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DAY 39: “I’m keeping my baby”

April 16th, 2011 by admin

As we mark the second-to-last day of this 40 Days for Life campaign, I want to personally thank you for all of your sacrifices, large and small, since this effort began on March 9.

I saw a quote this week from Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, who recently prayed at the 40 Days for Life campaign in Boulder. His words sum up the importance of EVERYTHING you’re doing.

“Nothing we do to defend the human person, no matter how small, is ever unfruitful or forgotten. Our actions touch other lives and move other hearts in ways we can never fully understand in this world,” said Archbishop Chaput. “Don’t ever underestimate the beauty and power of the witness you give in your pro-life work.”



Archbishop Chaput was one of a number of clergymen who took part in a special day of prayer at the abortion center in Boulder where 40 Days for Life is currently in progress.

Members of the Boulder team say about 120 people participated, including many who were attending their first-ever pro-life event. The mood was uplifting and the responses mostly positive.

On another day recently, two volunteers were praying when a woman in her mid-20s walked out of the abortion center — in tears.

She walked over to the people praying and said, “Don’t worry. I didn’t get an abortion.”


The Missoula vigil coordinator and two other 40 Days for Life volunteers were praying outside the abortion center when a car pulled up.

A couple was seated in the front, and their children were in the back. The mother spoke to the prayer volunteers in a somewhat abrupt manner. “I’m pro-choice,” she said. “Why should I be pro-life?”

The vigil participants answered, covering many points. But the woman didn’t seem convinced.

So the vigil coordinator asked her, “May I pray with you?” She answered “yes,” and they prayed.

One of the others then offered the woman information about the local pregnancy resource center, which she took.

The prayers must have had an effect.

“Choice might be fine for someone else,” the woman said. “But I’m keeping my baby.”


A young couple drove into the parking lot at the abortion center that’s the location of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Forest Grove.

They didn’t get out of their car — they just sat there. That’s often a good sign; they’re watching as people pray, and that can make it more difficult to actually set foot into the abortion center.

The couple started the car, backed out of their parking space, and drove towards the exit. As they reached the prayer volunteers, they rolled down the window with the good news.

They smiled and said they would not be having an abortion.

“There were expressions of such happiness and relief on their faces,” said one of the volunteers. “Praise God! Please keep this pair in your prayers as they now follow the path they have chosen.”

If you haven’t been to pray at a 40 Days for Life vigil yet, today’s a GREAT day! Saturday is often the busiest day of the week at abortion centers, so your prayers are especially needed TODAY!

To find the 40 Days for Life vigil nearest you, please go to:

Click here to read today’s devotional.

Click here to download today’s devotional as a formatted, printable PDF to share with friends.

To ensure that this 40 Days for Life finishes strong if there is any way you can carve out one extra hour this weekend to go pray outside the nearest abortion facility …. it could make a world of difference.

Who knows? God might even use you to help save a life!

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Have you prayed at an abortion facility for the first time during this 40 Days for Life campaign? If so, please share your experiences by responding below.

52 Responses to “DAY 39: “I’m keeping my baby””

  1. Che Bravo Says:

    Che bravo Archbishop Chaput he the pro life beacon so lives by his words! Well at least his Grace Archbishop Chaput gets out on the streets and prays for the unborn! Now so many so wish that all the abstaining bishops who never ever turn up and pray at any abortuary worldwide would do even at least once, and hence so follow Archbishop Chaput’s shining example!
    Deeds not Words Facta Non Verba!

  2. Betty &Chuck Shafer Says:

    We are so proud of what you are doing. I cannot go to the walk here in Rockford but go to Mass frequently and pray to end abortion. God bless you all. Praise the Lord.

  3. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  4. Rita Says:

    I was involved for 40 days for Life for the first time. I was able to go twice and each time I took another person who had never been there before. It was a great experience and I loved all those who honked their horns in support. I hope to again hear about it when it will be running again. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. God Bless You.

