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DAY 2: God triumphs

September 28th, 2011 by admin

I have to say that the ENTHUSIASM I’m seeing and hearing is really uplifting — and also humbling.

The dedication and prayers of so many — like you — have made this the largest 40 Days for Life campaign ever … and prayer always sustain us through adversity. Here are a few examples.


The people who arrived for the 40 Days for Life kickoff event outside the abortion center in Fayetteville got a bit of a surprise — a brand-new sprinkler system, with the sprinkler heads pointed directly at the prayer volunteers.

“The owner of the business complex turned the sprinklers on as soon as we set up all our equipment,” said Tiffany in Fayetteville. “And they kept the sprinklers on for two hours.”

One co-owner spent the entire two hours “pacing and walking up and down the parking lot, yelling at us and telling the police to arrest us,” she said. “Needless to say, the police officers were polite and explained they could not arrest us.”

The prayer volunteers were then greeted with loud, obscene music from inside the building. “We sang and played worship music and lifted our voices to God,” Tiffany explained. “Our God songs drowned out the vulgar music.”

Through it all, the prayer volunteers refused to be discouraged. “The bottom line — God triumphed,” she said. “Praise the Lord!”


Bright and early on Day 1, a young woman stopped by the 40 Days for Life vigil site in Toccoa and gave Mary a great big hug.

“Please know that people are noticing what you are doing,” the woman said. With tears in her eyes, she showed Mary a picture of her son.

This young mom said she had been on her way to have an abortion when her car broke down. She had to use the money she had saved up for an abortion to get her car fixed. Soon after, she decided to keep her baby — and now was so very happy with her choice.

“She also agreed to stop back and sign up to join our campaign,” said Mary. “We are looking forward to seeing her again, and hope to be able to send more stories like this.”


About 75 people came out for the 40 Days for Life kickoff in Las Vegas. “The sun was hot,” said Linda, one of the local leaders, “but many were willing to brave the heat … in support of the dignity of human life.”

The event began with music — and the sound of the shofar, the traditional ram’s horn. “Pastor Wally Smith of House of Israel Fellowship proclaimed a Bible passage and called us to bravely fight the evil of abortion that occurs here in our city nearly every day,” said Linda.

“Let’s stand ready to storm heaven with prayer,” she said, “and then humbly await God’s will.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional:

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: If you have stories to share from the first day of your local 40 Days for Life campaign, please add a comment below.

18 Responses to “DAY 2: God triumphs”

  1. Lisa Siegel Says:

    To begin this 40 Days for Life, our family of five read the devotional before school and work, talked and prayed together. We thought of our country and of China, whose many daughters have been aborted. We remembered that we can make a difference through our prayers and our faith. My husband spread the word at work to remind others to pray for the babies in the womb to be saved. I posted on our facebook page a reminder for other friends to pray. God is listening! He responds with his love! Wherever we are, as in here in Johnson City, Tennessee or in Spain, Argentina or Australia, I believe God is pleased with our unity during these special 40 days. We can’t wait to hear all the praise reports of babies and family members and abortion workers finding life and hope in Christ for a new beginning!

  2. Judith Alciatore Says:

    What a remarkable and inspiring story from Fayetteville, Ark. The volunteers there went through a sort of “baptism of hate”. May God bless those waters and wash the people inside clean of the sin of abortion. God bless the volunteers and all who defend the defenseless.

  3. Anna- Arms of Grace, Abortion Recovery Ministry Says:

    I Do Not Ask
    I do not ask for mighty words
    To leave the crowd impressed
    Lord, grant my life may ring so true
    My neighbors may be blessed
    (Pansy 1986)

    Prayer for Kentucky

    Father today from all four corners of our state I pray your power would reign supreme over the powers of darkness.
    Let your Kingdom come and your will be done from the halls of heaven to the halls of our courts. Today by the power of your Holy Spirit we speak life and prosperity over our state. By your name, let the chains of poverty and death be broken over the State of Kentucky and our nation. Let the clinics of death become centers of life and healing for the women of Kentucky. Bring conviction and repentance to the doctors and clinic workers and enable them to walk away from this practice of child sacrifice that is cloaked in the evil deception of women’s healthcare. Provide a way of escape for these workers that they too can find forgiveness and healing that only you can give.
    Give our leaders the courage to stand strong upon the principles of your Holy Word. Cause your people to humble themselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways that our people and our nation might be forgiven and healed. In the precious name of Jesus, let it be so!

  4. joan Says:


  5. Elizabeth Says:


  6. JoAnn Barham Says:

    Four of my six children and I went to the Boulder Abortion Clinic yesterday, day 1 of the campaign. We went to Mass first, to fortify ourselves, then were at the BAC from 1-2 PM. It was very difficult. Nothing bad happened, other than nasty looks from passersby. But my children found it disturbing to be there. We could FEEL the pain and anguish of what goes on inside. We prayed the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, then we had silent, private prayer. I sang with my ten year old some hymns and psalms — very quietly. I’m not a singer! But I needed something to focus on, because it was very difficult to be there. We have prayed for 40 Days for Life in the past, and have been in front of PP with signs a few times, but this was our first time to stand a full hour in front of this particular clinic. This one is a really sad one, because it’s one of the few where late-term abortions are done. Only one young woman went in during our hour there, and she was so lovely, young, and beautiful. We prayed for her after she was inside….Please pray that more people come forward in Boulder, as the vigil calendar is NOT full! Thank you, and God bless.

