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DAY 9: A few good men

March 17th, 2011 by admin

Let’s not kid ourselves. Women are the heart and soul of the pro-life movement.

My wife got me involved by taking me out to pray at Planned Parenthood way back when we were dating. David Bereit, our national director, also got involved in pro-life work through the example of his wife.

This week, the call for more men to stand and pray came from one of the local 40 Days for Life coordinators after a bully got vocal with a woman who was praying at the vigil.

This is just one example of how important it is for men to get more involved in the campaign — and what a difference it can make when men decide to man-up and take Christ to the front lines of our culture war.

So thanks to all the men who are taking part in 40 Days for Life! (And the women too, of course!!!)

Oh, by the way — today is the day everyone gets to be Irish. Congratulations!


One of the volunteers got involved in 40 Days for Life after his wife asked him to pray.

He’d always been pro-life, he said, but “I have always kept my mouth shut.” After all, he’s a guy, and we’re always told that abortion is a “women’s issue.”

Then he visited the 40 Days for Life web site and did a lot of reading. “I cried more than once,” he said, “for the unborn, for their moms and for my inactivity in the past. I asked God to forgive me for being silent these last 40 years. I was wrong to keep quiet. I will not be quiet any longer.”

This volunteer now has a plan. “I am going to fast as often as I physically can,” he said. “I will pray every day. I will ask others to pray.”

Thanks, he said, “to you all for standing up, speaking up and doing something positive for the little ones.”


This is the first 40 Days for Life campaign in Fort Collins, and new volunteers are excited to have the opportunity to pray for an end to abortion.

“No matter how many rude gestures and remarks we got, we also received waves of support, honks of approval, even a friendly hello from a mom who slowed down enough for her two toddlers to see us,” said Maria, one of the vigil participants.

“It was truly a rewarding evening, knowing we have made an impact.”

Speaking of men joining the campaign, a local Knights of Columbus council prayed together at the Fort Collins vigil. I can’t say enough about the Knights and the strong, faithful support they continue to show for 40 Days for Life!

Here are the Knights of Columbus in Fort Collins:


Haylee, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Anchorage, says she has a couple of items guaranteed to motivate you even further.

One young man stood and prayed at the vigil for seven hours. “And some of that time he was all alone,” she said. “That shows determination and commitment!”

Then there was a team of men who covered midnight to 7 a.m. “The temperature fell to -4 and yet they stayed out there praying to God and putting action to their beliefs,” Haylee said. “Praise the Lord!”

Here’s a photo of another group of 40 Days for Life volunteers praying in the cold, in the snow, in the dark, in Anchorage, Alaska:

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Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: If you have stories to share about the 40 Days for Life campaign in your town, please leave a comment below.

22 Responses to “DAY 9: A few good men”

  1. Matt G Says:

    Just got back home from a shift outside the clinic here in Chicago at Division & LaSalle. Anyone familiar with the area knows that Rush & Division is a hot spot of bars and clubs, about 3 blocks east of our vigil site. Most people leaving that area don’t quite make it to our site because the ‘L’ is a block east of us, but we do get a pretty steady flow of foot traffic because of the nearby residences.

    Today, a young man named Andrew approached us and asked to pray with us because a girl he was at the bar with told him that she was pregnant and going to get an abortion. We said an Our Father for the mother and another for her child. He left and thanked us and we promised to continue praying for all three of them.

    I’m posting this now because I request that we all pray for them. I pray for Andrew to have the courage to be a beacon of hope and love for his pregnant friend, Mandy. I pray for Mandy that she comes to know the peace, love and hope available to her by our cause. And I pray for the child that he or she gives mommy a good kick to let her know he or she wants to know her and love her one day for choosing life.

    With our national community adding to the prayers of Andrew, myself, and my fellow prayer volunteer Darlene tonight and over the next couple of days or weeks (or however long it takes), God will reveal Himself to her and show her that hope, love and life are a distinct possibility for her now and throughout her pregnancy.

    Thank you all in advance for your support. God’s will be done. Amen!

  2. Mary Howard Says:

    We had our kick off Rally at St. Augustine Home for the Aged in their lovely chapel they so graciously allowed us to use. After several inspirational speakers, some in attendence walked several miles to the PP. We prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet and the rosary along the 2 1/2 mile journey. Among us were two elderly residents of the home. These woman put us younger ones to shame as they trod along the way without complaint!
    It made me consider how the Holy Spirit was with us that day with the example of these two lovely ladies. There is no doubt that weather conditions can make us uncomfortable while praying at the sites. Now when I go on my appointed hours, I think of the example of these wonderful women and it gives me the fortitude and drive that I need to sincerely attend, not just spiritually but physically as well.
    Indianapolis, Indiana

  3. Pat Longoria Says:

    You spoke of a few good men. One day last week near noon 3 men came to the sidewalk to pray. They were in suits but got on their knees and prayed the rosary. What a great site! Maybe more men will come out during their lunch hour or during the day and do the same

  4. Connie Reza Says:

    I thank the Lord for the Man that are not afraid to stand for LIFE, may God Bless them.
    I have the privilege to know some of them here in Orange County CA.
    Thank you! I feel safer when men pray with us.
    I pray for more men to come out and be part of this beautiful campaign for Life.
    God Bless you all!