  5. Judith Alciatore Says:

    I love the picture of the father holding his child up on his shoulders and wearing the sign which says “Men regret lost fatherhood”. We need more men out there. We need more members of the clergy and we need more nuns. We need political leaders out there. We need people to stop being afraid or saying “I don’t have the time”. In Eternity we will have lots of time to think about our decisions and actions from this life. Everything we do or fail to do while on this earth we will take with us to the Father and we will have to answer for all of it. Every decent person who sits back and does nothing allows evil to grow and strengthen. Come forward now and be counted. Every good thing we do is a flower blooming with life. Every good thing we fail to do when given the opportunity is a withered vine with nothing but thorns. Let’s all take full bouquets to Heaven to place at the Lord’s Feet. God bless you all.

  6. Marie Therese Says:

    I haven’t been praying at an abortion clinic, but my 12 year old daughter and I have been praying at home. We read your updates and are so inspired by you all. When she comes home from school she asks if any more babies have been saved. She came to me one day and said, “Mom I know my birthday is a long ways away, but I know what I want for my birthday.” I thought, “Oh no, here comes the list…” But her request was a total surprise to me. “I want to save a baby from abortion,” she said. Please pray for an opportunity for her to get that birthday wish. Meanwhile,

    We thank you all for your witness, which has been an inspiration to her and me; one candle light many others! We thank 40 Days for Life for the blog and daily updates which have been presented with a spirit of hope. Blessed Easter to one and all.

  7. Barb Rainbolt Says:

    Keep up the GREAT work! I live in Indiana but close to the Louisville Ky center – been there a few times now. Very sad but rewarding. We (my 4 sisters and Mom) had a woman walk up who was 8 months pregnant, she was looking for Suzy. We found out Suzy was from the Resource Center and that with her second baby, (she was carrying her third) she wanted an abortion. She opened the phone book and went to Abortions, called the number and said she wanted “that procedure”. The woman (Suzy, ha) said, “Let’s make an appointment for you”. This woman said, “How Much will this cost?” Suzy’s reply was “NOTHING”. This woman chuckled with us that that should have been her first sign that she called an alternative place and not the abortion mill. Needless to say, she kept her baby and is now married and having her third baby, her husbands first! She was going to try and come pray that next Saturday morning – she said those girls need to see her!

    I really enjoy reading your daily email each morning – gets me started for the day. Thank you Shawn, for all you do!!

  8. Elle Says:

    May God continue to bless your good works. Keep fighting the good fight! Some day you will hear those words Well done my good and faithful servant.

    Laudertus Jesu Christus!

  9. Katie Wills Says:

    This has been my first year being involved in 40 Days for Life, and it has been the best Lent that I’ve ever had! I’ve been participating at the campaign in front of a Planned Parenthood in Manville, NJ. This particular place does not do abortions, so I don’t know if any babies were saved. I was often alone at the beginning, which was hard. But God always provided encouragement. On one very cold day, a man came up to me with a cup of coffee and thanked me for what I was doing. On another day, a county sheriff pulled over to say, “Amen! Preach it sister! keep up the good work!” Several people from the town approached me to say thank you for the work I was doing. One of those was a woman who was not aware that it was okay to pray in front of the Planned Parenthood. Upon learning about 40 Days for Life, she became a regular participant and brought several people from her parish with her. On another cold day, I forgot my thermal gloves and was freezing. I told God that I didn’t think I could last and asked Him to help me. Not even 5 minutes later, a truck pulled up and a man thanked me for what I was doing and tried to give me money to buy a coffee. WHen I didn’t take the money, he tossed it out the window and said, “You’ve gotta take it – it’s from the Lord.” That was the encouragement that I needed to keep going. On another day, I was there with my children, and a man came up to us with coffee and a box of munchkins. “I’m pro-choice,” he said, “but I really respect what you’re doing.” From participating, I have learned the truth of what Archbishop Chaput said. Each person who smiled, waved or acted in a kind way was like a Veronica to me. They were my heroes. Every action no matter how small has meaning. I have been so incredibly blessed by this experience. Thank you so much!!

