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DAY 26: “Is this Planned Parenthood?”

March 17th, 2012 by admin

Today I am sharing only one story. I cannot give you the location, but it starts with a rare blessing — someone calling the wrong number.

When you pray and fast for an end to abortion and work together with local pro-life organizations, it can save lives.

The caller on the other end of the phone line asked, “Is this Planned Parenthood?” Well, it wasn’t. In fact, she had reached Planned Parenthood’s neighbor — a local pro-life organization.

The organization’s staff member who answered quickly realized there was an abortion-minded woman on the line. So she offered the woman a free ultrasound. The woman wasn’t interested — and said she really just wanted Planned Parenthood, so there wasn’t much else to say.

The pro-life staffer again told her the ultrasound would be free — but that if she went to Planned Parenthood, they would charge her.

At that point, things started to change. The woman on the phone agreed to an appointment for an ultrasound.

So the staff member called a pro-life pregnancy center to set up the ultrasound. The people at the pregnancy center said they had just spoken to this same woman, who had called them about 30 minutes previously.

“We have been praying that you guys would be able to reach her before she reached Planned Parenthood,” said the scheduler at the pregnancy center.

“I was amazed at the specific way they prayed and how God answered that prayer,” said the staff member who had originally received the “wrong number” phone call.

How could this woman have confused both a pro-life group and a pregnancy center with Planned Parenthood? “The only explanation is God’s intervention and answers to prayer!”

The young woman, however, did not show up for her ultrasound appointment. But the next day, she turned up unannounced at the pro-life office.

“She told me that she had had an abortion in the past and was considering having another,” the staffer explained. “This new baby was not her husband’s baby. She had gotten pregnant by another man while separated from her husband. The more details I heard about her life, the stickier the situation seemed to be. I could see that she was struggling a lot and seemed to think that abortion would be the answer to her situation.”

She wanted to know how far along the pregnancy was so she could “take care of it soon enough.” That enabled the staff member to talk about fetal development — that there was already a living human being there from the moment of conception.

“After hearing about the baby’s life inside the womb, she expressed sorrow and said she had murdered her last child. She wondered how God could ever accept her into heaven since she had broken this commandment to not murder, and we talked about the gracious gift of salvation that God offers through Jesus.”

This time, the woman accepted the free ultrasound offer and was able to see the image of her child. She thanked the pro-life staff for their help and said she would be talking to her boyfriend about the decision.

“We are praying for her,” said the staff member, “that she will not ignore what she now knows about abortion — and about her baby — and that she will choose life.”

Please keep this woman and her child in your prayers.

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

Have a blessed Sunday, and know how much I appreciate you!

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Are there special people in your town who are making a difference with your 40 Days for Life campaign? Please share the good news by replying below.

20 Responses to “DAY 26: “Is this Planned Parenthood?””

  1. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  2. Rita Pender Says:

    We have a very dedicated pro-life committee, but two people stand out. One, Nancy, is a lion for the pro-life issues. She is diminutive in physical size, but gargantuan in heart and mind. Her knowledge and passion for the pro-life issue propel our parishes to take a stand. She inspires us.
    The other is Jackie, a woman whose life was saved when her teen-age mom chose life years ago. Now she speaks out for life. Jackie’s passion also propels us into action. I thank God for the commitment of these two women.

  3. Fintan Wade Says:

    I am preparing for a pro life march to the Fredericton parlement on the 17 of May 2012. Please pray that we double the crowd. I have made many pro-life posters in french and in english. I hope our actions and prayers will save many little lives and restore many hearts.

  4. Marge Dixon Says:

    Marge Dixon Cleveland,Ohio Friday at Preterm was a blessed day,for a young women whom entered her way into the clinic.However,she did not go inside.We shared with her why we were here,praying for abortion to end,she in returned shared with us she was pregnant and was going to get an abortion.I told her there where many places she could receive help.You see she was strugglig because she already had a 4 month old child.I did not ask her whole story,I gave her the sheet with all the places she could receive good help an she gladly excepted it. She went back and sat in her car for some time.All the while I prayed for her that God would change her mind an keep that beautiful baby in her womb.Praise the Lord,her car started up, she circled around and gave me a great big smile and changed her mind and she left! A saved baby! God bless everyone and keep encouraged! ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!!!

  5. Theresa Czyzyk Says:

    Wow ~ she definately was connected to the right number! Let us share the good news and the truth that our prayers, fasting and community outreach are being heard; hearts are being changed and lives are being saved! As we gather today, let us give thanks to our Lord and to all who’ve responded to his call. God Bless all of you!

  6. Pat Cheek Says:

    We want to lead a 40 day for life in the fall in Flint Michigan, please contact us. Thanks

  7. Maureen Kennedy Says:

    My three children and I participated in the prayer vigil yesterday at the sidewalk of Femcare, Asheville, NC’s abortion facility. After standing outside their fenced property and watching the activity, my youngest son, who is eight years old, said, “Mom, why do they call it FemCARE if they kill babies here? Shouldn’t they call it FemDEATH?” Jesus surely has given the little children the insight we pray that all should have.

  8. Rita Talamantes Says:

    Evelyn Whitte has been involved with 40 Days For Life for some time & is relentless sidewalk counselor in Fort Wayne. Her presence every Monday, Tuesday for counseling of & Thursday the actual day of abortions has to be commended. She’s gone above and beyond to “Save Our babies”!

