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January 8th, 2011 by admin

This is unprecedented!!

Over the last 36 hours, 5,182 people have already registered to join Monday night’s webcast where Abby Johnson — former Planned Parenthood clinic director and employee of the year — will finally reveal the shocking details of what she saw inside the abortion business … and why she resigned her job and joined the pro-life movement.

Abby’s entire story has never been revealed publicly … UNTIL NOW!

If you haven’t registered for the LIVE event being held on Monday, January 10 at 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific) it’s still not too late.

Go to:

This webcast is a sneak preview of the no-holds-barred revelations which fill the pages of Abby’s landmark new tell-all book — UNPLANNED — which will be released to the world one day after the webcast … a day the abortion industry is dreading!

UNPLANNED doesn’t even come out until next week, and it is already rapidly climbing bestseller lists.

When you sign up for the webcast, you’ll get the entire first chapter of UNPLANNED for free — before the book is even released!

Get Chapter One of UNPLANNED now at:

Here’s what leaders are saying about UNPLANNED:

  • MARJORIE DANNENFELSER, Susan B. Anthony List — “Abby’s story is one of great moral courage in an age that groans for it. Hers is a modern parable of hope for us all, witnessing to the truth that sets the human heart free. A riveting story.”
  • JIM DALY, Focus on the Family — “Think love and kindness can’t make a difference in the abortion debate? Read Abby Johnson’s story and find out how a pro-life ministry’s peaceful and respectful witness forever changed the heart of this former Planned Parenthood clinic director.”
  • DR. ALVEDA KING, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — “Unplanned is a powerful and compelling testimony of the power of prayer and love. A story of courage, conviction, and conversion, the book will draw you into Abby’s life and her journey as her eyes are opened to the truth.”
  • ARCHBISHOP CHARLES CHAPUT, Archdiocese of Denver — “Beautifully written, intimate and honest. A wonderful portrait of the power of truth and grace working in the human heart.”
  • KRISTAN HAWKINS, Students for Life of America — “Unplanned is going to be revolutionary to the abortion debate. It perfectly illustrates how we can end abortion by reaching across to those on the other side to change hearts and minds. Abby’s story shows that no one, not even the Director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, is out of reach.”
  • RANDY ALCORN, Author — “I’m grateful to Abby Johnson for having the courage to tell her story as a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Unplanned. In this unique and compelling book, Abby shows the compassionate hearts of some of her coworkers, takes responsibility for her own participation in abortions, and shares the journey of how God in his grace and mercy delivered her from blindness.”
  • PEGGY HARTSHORN, Heartbeat International — “I could not put this book down. Abby’s honest and riveting account sheds light on the fact that some Christians are conflicted but satisfied with the goal of ‘making abortion safe and rare.’ Abby finally had the courage to face the truth about abortion because of the way Christ’s love was reflected through the prayer, courage, and support of individual Christians.”
  • TONY PERKINS, Family Research Council — “In Unplanned, Abby shares intimate details of the happenings that ultimately led her to leave her career as a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director for ‘the other side of the fence,’ where she now ardently advocates for the rights of the unborn. If you have ever peacefully protested and prayed for an end to abortion, Abby’s story will provide tremendous insights — and encourage you never to give up.”
  • FR. FRANK PAVONE, Priests for Life — “If we can better understand why someone has an abortion or how someone gets into the abortion industry and then how she comes out, we can come to understand the key to how our entire society can begin to emerge from the darkness of abortion. I thank her for her courage.”
  • EDUARDO VERASTEGUI, Actor, star of Bella — “Abby understands how good people can be misled, as she was, to support abortion under the guise of helping women. This is the remarkable story of how one director of a Planned Parenthood clinic came to realize the truth about abortion — and what she did about it.”
  • JUDIE BROWN, American Life League — “This remarkable book is destined to reshape the culture of death into a culture of love, life, and hope … it’s a life-changer!”
  • FR. BENEDICT GROESCHEL, CFR, Host of “Sunday Night Live” on EWTN — “The moving story of the shocking truth of abortion and how God’s love and forgiveness transformed Abby’s life.”
  • LILA ROSE, Live Action — “Abby Johnson is one of the bravest women I know. Once she realized the truth, Abby had the courage to leave the abortion industry and become a powerful voice of the defenseless. Her inspiring story challenges us to face the truth about the abortion industry and its many victims.”
  • JIM SEDLAK, STOPP International — “Abby pulls down the walls of Planned Parenthood and lets us see the denial that takes place inside. Her story reveals the power of God. I highly recommend this book!”
  • THERESA BURKE, PH.D., Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries — “Abby Johnson made her living upon the false presumption that abortion is good for women and compassionate for their babies. But one day she changed her mind. This book will help others to reach a similar moment of illumination and sanity.”
  • JIM HUGHES, Campaign Life Coalition — “Abby is a courageous young woman who embraced the truth when she found it.”
  • PETER KREEFT, Author and Professor at Boston College — “A compellingly candid story! Not argument or ideology but data — first-person facts and utterly honest feelings.”

Monday’s webcast is going to be huge, and I hope you — and everyone you know — will be there:

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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