  10. Sherry Weatherly Says:

    I live over 250 from the closest abortion facility but was able to go and pray an hour with a group of Council of Catholic Women in March in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Pro-Life house is located right beside the Planned Parenthood facility and I was awestruck by the fact that they hadn’t done any abortions at this facility the past two Tuesdays, which were the first two Tuesdays of Lent and of the 40 days for Life vigil. The volunteers at this location were awesome & gave us much appreciated information to pass on to our sisters & brothers in Christ. I wished I were closer to be able to attend, however, I’ve been praying daily with your email messages & praising God for the babies saved during this past vigil.

    I will keep spreading the word to my friends about such a wonderful mission & how it has effected my feelings about Lent. I liken each day to a week of this unborn baby’s life & when the 40 days, or the 40 weeks in my mind, have been completed we will rejoice with a new baby’s birth! Blessings to all the volunteers who are able to pray consistently at these locations around the world!

  11. Carol Wright Says:

    What a shining example Archbishop Chaput is, and a blessing to our Church! When the clergy lead the people will follow. We see the good and holy young priests and bishops that are coming along and it makes us hopeful for the future. There is no issue that is more ecumenical than pro-life. We can all stand shoulder to shoulder with citizens of many different faith communities and implore the Lord to end this evil of abortion in our nation and in our world. The 40 Days for Life campaign focuses attention on something that most people would rather ignore. Thank you for shining a spotlight on the very simple truth that abortion kills children and abortion hurts women.

  12. Debbie Says:

    Dear 40 Days for Life — I know we are praying for the unborn babies in danger of abortion and their mothers…but I would like to ask for your prayers for the unborn baby we just learned about in our family :-)
    It is not at all in danger of abortion as we are avidly pro-life and open to life so couldn’t be more thrilled.

    However, our last two pregnancies (both with twins!!) ended in miscarriage. God has a way of sending special graces even during such sad times and it has really demonstrated how precious life is to God from its very beginning!!

    Now we are pregnant with another… our 10th baby!!! And would really love your prayers…I consider this baby a 40 days for Life success story too as I had prayed for another baby but did not know it was possible!!

    Thank you for your prayers…keep up the good work.

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    Evangelium Vitae (Venerable), Pope John Paul’s Prayer for life;
    O Mary, bright dawn of the new world, Mother of the living , to you do we entrust the cause of life: Look down O Mother upon the vast numbers of babies not allowed to be born, of the poor whose lives are made difficult, of men and women who are victims of brutal violence of the elderly and the sick killed by indifference or out of misguided mercy, Grant that all who believe in your Son may proclaim the gospel of life with honesty and love to the people of our time. Obtain for them the grace to accapt that Gospel as a gift ever new, the joy of celebrating it with gratitude throughout their lives and the courage to bear together with all people of good will the civilization of Truth and Love, to the praise and Glory of God, the Creator and Lover of Life. Amen Say this prayer until we meet for the next 40 Days for Life.

  14. Sheila Says:

    Thank you for all your efforts before, during, and after the 40 Days for Life Campaigns. There is no abortion facility nearby me, praise God!, and therefore no prayer vigils for me to join. Yet, I am with you in thoughts and prayers and the ‘thing’ I have done is to put a ‘Choose Life’ license plate on my car so as to be witnessing everywhere I drive. If your state offers such a license plate, I encourage you to prayerfully consider purchasing one at the soonest available opprotunity.
    Please know that every small act does have an affect!!! Just as the Archbishop stated.

  15. Marianne Baily Says:

    Thank you for your witness for life. Praise Jesus who has already won the battle for us. Happy Easter.

  16. Kristy Says:

    I have not been able to participate physically at the abortion clinic here as I have a new baby and two other small children but you have all been in my prayers and I offered the efforts of my childbirth/labor two weeks ago for the end of abortion. It is awesome to hear about all of the babies saved. I’m positive there are so many more saved that we don’t know about. God’s ways are secret and the power of prayer is timeless. God bless you all who have worked for this campaign to make it so successful.