  5. Anna Derry Says:

    On day eight in Germantown, Md, I looked back as I left and noticed how many men were holding signs. It stuck me as wonderful. My thanks to these brave guys! We need our men!

  6. Judy T Says:

    I have had tears of joy reading how God is moving in the clinics through out the world. Because of my position as a Board member at a pregnancy center it was recommended that we not physically participate at the abortion clinics but I have been praying everyday. It is awesome to read about the men praying. Our pastor several weeks ago just had a message on men being leaders in our homes. Praise God for his firm message on godly men and their responsibility. Deut. 6:1-9. Thank you all for being in the front lines praying for the unborn and that woman may hear and see the truth about abortion.

  7. Mrs. Christine LeBlanc Says:

    God Bless all the Men that “Man Up” for Life!

  8. billy mcaulay Says:

    The men of the confraternity of St Joseph who help the Cardinal Winning pro life initiave in Glasgow are this weekend going on retreat for St Joseph’s day,the first man involved in pro life work by supporting the baby Jesus and His mother Mary.We will pray for your great work.

  9. Chrissie Says:

    Thank you for being out last night, Matt, and for sharing that! We will definitely be praying for Andrew and Mandy and her child! We have been blessed at the Chicago-Old Town vigil to have some really committed men like you praying with us. Most impressively, we have a grad student and an older man who are each taking one overnight a week (at least!)–6 or 7 hours at a time, some of those alone. Please pray for everyone’s safety and that more men commit to the vigil in accordance with God’s call to them!

  10. Carol Wright Says:

    We are blessed to have so many brave men who could not be more faithful. In the western suburbs of Chicago there are six abortion clinics owned and operated by the same abortionist. John get us about 4:00 a.m. and drives from Geneva to Hinsdale every Saturday morning to be there before the prayer warriors arrive at 5:30 a.m. This is where my daughter has sidewalk counseled for some twelve years.

    Then he comes out to Glen Ellyn to pray with our group around 8:00 a.m. and Richard is always there. He lives close to the clinic and has rarely missed a day in the past eight years when abortions are being committed there. (There has NEVER been a day in eight years that somebody hasn’t been out there praying on abortion days.) We also have a prayer group that comes and says the rosary at 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday, the other day that abortions are taking place. The men outnumber the women in this group but every person there is appreciated for their faithfulness.

    Remember when the feminists used to rail against men having any say in abortion since they couldn’t get pregnant? And how did they think that the women were getting pregnant? Men are meant to be protectors and thank God that so many of them have stepped up to the plate. David and Shawn are great examples of how God puts this on your heart and you can answer the call or reject it. Thank God they decided to listen to His voice. I truly believe we will see the end of legal abortion in our lifetimes. PTL!

  11. Rev. Brian Walker Says:

    Men we need to be on the street praying with women, not only for protection, that’s a given, but to be a witness to the many men who accompany women to the abortuary.

    When my (then fiancé’ now my wife of 31 years) had her abortion. I just dropped her off. How would the outcome of that tragedy could of been for life instead of death, if a man had come out to the car with pro-life literature, a tract, or even held a sign? That happened over 30 years ago.

    I’ve been sidewalk counseling for about three years now and I talk to the man 50% of the time! The man is in the “driver’s seat” and can sway his girlfriend or wife that he will do whatever it takes to keep, raise or arrange for an adoption for his child. That’s what she really wants to hear! Many of the men I’ve seen and spoken to are clearly not in agreement with the abortion but want to be supportive or feel he has no say in the matter.

    Men are natural protectors whether they believe in God or not. Do not be swayed by their stoicism, sarcasm, or possible verbal aggression. They are scared, weary and feel they have no way out and to a certain extent they know their manhood has been cut off- just as I did.

    So guys, be there on the street to pray and to talk to the men. Be respectful, but be straight with them. Isaiah 50: 4 has been my scripture since I’ve the streets and teach post abortion recovery classes. Use it to prepare yourself to speak to men who are weary with wrestling with God, their conscious, the responsibilities to provide, the emotions of their partner, fear, doubt and unbelief.

    Participating in 40 Days for Life is a good start to what should be a year round, lifelong good work. See you on the street!

