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DAY 2: Let the miracles begin!

September 27th, 2012 by admin

I’m fresh from a visit with a wonderful group of volunteers at the 40 Days for Life vigil in St. Paul, Minnesota – and I’ve got great news.

One of our main prayers during these 40 days is that children scheduled for abortion will be spared through prayer, fasting and God’s love being shown in the public right-of-way outside the abortion centers.

On the very first day of the campaign, God already answered those prayers — and shown again that your peaceful efforts are worth it.

I hope you’re encouraged by these early blessings from a diverse group of locations — England, Texas and Oregon.


There are THREE 40 Days for Life locations in the greater London area, and God has ALREADY provided a huge blessing at the vigil site on Whitfield Street, where volunteers are praying outside a Marie Stopes abortion center.

Stuart got a call from the Good Counsel Network with the news. One of the counselors at the vigil site had spoken to a young woman, who became convinced that abortion was the wrong answer.

The woman, he said, “is a foreign national, so as well as offering her help, we will put her in contact with other mothers from her country who we have helped before.”

Stuart is asking volunteers to pray each of these 40 days that an abortion center in England will close its doors forever.

He also sent the photo above, taken around 12:15 am on Day 1.


Close to 250 faithful gathered at a city park across the street from the Dallas late-term abortion facility where the 40 Days for Life vigil is taking place. Kickoff rally participants signed up for vigil hours while visiting with local pro-life ministries at tables set up throughout the park.

The rally began with praise and worship, followed by remarks from area pastors. Dave Sterrett, who serves on the 40 Days for Life board of directors, gave the keynote talk.

“A couple of special messages resounded throughout the evening,” said Lauren Muzyka of the 40 Days for Life national team. “Speakers highlighted the special role that men play in defending the gift of life, as well as the hope we have in God — that He is big enough to conquer and end the evil of abortion in our land.”


Diane said it was a beautiful day for the kickoff of Klamath Falls’ first 40 Days for Life campaign – but a tad windy, perhaps, as campaign literature “wanted to take flight.”

The group gathered on the steps of the Government Center, with a number of churches, a pro-life pregnancy center and Oregon Right to Life all represented.

“We started with music and speakers at the Government Center, then walked around the building and across the street to the vigil site for a brief talk,” she said. “We closed with a group prayer for the vigil and sang Amazing Grace.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: If you have stories to share from the first day of your local 40 Days for Life campaign, please add a comment below.

27 Responses to “DAY 2: Let the miracles begin!”

  1. Mimi Brown Says:

    While standing at 6 am an older man with a thick accent approached and asked, “What is this all about, are you not able to have children and are mad? What is this about?” Told him my story, we talked about statistics and then he proceeded to say that his middle aged wife was pregnant and wanted to abort the baby. He went with her to Planned Parenthood and they began to make an appointment for the abortion. He said, “I told them with the name Planned Parenthood, I thought you were going to talk her out of it. They told me if I didn’t calm down they would call the police” He commented that his wife was one of the 1% of Jewish women that abort their babies. Please pray for this Russian Jewish man’s healing.
    Thank you to those who attended the opening prayer service including little Catherine, Lily and their little brothers. May God put an end to all this suffering.

  2. Jeannee Says:

    Even if I can’t directly participate, I always love your progress reports and photos!!! Now all you need is a social media share button, so I can spread the word :)

  3. Foreigner Says:

    Hi everyone,

    you are all in my prayers. Here in Finland we don’t have 40 Days for Life yet (but at least one person praying over the daily devotionals with you and following your blog..).
    Finland is a country where it is illegal for parents to physically punish their children, but legal to kill them. Luckily, at least late-term abortions are forbidden. But abortion (most before 12 weeks by drugs) is seen as something so normal that there aren’t even done in separate abortion facilities, but in every hospital, even in maternity wards, in every health center, by almost every doctor and nurse (if they are not willing to perform the procedure, they “create a scandal” and still are forced to give written permission to the mother acknowledging the tiniest and most ridiculous “reason” she presents to justify the murder of her child, such as traveling plans the child might spoil, and forward her to another physician willing to do the rest).
    Yesterday night I went alone to pray in front of a midwife training hospital near home where I know abortions are done, too (while in the next room a premature baby might be being born and all efforts are made to safe his or her life…). It was close to midnight. While I was praying silently and shielding a candle from the wind with my hands, two women came out for a cigarette. One of them was wearing normal street clothes, but the other one was wearing a night gown and bath robe. So she at least was a patient, but as a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, who would smoke…? They watched the candle for a moment, and then, having finished their cigarettes, went back in. I hope and pray God will help them see what they have done, so they can be saved and healed, and save others from making the horrible “choice” and/or dying because of it. This country, and all of Europe and the West, sure needs a miracle to turn the most hardened and blinded hearts back to love and truth. May God have mercy on this country that so blatantly rejects Him for the idols of promiscuity and selfishness…

    You are so lucky in America to have a strong pro-life movement and the “guts” to go pray in front of abortion facilities as a group in broad daylight. I wish we had the same here, too.