  17. Mary Says:

    God bless everyone who has been a part of Forty Days for Life.
    I just wanted to share that I am a teenager and I come from a family of eight kids. My youngest brother is adopted and was born with Down Syndrome. He is so very special and we are so grateful to God for blessing our family with him. Our family is very pro-life and even though we don’t often get to pray outside of Planned Parenthood we try to always evangelize through our example. We had a chance last Saturday to pray at a Planned Parenthood. We had so many people wave, smile, and honk there horns at us. We also had some negative responses But it was overall a great prayer experience!
    I would just like to thank everyone who has made this Forty Days possible. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of this pro-life movement! God is so good! May He bless us all!

  18. Patricia Says:

    Although I love all your pictures the last one today is precious! What a wonderful witness to life and love!

  19. Nancy Says:

    I am praying during this campaign, and again today – for the Holy Spirit to enter the hearts of the parents of the unborn, that they will embrace the gift of LIFE they have been given, and that they will accept their role as parents, and dedicate their children to God – Who is Love Eternal.

    God Bless all who have been participating in these 40 Days for Life – your rewards will be great in Heaven.

  20. Margie Says:

    Love reading these positive stories of modern day heroes, the saints of today who put their bodies on the line to defend life! We can never do enough to atone for the sin of saying “No” to Creation. So, brothers and sisters in the Lord, let us pray for the end of abortion in our time. Let history tell the tale of a time when the Culture of Death was overcome with the Culture of Life!

  21. Gina Says:

    I became aware of 40 Days for Life just this year during the spring campaign. I participated in a sidewalk vigil for the first time ever and as one recovering from the affects of multiple abortions I have to tell you it felt so good to stand in front of that abortion mill and ask all of heaven to join me in prayer to close it down and bring an end to abortion.

    God Bless 40 Days For Life, Shawn Carney and All of You who Participated in the Campaign!

  22. Marie Butler Says:

    I attended my first 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil On a monday afternoon a week or so ago with seminarians from St Charles Seminary in Phila, PA. It was held on the edge of the seminary property along Lancaster av across the street from the enterance of Lankenau Hospital. As I stood holding a banner with the image og Our Lady I watched the cars going by. Horns would honk every now and then and on occasion I was able to notice the people inside. We were facing the sun and I did not have my sunglasses so I could not always see what the people in the car were doing. The first few looked like they wre giving a thumbs down but after that I noticed several thumbs up. I seemed that the ones giving a thumbs up honked the longest. One car coming out of the hospital entrance turn on to Lancaster av in the direction that took it right passed us and the young woman passenger gave us the finger. It’s not scientific but it did appear to me that there were more favorably reactions than unfavorable. I just pray that the last young woman I mentioned gets the opourtunity to talk to someone about her negative feelings for prolife since I had the feeling as she passed that she seemed sad.

  23. Leslie Mason Says:

    I was so honored to be able to participate in this effort.
    I showed up and stood outside on the sidewalk and prayed for an hour. The day was sunny, blue sky, and warm. What a beautiful day to be alive. I pray that God sends legions of angels to stand guard over the unborn so that they would ultimately be given the breath of life.
    I hope to participate again!
    God bless those who continue to pray for the unborn.

  24. Judith Alciatore Says:

    To Patricia who complimented my poem A First Morn on Day 34: Thank you so much for such a sweet compliment. I thank God every time He sends me a poem. In 4 years time I have received over 600 poems and poetic messages. I never really wrote poetry before. It was the poems that led me to join the Right to Life movement in Iowa where my husband was working at the time. We are now home in Texas as he is retired. I freely share the poems for 2 reasons: 1st because God has given them freely to me, and 2nd because that is the mandate He gave me. One of my friends in Iowa took the poem Go Forth and became more involved with Right to Life as she is training to become a helper at a local crisis pregnancy center. I read 3 of the pro-life poems at our kick-off rally and 2 more were printed in the program. God sends His Blessings to all of us in different ways. It is up to us to use them for His Glory and to help others. Again, thank you, Patricia.