  12. Joan Okada Says:

    Amen praise the Lord for our godly men who do pray for life at the PP abortion clinic. We do need Godly men to be like Jesus to watch over women and praying for the end of abortion in our lifetime.

  13. Steven Says:

    4, 6, 8, 10, why are all your leaders men? Anybody remember the pro-abort chants in Buffalo in the spring of life in the early 1990’s?

    Tit 1:5 For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that were wanting, and appoint elders in every city, as I gave thee charge;
    Tit 1:6 if any man is blameless, the husband of one wife, having children that believe, who are not accused of riot or unruly.
    1Ti 3:2 The bishop therefore must be without reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, orderly, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

    Notice these leaders are not the wife, but the husband. The Greek language is like many languages such as Spanish, where words carry a gender, unlike English. The words prophet, pastor, apostle, evangelist, bishop, elder all carry the masculine gender.

    Well the Jezebel spirit asked but God has spoken.

  14. Brenda Says:

    Thank you Shawn, for the blog “a few good men.” Men, we need you out there with us!!! Be our knights!! Be a soldier for Christ!!

  15. Doris Ramirez Says:

    Today, a friend of mine and I had plans to go pray outside our local campaign’s Planned Parenthood. We invited a recently-placed nun from our parish to join us, and to our delight, she did. She was so excited to be out there on the sidewalk, praying the rosary, holding her sign, and looking for opportunities to speak to others. She is just a tiny little thing, but full of mighty fire and energy for our Lord!
    She decided right then and there that it would be good to get several parish families – children and all – together out there at least once a month to pray. We shared with her our on-going frustrations in trying to get more people involved, to little avail. She simply told us, in her delightful Korean accent, that we would just have to try harder, and she would help us. (She said not too many people say no to her, and when they do, they usually change their minds!:)
    What a wonderful example of doing God’s work with joy and diligence, and in discovering yet another calling to bring forth more of the Lord’s warriors to save lives and souls. In just one short morning, she renewed our energy, and gave us a glimpse into the miracles our Lord is ready to provide when we do our own small part.

  16. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion

  17. Trish Says:

    I just got back from my first time ever praying outside of a Planned Parenthood facility in Waco, TX. The group of Pro-Life Advocates outside were beyond amazing. We had 61 people outside of that clinic between 6:30a.m. and 10:00a.m. when they have their scheduled abortions. We believe 1 young woman changed her mind and they handed out information to another young man who’s cousin went inside to get information (we do not believe she had an abortion today). We are still praying for all who went inside of the clinic, and the doctors & worker’s there.

    It was a very amazing, life-changing experience. My husband & I have always wanted to get involved but never have. He has done this once before in Ft. Worth, TX but it is something we have decided to do as much as we can (we live an hour and 20 min from the Waco clinic and have two very small children and no family in the area!)

    This was the biggest crowd they have ever had outside of the clinic since they have started in the 90’s. I believe the director (or someone) of this clinic has written articles talking about what would happen if the clinic were to shut down…so we are hoping and praying that this means that the clinic is close to shutting down.

    It was an honor to be a part of this movement and we plan on being more involved.

  18. ninakrzyske Says:

    My husband Kevin was out in the cold praying at the Dearborn, Michigan clinic on Sunday after church and weeping for the unborn being killed there when two men drove by, rolled down their windows and said we’re praying for you. Well they drove around the block and came back and said they felt my husbands burden and could they pray with him. It was an aswsome powerful prayer from not just one, but now three mighty men of God for the prescious preborn children and the end of abortion!

  19. Christine Murphy Says:

    We have been very fortunate in Bridgeport to have many men involved in our campaign. This past Sunday we had the Knights of Columbus take the entire day. When a female volunteer came by, she felt very comfortable staying to stand vigil knowing that the men were there. We also have the men of St. John the Evangelist Church in Stamford, CT taking an entire day on Friday the 18.

  20. Anne B. Says:

    All these wonderful men (and women) are witnessing to Life and praying for respect and protection for the children God has created. Why? Because two young men – Sean and David – prayed to God for Fortitude and then by His Grace took ACTION and founded 40 Days for Life on the inspiration of the Word of God. Deo Gratias!

  21. Cindy Says:

    Praise the Lord for the men (and woman) prayer warriors standing up for life. I truly believe that it sends a strong message when both men and women stand together for the truth….. a man’s strength and a woman’s motherly love are an unbeatable combination.

    I encourage everyone to involve there children…especially sons… in this important cause. When we as parents raise stong, informed, God-fearing sons then abortion won’t even be an issue because the men in our society will know how to respect the women they love and stand by them.

    Pray to our Blessed Mother Mary for this generation of our sons and daughters!!!

    Hail Holy Queen…..

  22. Sally Says:

    United we stand in prayer for our babies! mothers! fathers! JESUS came to give us LIFE and LIFE in abundance!

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