  7. Patrick Valiquette Says:

    God Bless you all for what you are doing.

  8. Robert Florin Says:

    We don’t have a 40 days for Life but we pray every Thursday at 9am in front of P/P, when the abortions are going on. One day we will get enough people to have a 40 days for Life. But with all the prayers going on I’m sure 40 Days for Life had something to do with this.
    Today is also the Feast of the Arch Angels.
    Today as we were praying, we noticed 2 women talking outside the door of P/P, as we continued praying they were walking very slowely toward us, and I was saying to myself keep comming to us we can help you, finnaly they reached us and began to cry and tell us that one girl her name is Jessica was thinking of having an abortion, but she new in her heart it was wrong.
    She said her boyfriend didn’t want the baby, and she didn’t know how her family would react. When she seen us she said couldn’t go through with the abortion, we continued to pray for her and her baby, we gave her places that are going to help her, we gave her our Phone #, if she needs someone to talk to and we said we wold have a baby shower when the baby is born. God be praised!

  9. doug burton Says:

    we need to do something to vote these judges/ politicians out of office.
    the texas sonogram law will not be in effect. thats a great tragedy for texas and the unborn. 9-29-11 supreme court did not get in invlove to save m main part the texas sonogram law.

  10. ELizabeth Garibaldi Says:

    Let us do what we can, even when we can not be standing in prayer and witness 24/7 at the abortuaries and “clinics” of our nation. I was able to go out for 3 hours today, praise God, at our SIte – but not till 9 AM, not sure if we had coverage this morning earlier since not eveyone signs up on the website. But in solidarity with those throughout the country and globe who are braving the doark and early hours,. I have resolved to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet each morning at 6 AM for the reparation of those involved and promoting abortion in our land and around the world. We can each do something throughout the day – to turn our attention and intention toward the Lord and humble ourselves in prayer. May the Holy Spirit move the faithful to create a sunami of prayer to End Abortion and heal the nation and the victims.

  11. Steven Ertelt Says:

    In case you missed the great news that Congress is investigating Planned Parenthood:

  12. Marilyn Morse Says:

    On DAY 1 in Ottawa, abortion made the national news when a Conservative Member of Parliament, Brad Trost, told the nation that The CIDA’s decision to fund Planned Parenthood was tantamount to re-opening the “abortion debate”. (Canadian International Development Agency)

    Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper was obliged to go on national news to re-iterate what he has often stated — that he will not allow the abortion debate to be re-opened.

    In Canada, there are NO abortion laws at all and there is a policy of silence so that it very rarely gets mentioned at all.

  13. Linda Says:

    My first day with 40 days for life, I joined 200 others in protest of a new pp clinic. Praise God that those who stood for life, outnumbered those who stand against it. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. Many are praying that God would not allow one brick to be placed upon another and that the plans of man would be completely thwarted.

    Today, as we stood outside the abortion clinic prayerfully beseeching God to rescue both mother and child that had entered the clinic, a young man rode by on his bicycle. He responded to the sign that read ” Men regret loosing their fatherhood” with ” that is true.” Praying for this young man and the burden he carries.

  14. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  15. Tom Truong Says:

    Today is my second day stood on the side walk , I received a disk of gourmet homemade cookies and “a thank “to do it for him. That was a good sign.
    The first day I was by myself I saw finger, and some horns those were good sign too. I will be out there tomorrow. God will protect us to do the right thing.

  16. Kim Says:

    Our kickoff event was very encouraging. It was raining and as we sang the sun burst through the rain and a rainbow was seen over near the abortion clinic. We were very encouraged!

  17. Lily Jackson Says:

    Our Vallejo 40days for life team prays every Thursday all year long at the Planned Parenthood clinic. Thursday is the day that abortion is performed in this clinic. Our 40 days for life kick off rally was attended by 40 people last Sunday. We were blessed by our guest speaker Dr. Wong who use to be an abortionist but with the grace of God, has stopped performing abortion. After his speech we were all in tears because our local MD has turn his practice to maintain sanctity of life. I thank Dr. Wong for his decision of not killing our babies anymore. On one of the Thursday that we were praying, one pregnant mother who entered the abortion opted to keep her baby. This truly is a great blessing and so far we have saved four babies from being aborted since we started our 40daysforlife campaign 2 years ago. Let us all be encouraged to pray for one another for our safety and continued commitment to save the life on the unborn, the unspoken and the defenseless. Thank you.

  18. Lila Harmsen Says:

    At the prayer service which opened the 40 Days for Life campaign at the Red River Womens Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota’s only abortion facility, the approximately 100 persons praying there received a beautiful affirmation from our Creator. There, in direct view of all present, clouds formed a perfect cross in the sky. We were all struck by this awesome affirmation of our witness to the sanctity of each and every human life. As the service ended, the cross disappeared. Praise God!!

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