  25. Trisha Niermeyer Potter Says:

    I absolutely love the quote by Archbishop Chaput!! Praise God that there are many clergy joining us in promoting the sanctity of human life!!
    I was wondering how to tie together the many blessings that God has brought into my life through being involved in the pro-life movement, and I found this perfect quote.
    Knowing the hard work that others have put in to make this prayer vigil a success, the number of people who have been at our local vigil every single day to pray for an hour, and the lives that have been transformed through peaceful prayer—those of the volunteers and those to whom they minister—I am acutely aware that God is near.

    Yesterday, while praying at the vigil, two women driving out of the clinic had their car windows down. I asked if I could give the woman a card. She said yes, then watched as I dug through my overstuffed little pouch for a couple minutes before I finally found the card with the contact information for the couple who heads up the post-abortion healing ministry in our area. I was embarrassed that I didn’t have the information readily available.

    I’m sure I looked ridiculous sorting through my small bag, putting prayer books on the ground, and fumbling around before I extracted my business card case. Instead of driving off or closing the window, they waited for me to get things together. I also gave the woman a Pregnancy Resource Center brochure. I wasn’t sure of the purpose of her visit, so I figured I’d cover all the bases…

  26. Emmanuel Says:

    As of 12:16pm Apr. 16, 2011 the killing machine aka Womancare of Southgate in Michigan has closed its doors forever. Two large u-haul trucks took away their instruments of destruction hopefully for good. Thank you Jesus for small victories. Praise be Jesus.

  27. Lori Miner Says:

    The first time I went to the vigil site in Fort Collins, CO I was a little nervous and when we got out of the car I said, “No, I don’t want a sign.” but when we joined the other prayer warriors I took a sign and felt the grace of the Holy Spirit giving me the courage to walk and pray. Since then I go whenever I can and love meeting the generous and holy members of our faith and others who pray together. I intend to continue.
    Lori Miner, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, Windsor, CO

  28. Ted Kershaw Says:

    As the good cardinal Chaput says-if we are doing God’s will, then it is His time, not ours. Anything we do, anything that happens to us while doing His will is measured by a “thousand years is but an instant.” I guess we will meet in the Kingdom,Peace, Ted

  29. Lamar Hagan Says:

    Day 39 of 40 days of fasting and prayer… Lord, Sometimes I feel like I have not prayed enough, but I have fasted two meals a day, only eating solid food during the evening. I find myself looking forward to tomorrow night when I break my fast for good, along with the other vigil participants at Bakersfield’s closing rally and get back to a normal lifestyle of three meals a day. But how can I ever go back to a normal life as long as babies are being killed all around. Let us remember the babies and their desparate mothers every day until abortion is a thing of the past. Help us to find even more ways to bring an end to the evil of abortion. May King Jesus have His way in this world, beginning in my heart, Amen.

  30. Lamar Hagan Says:

    Lord, I forgot to say thank you for all the hearts changed and the lives saved during these last 38 days. You have demonstrated your awesome power and continue to do so every day. May all the earth praise You for Your marvelous deeds! I praise You, Almighty King, Jesus, the Christ, Lord and Messiah of Israel, now and forever!

  31. Gary Van Antwerp Says:

    Thank the Lord for what you are doing. You have had some great results. I don’t know if there is a vigil in Tulsa. There should be. I am constantly sending letters to our Congressional representatives to vote against federal money being given to Planned Parenthood. Abortion or murder of unborn innocent babies should be stopped anyway.

    Blessings to you.

  32. Joe the pilot Riehl Says:

    Thank you so much for these daily updates, they are very encouraging to me. I thought I was going to be sitting out these last couple of days of the campaign because I couldn’t find a Location near Miami Beach where business placed me for the weekend. Your urging to finish strong prompted me to search out Abortion Providers nearby. I found one and walked a mile to find out that particular doctor no longer had an office there, yea! OK, back to the hotel to jump on a scary loaner bicycle, rode seven miles-having to stop often to retighten the front wheel-to find out that Planned Parenthood at North Beach was closed! No office hours on Saturday, so no one to pray before, but no babies died either! Back on the bike to a nearby “Abortion Center.” There were clients there, but the location was not well suited to public view, I honestly feared that if my witness was not appreciated, the two men waiting outside might hurt me. Being alone, I said some very quiet prayers before leaving. Hope my actions fit Mother Theresa’s model of being Faithful, not Successful.

