car and walk and pray, so as I go by the PP center in our area I will say some Hail Marys for the vigil keepers and abortion employees and their clients, the fathers of the babies too. May God continue to grant all the graces needed to the finish of this campaign. My prayers are with everyone involved in it.
    God’s blessings to all,
    Esther Davis

  21. Heather Terrall Says:

    The 40 Days for Life campaign has not only given my friends and I the opportunity to stand up for life, but it has given me a much greater burden to share the truth and make a difference in my community.

    Today a group of six of us held signs at a Planned Parenthood in Beaverton, OR. One of our friends was very outgoing about speaking with passersby and received many positive responses. A girl who was four months pregnant came up to him and gave him a hug. She decided to keep her baby after seeing our signs! We gave her information on local pregnancy resource centers. Pray for her to connect with workers at the PRC and for her not to give into her boyfriend who wants her to have an abortion.

    “Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.” –Proverbs 31:8

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