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DAY 16: Pray for the workers (+ video)

March 7th, 2012 by admin

There are 61 employees who have had conversions and left their jobs in the abortion industry during 40 Days for Life campaigns.

These journeys are never smooth. Many of these workers are uncomfortable about the peaceful prayer vigils outside their doors. They voice that discomfort regularly. In fact, staff members threaten to call the police … over a poster, a candle — or even a cross.

Here are stories that illustrate that point. But first, I want you to hear from the Planned Parenthood manager who resigned her job after just ONE 40 Days for Life campaign outside the facility where she worked.

Enjoy this amazing story!


Our 40 Days for Life national director, David Bereit, was in McKinney to help launch their first-ever campaign. He welcomed vigil participants — and showed them what COULD happen in their community.

In the right-of-way outside the McKinney Planned Parenthood office, David introduced everyone to Ramona Trevino, who once managed the Planned Parenthood facility in nearby Sherman, Texas.

Ramona shared from her heart how last spring the local 40 Days for Life team in Sherman offered encouragement and help when she experienced a conversion and decided to quit her job — during that community’s FIRST and ONLY 40 Days for Life campaign.

Following the 40 Days for Life campaign — and Ramona’s departure — the Sherman Planned Parenthood shut down for good.

An independent videographer recorded David and Ramona’s inspiring comments. See for yourself what God can accomplish!


At the 40 Days for Life vigil site, Planned Parenthood workers came out to complain — about a cross. It was a LITTLE cross, decorated with flowers. But to the Planned Parenthood crew, it was a BIG issue.

The cross, the employees said, just had to be moved. Winnie, one of the Orlando leaders, courteously informed them the cross would stay. The worker said in that case, they would call the police. Winnie smiled and politely said that would be all right.

Soon, Orlando police were on the scene to respond to the complaint. “Whatever you’re doing is really upsetting them,” said one of the officers. But all the police found on the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood was people peacefully praying — along with a small cross with flowers on it.

The police assured Winnie and the other volunteers that they were doing absolutely nothing wrong … and the cross could stay.

Someone called the police again a few days later — to complain about the cross. Again, the officers came, asked questions and left. Again, the cross remained.


“The wind howled; the rain poured; placards were whirling,” said Aileen in Manchester. “And yes, we got wet! We prayed and sang and we reached out.”

Despite the weather, there was a constant stream of clients, she said, some of whom they engaged in conversation.

“At the beginning of the day, a senior member of staff ‘requested’ that we remove our placards and the candle burning for babies killed by abortion and mothers hurt by abortion, declaring we were trespassing on clinic property, which was not the case,” Aileen said.

“Her threat of calling for the police was not pursued. We had of course, before starting the campaign, informed the police of our intentions,” she added.

Here’s a photo of me and 40 Days for Life national director David Bereit with some of the local leaders from our recent trip to Manchester:

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: What’s new at 40 Days for Life in your community? Please share any blessings by replying below.

17 Responses to “DAY 16: Pray for the workers (+ video)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I am at home praying for the workers of the abortion clinics, and have been ever since the story you sent about the little girl and her mother (last year)who dropped off the doctor (husband, father) at the abortion clinic, the little girl asked the 40 days for Life volunteer to pray for her dad) that is my mission every day of the year. It is so inspiring how many clinics are closing and workers are leaving. Thanks Be To God. I pray for your safety also.

  2. Deacon Jim Wolfe Says:

    Hi Shawn,

    Several weeks ago we had a referral from the jail that one of the inmates would like some prayer. After the time to get cleared, two of the members of our Respect Life committee, who also counsel at our local pregnancy care house we started, went to visit the young woman who was pregnant and discovered she had an abortion scheduled for the next day. After prayer and a few tears she ended up cancelling the appointment in spite of the clinics efforts to keep the appointment. She is now looking forward to having her baby and knows she will have people to help her through her pregnancy and afterward.

    Boulder, Colorado is only 5 miles from us where one of the oldest abortion clinics, Dr. Warren Hearn has his clinic. We do weekly vigils there. He has even written a book on how proud he is of what he does and assures in the book that a fetus is not a life. Pray for hime and his workers.

  3. Pamela Says:

    Sometimes I dread opening up e-mails that indicate bad news about what is going on around us, but 40 Days for Life is a bright light in a dark world. I read them everyday and am thanking God for what He is doing through our prayer warriors. Thank you all for your faithfulness, perseverance, and example of showing love & mercy. May He bless you abundantly and save many families through your prayers, efforts, and sacrifices.

  4. Mary Ellen Hollahan Says:

    Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois led a prayer vigil outside of Planned Parenthood in Springfield this past Tuesday, March 6. An estimated 100 people attended the vigil, joining the Bishop in praying the Rosary along with other prayers for LIFE. It was an inspiring and uplifting day, despite the gale-force winds! We are grateful to our Bishop for his support of 40 Days for Life and for the many other pro-life efforts in our city. And we are so grateful to the tireless prayers of our faithful prayer warriors who brave the elements to make a public stand in defense of the dignity of all human life. May God shower them all with blessings!