  33. Delords Says:

    GOD Bless You All.
    Am so happy being a Part of This though not physically. But You are all in my prayers.

  34. RosalindaL Says:

    Denver is truly blessed with Archbishop Chaput and Bishop Conley who are both very dedicated to our Pro Life efforts and support us in action and word. AMEN!

  35. adelle Says:

    Harrisburg, Pa …parked van and sky opened up with a down pour…praying outside clinic with my son and five daughters 1-17yrs. cars honked and one man yelled swears. As we were preparing to leave, the man about early 20’s maybe, came back around and stopped on the busy road in front of clinic. He said, “I am responsible for 2 abortions and people like you just make people feel bad!” He continued to utter endlessly about how most people who do this are made to and have no choice. Adding that he felt bad for the children who are being made to be here with their minds filled with the thoughts of those who want them to believe all these things. He said, “They aren’t old enough to think their own thoughts.” We hide behind our bibles and signs and God…He went on and on for about 10minutes…Told him that we were just praying for people not judging them in any way. My sixteen yr. old daughter came over along with the others and was able to speak up for herself and in behalf of her siblings that they wanted to be there. He was very angry and in his eyes we could see the hurt. By God’s grace we were able to stay calm and composed. A lot more was said…He mocked our Lord many times and when we approached with why he said “How can we believe in something we can even see….”He believes that Jesus Christ as a prophet but that’s it. We told him Jesus Christ would have died for him if he was the only person here on earth. That seemed to touch him some. He seemed to be a very angry person and not seeing his worth or God’s mercy. He ended with saying that he would continue to kill babies if necessary and as a matter of fact, even if NOT necessary. He plans on shuttling girls to clinics for their abortions and even opening up a clinic! Meanwhile, no angry reaction from any of us during his whole process. Please pray for this young man that he somehow will come to know Christ and His abyss of mercy waiting for him. He obviously needed to vent/talk…hopefully he drove away feeling loved. As we did not send a negative message to him …. no angry words or reactions to his hurtful words…only something to think about.

  36. Vicki Whitmire Says:

    I want to have a 40 Days for Life event in the East County area of San Diego, CA. The event in San Diego is about 30 miles one way from where I am and there is a Planned Parenthood facility in El Cajon, Ca. that I would like to hold a prayer vigil at. I reviewed information on how to begin but it seemed very time consuming and not much time was given from the time the information came until the time of the event so I decided it against it. When the event begins in the fall I would really like to get involved and speak to the youth groups of my Parish to participate. Is it possible to get the information ahead of time to start planning? I have a full time job and a family but this is something I know God wants me to do. Can you please help me? Vicki Whitmire

  37. Ann M. Harrod Says:

    Archbishop Chaput gave a recent lecture at Notre Dame entitled, “Politics and the Devil” on 4-11-11. It was published by “Public Discourse: Ethics, Law and the Common Good.” It deals with many important considerations for life. Search the internet for it.

  38. Therese Roth Says:

    Dear Shawn, Yes, I prayed at the site in Denver, CO on a sunday in March. The only reason I did not go more than once is that I left Denver and will not be back until 5/14.

    There were about 25 of us….all ages. It was very sobering and moving.

    Thank you so much for all you have done during this time. I have read your blogs every day and always go away with an up lifted feeling.

    God Bless you. This will be a wonderful Easter for you. Therese

  39. Alice Mesa Says:

    This is my first 40 day for life campaign participation. I prayed at the Woodbridge NJ Vigil Site on Monday nights when I could and Saturday afternoons when the clinic was open for business. It was my honor and priviledge to pray with Mr. Bill Dragli who is present whenever the clinic is open to pray for the babies and their mothers. Because of his prayers being heard by God eight babies were saved from abortion. Thank you Jesus! I also want to thank Fr. Van for getting the 40 Days for Life Vigil up at the Woodbridge site. It is the most awesome Right to Life experience I have ever participated in. I will be a participant every time it is done for now on & in between as well! Thank you 40 Days for Life Organizers & God Bless You for following His Divine Inspiration . May we all always do so for the babies and His Glory! Amen.

