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DAY 5: An opportunity to soften hearts

February 25th, 2012 by admin

It’s the Lord’s day, and fitting that we focus on prayer.

I also have a great TV clip from Hanover, Pennsylvania. I visited Hanover last fall during their first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign. Planned Parenthood is located on the town square in Hanover, where the vigil gets attention from everyone. Enjoy the news story from WHTM-TV! (There’s a short commercial first.)


“Our campaign got off to a wonderful start,” said Dan in Hanover. “Great weather — and Channel 27 out of Harrisburg came down and interviewed Judy.”

Judy is Dan’s wife. Together, they lead the Hanover campaign. The interview took place around lunchtime. “We had a good showing of people there praying with signs,” said one of the volunteers.

The Hanover vigil is taking place outside a Planned Parenthood facility — but there’s no sign of any Planned Parenthood spokesperson in the newscast. For the “other side,” the reporter interviewed a member of a local atheists’ society. He rattled on about the imposition of a religious viewpoint.

Interestingly, in other locations, we’ve had atheists stand in solidarity at some of the vigils! Obviously, they weren’t there to pray, but to speak out against abortion as a human rights violation.


A group of about 20 volunteers gathered to pray at the 40 Days for Life vigil site in Plattsburgh — outside a Planned Parenthood facility.

“It was a beautiful prayer vigil,” said Nancy in Plattsburgh. “Very peaceful, much grace abounded. We were blessed to have a few dedicated souls who drove over an hour to join us.”

We must put our trust in God, she said. “He tells us to not be afraid; He is with us. And this work that we do is for Him. Would you please consider coming out to pray with us? Would you ask a friend to come along? God will use our prayer to end abortion in Plattsburgh!”


“It’s still cold in this Canadian prairie city at this time of year,” writes a 40 Days for Life blogger in Calgary. “The weather is unpredictable — and yet … the call is so urgent.”

The annual abortion total in southern Alberta is nearly 5,000 — and the majority take place at the abortion facility where Calgary’s 40 Days for Life vigil is taking place.

“We need to start caring,” the blogger said. “We need to create opportunities for sharing truth. We need to speak out, and gently, lovingly reach a broken world to protect life.”

The 40-day vigil serves as “an opportunity to soften hearts (our own and others) through prayer. It allows us to plead with God for the hearts and minds of our nation to be changed, and it allows us to engage in this battle in the single most powerful way that we can. Let’s pray.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Have you received any special blessings as a result of your 40 Days for Life participation? I so, please share them below.

15 Responses to “DAY 5: An opportunity to soften hearts”

  1. Tim Hearron Says:

    GOD is moving big time in Downey, calif. He is stirring the saints to come out of the pews and on to the street to make a difference at the Family Planning Associates abortion facility in Downey. 40 college age believers stood for the unborn in prayer and worship the third night of the 40 days for Life campaign from 9pm till Midnight. Some of them got up the next morning and were back out at the abortion site at 7:30 am!! Eight babies have been spared from murder in the womb in the first 4 days!!
    GOD is pouring out His Spirit just as He said He would in Joel chapter2 !!!

  2. Mrs. LeBlanc Says:

    Glory be God forever.

  3. Patricia Says:

    40 Days for Life of prayer and fasting has a special blessing of crucifying the
    lusts of the flesh so that we can repent of our sins and get closer to God.
    Thank you LORD for these intercessors who are standing in the gap for
    our country and for the world. May the church awaken to the great calling
    upon it now and unite for the yet unborn appointed to death through abortion;
    may the church answer it’s call to heal the hurting from abortion.
    Jesus saves, heals and delivers. Strengthen those on the front lines
    witnessing today. Pour out YOUR love, mercy and grace upon these workers;
    provide for them and their families supernaturally; because you are a God
    of miracles. May the walls of Jericho come tumbling down and an end to
    abortion in this country occur through your power of conviction of sin and
    the love of the truth.

  4. Rachel Rogers Says:

    I commend the atheists for their stand against abortion, and thank God for their presence.

  5. Anna- Arms of Grace, Abortion Recovery Ministry Says:

    I am always blessed to see the out pouring of God’s love through those gathered in unity to pray for the unborn, especially these young people.
    They are beautiful reminders of how precious life is!

    It is not always an easy thing to respond the way God would have us respond to those that would harm our children. When we decide to take a stand against evil, attacks from those filled with contempt can come at unexpected times in unexpected ways. When we are caught off guard it can cause us to react in the emotion of the moment. We must always look to God for the grace and strength to stay strong and remain alert. Only by keeping our eyes on the Lord and renewing our minds daily with His word will we be able to stand against the scoffers. Only by God’s grace we will be able to pray for our enemies and those who spitefully use us. We must always remember that it isn’t about us! It is about serving Him in a way that will bring about His will on earth. If God is for us, He will make even our enemies be at peace with us.
    Father, today we bow before your throne. Through the power of your word and your Holy Spirit grant us the grace to be at peace even with our enemies. Help us to live our lives in such a way that brings honor to your name. Help us to stand strong against the enemy that seeks to destroy our unborn children until this holocaust of abortion is ended in our nation, once and for all. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In the Holy name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, we pray, always! AMEN.

  6. Marylou M Campbell Says:

    Thank you so much for the daily updates. It really helps keeping the issue @ the forefront of my thoughts & prayers. “The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.” Psalms 103:5. Let us continue to storm the gates of Hell…on our knees.

  7. Sr Cécile in Moncton Canada Says:

    Cheers to Calgary witnessing in the cold. You have my total support and prayers. We, in Moncton, do not attempt a 40-Days campaign during the winter months, however, we pray that our third 40-Days will take place this Fall.
    Cheers to Alaska as well. There you are in eight feet of snow during your 40-Days prayer vigil campaign. You are savings lives for sure. God is with you all the way.

  8. OneoftheSheep Says:

    Thank you Tim for your report on the saints in Downey,CA. May God continue to pour out HIs spirit of grace and love as you witness and pray for those who do not believe in His mercy.

  9. Eleonore Hahnl Says:

    Thanks for the upedates…you have my support and prayers from Austria

  10. Steve Says:

    Seems like a baby being carried by his mother IS borne! Only aborted babies are “unborn.” Let us save the borne babies! They are not unborn, they are borne.

  11. Amanda Says:

    Great job as spokesperson for Hanover, Judy! Hopefully your peaceful witness will help people see that those praying outside abortion clinics ARE trying to help and aren’t just crazed activists. :)

  12. Allie Says:

    My first time joining in prayer outside a PP today and it was powerful!!! Kalamazoo, MI

  13. Robyn p Says:

    I had my first time praying in front of planned parenthood on friday, it was the most powerful experience ive ever had, and I’m definitely going back!

    – Robyn Plaster, Huntington Beach, Ca

  14. Kyle Says:

    Today I read about a woman who realized that her young children were the “sign” that she needed to have with her during her hour of prayer in front of a clinic. Amen to that sister. Even though you might not have realized that young children and infants are the most impactful sign of all, the abortion clinic marketers knew that from the get-go.

    Women who have been through the devastation of an abortion experience might be aware of the no children, (particularly infants and toddlers) policy of abortion clinics. On “abortion days” the clinics do not allow babies and young children into their facilities.

    God have mercy on our nation.

  15. Patricia Says:

    As we come into His presence with thanksgiving and praise,
    when Jesus was born, Herod ordered the slaughter of all babies and children
    under the age of two. May these children appointed to slaughter escape today.

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