  5. Michelle Says:

    We have saved 12 babies between Feb 29-March 3 this year. Why? Because of the “New Born Safety Law” here in Washington state. This law is on the books in all 50 states and moving north into the Canadian providences. Along with the Pregnancy Help Centers and the “40 days for life” movement I believe we will see an end to abortion but we need to pray that Roe vs Wade will also be wiped off the books.

  6. John Bauer Says:

    I am with you in prayer along with a prayer team of intercesors that holds not only many personal prayer requests but the pro life movement as well.

    I had spent the first few years of my conversion outside abortion clinics and found the harrowing experience a testimony to the courage and dedication
    of people who really care. Profoundly touching!!!

    The infiltration of pro life informaton/ 40 days for life prayer requests have increased significantly thanks to you the front line soldiers : e-mails submitted with the phrase “remember the babies who are counting on us”‘!
    The prayers are said by virtually thousands of intercessors with this intercessory prayer team alone- we are with you!!

    Included with the laity on the prayer team are The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy,
    EWTN/Poor Clare Nuns, The Brides of the Victorious Lamb, and The Redemptoristine sisters. Praise God!

  7. Carol Says:

    Great video ! thankyou !

  8. ELizabeth Garibaldi Says:

    We know we have at least two self identified “Catholics” and a Luteran Pastors’ wife working at the Options Clinic in La Crosse WI – I hve taken it as my special mission to pray these women out of that clinic and back to the Truth. So far whenprayed an hour of Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament for the Director, whom I had met with the day before to inform her directly of our Peaceful Prayer vigil outside her clinic- she refused to take the card I offered her – my prayers and intentions for her – and said ” I don’t need that” – I replied with deep compassion and love – “Yes, you do.” I continue to offer my sacrifices for these women and ll all the workers at the clinic who have bought and are selling the lies that abundant access to contraception is helping the girls and women they “serve” and reducing the need for abortion.

    They have since hired a “greeter” at the door – a man in his 50’s to open the door and “welcome” the clients to the clinic like they are entering a Day Spa for beauty treatment. We pray right in front of him – 2 and 1/2 feet from the door. If nothing else – He will know the Rosary prayers and the Divine Mercy Chaplet by rote by the end of the 40 Days.
    I pray that our prayers reach his heart, not just his ears!

  9. Rosemary Says:

    “Where there is Life there is Hope!” -JP II

  10. Toni Amadon Says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing. I missed that story. You have helped confirm the need for my daily prayers. May we continue to pray for the Holy Spirit’s intercession for those unaware of what they are doing.

  11. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  12. Linda Says:

    Please pray for the conversion of the doctor who commits abortions at our local hospital. Friday is abortion day here in Terrace, BC.

  13. Marlene Says:

    Hello Fellow Holy Spirit Warriors!
    Let us continue to pray and fast for the end of infanticide for all time. I am so proud and grateful to God for all of you working so hard to change the hearts of so many sadly misled people. I pray daily for these little ones to have a chance to breathe life and experience the beauty of God’s love in this world. Let us not tire even after the 40 days campaign! We can do it with the Lord’s help!
    God Bless you all,
    Marlene from Michigan

  14. Jorge Arcila Rivera Says:

    I pray for 61 employees who have had conversions and left their jobs in the abortion industry during 40 Days for Live campaigns. Atently, Jorge Arcila R. Colombia

  15. Jim Arnone Says:

    Where’s the picture of the cross in Orlando that upset the PP staff?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Only a few close relatives, friends and my husband know that I had an abortion 24 years ago, when I was 19. It was provided in a hospital with general anesthesia, but of course Planned Parenthood was the provider. I had no idea how much guilt, remorse, and self-hatred I would experience afterwards, it seemed I cried for weeks. No one a PP asked me if I had considered adoption, they just provided the abortion, at 11 1/2 weeks.

    I went for some free counseling afterwards because of my depression and guilt that had dragged on for quite a while, and the social worker asked me “How long are you going to beat yourself up over this? Get over it and move on with your life!” It didn’t seem to me at all that Planned Parenthood cared about women, their lives or well being. If abortion wasn’t a traumatic experience for a woman ending her baby’s life, no one would feel guilt for months, even years later. I came to realize later that abortion is an INDUSTRY. No wonder they didn’t offer me the option of carrying my baby and giving it a loving home though adoption.

    I know I am forgiven for what I did, but it still haunts me when I see photographs of a baby at about 12 weeks, and I am reminded of the horror of what I consented to do. Only God can change hearts, and I am thankful that 40 Days for Life is working to bring about that change, so that abortion will be ended as an industry and practice.

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