  9. Dan Riser Says:

    This same situation happened yesterday here in Minnesota. There is a small clinic in Robbinsdale that does abortions. The Womens Center is accross the street. I was at a volunteer orientation when one of the staff had to answer the phone. It was explained that when women look on line, the Womens Center phone number pops up first so they call there first (praise God) thinking it is the abortion clinic. Later when the staff member rejoined us, she had been discussing with the woman the prospect of having a free ultrasound versus paying for one at the clinic. Prayers for this woman that she keeps her ultrasound appointment.

  10. Hildegard Schweiger Says:

    Dear 40-Days for Life!

    Thank you and all who care! I follow you almost every day and keep praying. The responses are great, esp. the one with “the wrong number”!
    Here, in our town, the great danger is that Planned Parenthood is targeting us. Please, help us storm heaven and do the right thing!

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    We have one really courageous and loving sidewalk counselor – Connie who is so sweet and diminutive with a southern accent, yet the people inside and going inside the family planning clinic we pray in front of are “intimidated” by her – their word. Every day she arrives at 3 PM to witness to the Truth on the sidewalk and the tall retired man who serves as “greeter” goes into the clinic, despite the fact they have cameras on us, and lets the staff know Connie is there. It is almost comical that anyone is intimidated by Connie – she speaks and acts with such love and compassion- She brings light on to the sidewalk where even her peers – she is in her 70- are vehemently defending the young women’s “right” to poison themselves with contraceptives and the morning after pill and get referrals to kill their babies. The truth can be terrifying- You go girl- Connie!

  12. Anne-Marie Da Re Says:

    There are several very dedicated individuals here in Windsor, Ontario that walk in front of Metropolitan Hospital continually praying for those souls that are contemplating abortion or that have had one. BRAVO !!
    Let us pray for the conversion for all those individuals who do not know God. That God show them his mercy and love and that their eyes are finally opened to the way and the truth. Peace.

  13. Mary O'Brien-kautz Says:

    I was on vacation for 2 weeks but continued to pray & fast.Looking forward to praying outside the abortion clinic again at Hackensack ,NJ for the helpless little babies & mothers & dads to see the light & the value of life & pray & seek support & knowledge to turn their lives around & grow in faith. mary



  15. Elizabeth DeLong Says:

    Prayer vigil volunteer, Flo Omastas, has been praying to end abortion since 1973. It began as a sign-up for praying the rosary every day. She selected Thursdays at 7pm. Flo has not missed a day in 39 years. When she heard of the 40 Days For Life campaign, she signed up. Flo is faithfully praying at the vigil site. Let her faithfulness bless her again and again. It blesses me.

  16. Joan Okada Says:

    “See I will send the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:5&6

  17. maureen haig Says:

    Two of my daughters & myself joined with the team from 40 days for life, on sat. night, & prayed for 3 hours diagonal to the Preterm clinic in Surry Hills, Sydney. A lady was walking her 3 dogs, & stopped to pray with us. As she was leaving she kept repeating, “God bless you, God bless you. We then went to St. Peter`s Church for Adoration.
    I wondered if we could say this aspiration, “Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerfull intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse.,” 3 times before we begin our vigil?.
    There is also a very powerfull prayer, called” August Queen”, remedy against the “spirits of darkness” & the forces of hate & fear.

    “August Queen of the Heavens, heavenly Sovereign of the Angles, Thou who from the beginning received from God the power & the mission to crush the head of satan, we humbly beseech Thee to send thy holy Legions so that under Thy command & through Thy power, they may persue the demons & combat them everywhere, suppress their boldness & drive them back into the abyss.”
    Who is like unto God?
    O good & tender Mother, Thou shalt always be our love & our hope!
    O Divine Mother, send Thy holy Angels to defend me & to drive far away from me the cruel enemy.
    Holy Angels & Archangels, defend us, guard us. Amen.”

    ( In 1864 Father Louis Cestac, was given this prayer by Our Lady, after he saw demons spread out over the whole earth causing unbelievable ravage. Our Lady said that the time had come to pray to the Queen of the Angels to send the holy legions to combat & overthrow the powers of hell. Father asked Our Lady, why could She just send them without our having to ask. The Holy Virgin replied, “No, prayer is a condition set by God Himself in order to obtain Graces”. “Well then, my Mother,” said Father Cestac ,”would you teach me how we must pray to You?”
    He received from the most Holy Virgin, this prayer.

    Could we also pray to the Guardian Angels of the unborn, to guard & defend them, & to the Guardian Angels of all the parents of the unborn to look forward to the birth of their children with courage & love, & to shun the advice of evil men & to bring up their children in the fear & love of God, to follow their true vocation in life.? Our Angels will do everything we ask of them for our good & the good of souls.

    God Bless you All. Maureen. Sydney.

  18. Anne Says:

    Thanks to God for people like the one’s I read about here. They inspire!
    Thanks to David and Shawn, and all the people working behind the scenes… Abundant blessings are expected for such an effort! Love to all… Anne

  19. Marilyn Morse Says:

    I don’t mean to sound cynical or anything because it is certainly within the realm of possibility that God acted to make her reach pro-life instead of PP.
    But….. It has recently come to light that PP has been attempting some Sting operations against pro-life organizastion,k to catch us in entrapment or lies.
    It is possible that this woman was a plant for a sting operation. The types of comments she made and the two wrong numbers would be exactly the type of thing they might do.

    In anycase, i will definitely pray for her because wether or not she was a plant she could still be touched by grace.

    Also, we need have no fear of sting operations since we do not mislead or lie to people anyways. God may have used this for conversion.

  20. Pat Says:

    “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow…”

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas and the Unborn, pray for us.

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