  40. Patrick Connolly Says:

    Thank you all for the great you do, life is the most precious gift. April 13th was my Parish turn to pray for life outside a Planned Parenthood on the Southside of Des Moines. I joined a friend of mine and we prayed the Rosary and we realized it was just wonderful to be there. God in the end does all the work. Victory was won by Jesus on the cross. I am glad I get the daily 40 days for life news. I see how God picks people up, changes People’s hearts and we realize the greatness of his Mercy. Thank you Lord for everything.

  41. Linda in Terrace, BC Says:

    Joe the Pilot- what faith! You are an inspiration to me!

    Yesterday a girl stood across the street from me and saw my 40 Days sign and she asked what it was about. I told her and she yelled across the street “my parents made me have an abortion when I was young and I still hate them for it!” I told her that I was sorry she had to experience that. She left shortly after that.

    This afternoon a little boy was walking with his mom. She hung back while he approached me and asked what my sign meant. I felt it was best to keep it simple and on his level so I just told him I was praying for babies. He was satisifed with that. He ran over to his mom and said, “She is praying for babies!”

    I am not the same person I was when I started this. Maybe we didn’t save any babies in my town or convert the hearts of passerby but I know this 40 days has molded me to become a much more effective and loving prolifer. I am so thankful for this experience. God is GOOD!

  42. Mike Says:

    Hello family of 40DFL

    It is now 40th day of campaign and the fight continues. I would like to thank you for every single message you sent these past 40 days. It was a big part of moral and psychological support for me to continue in my contribution for the cause. I have fasted, liquid only, for 40 days and been giving Thanks to God for every single baby SAVED! Every morning, upon opening my eyes I Thanked God for another day He gave me to witness him and then I read your message and THE number babies saved. I participated in standing and praying in front of evil facilities as much as I could. I encountered and felt the looks from those desperate eyes and deep cry for help.
    May God Bless and open eyes and ears to all those desperate souls heading to such places as well as the one needing healing after they “solved the problem” creating deeper cut and bigger distance from humanity and Creator! We need to remained them:

    With God all things are possible!

    In remembrance of my deceased wife (August 2009) and continuing her legacy!

    Last three weeks of her mission on earth, after 10 years fighting cancer, she told me that past three years she was not praying for her health. She offered her prayers for aborted children and divorced couples. She said that is the plague of our time.
    I know, for sure, that we have one more warrior in Christ’s army looking at us from His Heavenly Garden!

    Thank you 40DFL for all the hard work!

    God Bless

    Mike, Ohio

  43. Narobi Says:

    Praying for your baby Debbie! And that young man Adelle! God is good!

  44. Anne B. Says:

    Dear Debbie,

    I am praying for you to have a safe and trouble-free pregnancy. If you’d like a blessed ribbon relic of St Gerard Majella look up website and ask for one to be sent to you. He is the Patron Saint of Safe Deliveries (etc).


  45. Steven Ertelt Says:

    Nice to see a good 40 Days for Life event in Boulder, considering this is such a pro-abortion city. — Steven Ertelt

  46. Jessica Faber Says:

    My husband and 2 daughters and I had the chance just a bit ago to go stand outside the local abortion clinic in Charleston, SC.
    I wanted to go Friday (15th) as that day marked the 7 year anniversary of my own abortion, however work for the both of us got in the way Friday, and Saturday we had tornado watches and storm warnings all day long. I had to work again today from early morning until evening but, we decided to load up our girls and signs and head the 30 minutes to the clinic, knowing no one else would be there and given that this was our first time, we were a bit nervous. But God sent an unexpected new friend our way, a woman named Deborah, who stands outside that clinic every Saturday. Something I wasn’t aware happened. We will be out again Saturday morning in support of babies!!

  47. Pat D. Says:

    This is my third year praying at Planned Parenthood on Tustin Avenue in Orange, CA. Being approached by people who have gone into PP and then come out to talk to me and others praying there has been more rewarding than you can imagine. We pray at PP whenever we can throughout the entire year. If you have never prayed at an abortion clinic, I’m hoping and praying God speaks to you soon and asks you to pray at one. Abby Johnson tells us every chance she gets that praying outside an abortion clinic, DEfINITELY, changes the hearts and minds of pregnant women, expectant fathers and PP clinic workers.
    Please, give it a try.

  48. Sue Anson Says:

    My husband & I prayed for the first time in front of Leroy Carhart’s abortion clinic in Bellevue, NE. Even though it was Sunday and the clinic was closed, I considered it a privelege & an honor to peacefully pray for all that goes on behind those doors. Please pray for my home state of Iowa as this man is looking to open up late-term abortion clinics.

  49. Frank K Says:

    Here in Madrid, Spain we have just completed our first 40 DFL campaign. Personally I was able to participate most every day and regretted the few times when obligations kept me away. Our vigil site was an inner city plaza with a Church and an abortuary right accross the street from it. It was Holy Mass and a vigil immediately afterwards. Practically all the time there was great deal of noise from passing vehicles and construction work. Kept my head down most of the time so as not to get distracted. We prayed the Holy Rosary with litanies of the Bessed Virgin plus the Divine Mercy chaplet. Didn´t get to see any confirmations of babies saved. Some people cursed us. One man, upon seeing us from his car, said “But man has already landed on the moon”. Some other folks encouraged us. We often started with two volunteers, and then bit by bit other people joined in. One man approached one of the volunteers, said he had procured an abortion and wanted to know what to do. Another volunteer noted that the many prostitutes in the area did not criticise us and even smiled. On one occasion one of the volunteers approached and spoke to some women who were about to enter the abortuary, and got a very nasty reaction from a man dressed in a green smock from the doorway of the building. We also prayed for the many people who walked through the area and took notice of us. This was a great prayer opportunity! Also, my very modest fast and not eating between meals led a very welcome weight reduction. It was wonderful to be able to serve the Lord in this manner and I look forward to the fall campaign.

  50. Cecelia Says:

    I told the Lord that if He would get folks to organize a nearby 40 Days for Life campaign, then I would go there to pray. What good news to find a list of organizers this spring for Livingston, Montana, a town just over the mountain pass from my home.

    After printing off the daily devotions from the website, I taped each intention and verse onto a 4×6 index card, with the prayer on the back. The abortion clinic was closed when we arrived, but two women were on the corner with pro-life signs, praying. I kept focused by praying the devotions aloud next to a woman who also came from miles away. Two university students who were praying had an inquisitive young man roll up to them on his skateboard and he joined them in prayer for a bit.

    Thank God for the technology that allows people from various small towns to meet and pray, and for the Holy Spirit Who enables strangers to cross denominations and age-groups too. May clinic workers and those considering an abortion recognize the new life developing within the womb, and work to nurture rather than destroy that life.

  51. Patricia E. Llorens Says:

    Praise God for giving us this opportunity to stand up for the lives of these babies. For the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents, and all concerned. We treasure every life that God creates, and these little ones are defenseless. We are grateful to live in a country, and still have the freedom to do a peaceful vigil, and be able to pray in a public venue.The testimonies are so awesome, and we thank our sweet Lord for touching hearts, and for using us as his servants. Easter will be very special to many of us this year, and, for me, it was life-altering, and very affirming–strengthening my faith in action. What a blessing…

  52. Marie Legatt Says:

    Thank-you for your continued prayers and peaceful efforts to save the lives of babies and their mothers. I sent Shawns updates into hundreds of homes through his email updates. Many people emailed back to Thank me for keeping them informed. While I did the simplist thing I could to help further this cause-it touched many hearts to hear of the stories.
    This is a true humanitarian effort and you shall all be blessed because of your part in it. I can’t wait to send out your last update with the total of babies lives saved.
    God Bless You All

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