    God bless you!
    Greetings from Finland

  4. Elle Says:

    Jesus Mary and Joseph, I love you very much I beg you to spare the life of the pre-born baby I’ve spiritually adopted who is endanger of abortion!

  5. Sue Says:

    This is Dubuque’s first 40 Days for Life. We prayed last night in front of the Planned Parenthood facility that is just beginning Telemed Abortions now in September. When I awakened in the middle of the night–I sensed the power of the Holy Spirit uniting us across the world in 40 Days for Life with prayers and fasting. It is an honor to be involved with 40 Days for Life!

  6. mary tegtmeyer Says:

    I offer all my sufferings physical and mental for the success of 40 days for life .starting 40 days of adoration and baby quilts .mary t

  7. Barry Says:

    I just spent my lunch hour praying at the Germantown abortion clinic and wanted to tell you about an encounter I had with a 25 year-old Catholic male who stopped to talk. He still practices the Faith and attends Mass every week at a Catholic Church. He said the following:
    1. He didn’t know that Montgomery County allowed late term abortions. When I explained to him that the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand through all nine months in 1973 for the entire country he was stunned.
    2. He said he was against abortion but really wasn’t involved because he didn’t think he could talk anyone out of it. After I relayed several cases of turn arounds I have known about he again seemed very surprised.
    3. He said he believed in a Final Judgment so I described a vision of the FJ a priest once described to me. It is one where God will be surrounded by the millions of aborted children who never had the chance to feel the hug of their mother, to take their first step, to feel the love and joy of this life and He shall ask one question of them: “Do you know this person? If they say, ”Yes Lord we do know him for we saw him outside the abortion clinic when our mother walked by. He tried to convince others to protect us even when it caused him to suffer. He worked for and voted for candidates who wanted to save us.” Then the Lord will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant, come to the place prepared for you since the beginning..” If the aborted babies say, “Lord we do not know him for he was never there at the clinic or in the great moral battle to save us” the Lord will say “Go to the place prepared for the devil and his angels ….”
    4. I then told him that we would be here from 6am to 12 midnight for forty days and I hoped God I would see him here. He said he would see me around implying that he may in fact be back. Now I don’t know if he will be back but I believe the Holy Spirit caused him to stop and talk and is working in his heart.

  8. Megan Says:

    I have been excited about the 40 Days for Life before, but I have never been more inspired and hopeful than now! It really hurts me to even hear the words “abortion” and “birth control”…right from the very beginning of conception, that little baby is a LIFE, and a human being that has the right to live, just as we do.

    I was raised Pro-Life, and have never even considered abortion or birth control. But I had my very own life experience to show me just how precious a tiny life is.

    I am the oldest of three, born and raised Catholic. My husband is the youngest of 8, adopted, and also raised Catholic. Three years ago, shortly after my husband and I were married, we discovered that we were expecting our first child!

    During the second prenatal check-up, we were scheduled a to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I coudn’t WAIT! The doctor placed the doppler monitor on my stomach, rolling around, searching for the baby’s heartbeat. After almost 10 minutes of searching and listening, there was nothing, just silence. He told us not to get discouraged because sometimes the baby can be so tucked away that the heartbeat is hard to detect at such an early stage. So he took us in to get an internal ultrasound.

    Once the nurse had the ultrasound in place, she pointed to the screen, and said, “Right there…there is your baby!” She took a couple pictures, and told us she had to leave for a few minutes to get the doctor. I was so excited about actually seeing our baby, I had no idea that she had even left!

    After 15 minutes of waiting, and staring at my little one on the screen, the nurse had returned with the doctor. Neither of them had a smile on their faces, and I knew something was wrong. The doctor then showed us where the baby’s heart was on the screen, and that it was not beating. They told us that our baby did not make it past the 10 week mark for reasons that are unknown. My husband and I did painfully held back our tears and told them we understood, and felt as if we did something wrong. I felt like it was all my fault. Before the nurse put the ultrasound images in our files, I asked her if I could have copies of them to keep, and of course she gave us a few to take home with us. After-all…this would be the only pictures we had of our first child.

    So our doctor had told us to schedule a D and C surgery to remove the “tissue” so there weren’t any complications in the future. I have never felt so terrible in my whole entire life.

    Once we made it to the parking lot, I couldn’t hold back the tears any longer and just fell to my knees, and asked God, “WHY? It is SO un-fair that people who want babies have to miscarry, but there are millions of unwanted babies being aborted every day. How is this FAIR?”

    I had two weeks until the scheduled D and C, and still couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of letting the doctor literally suction my baby’s tiny body through a tube, and dispose of the “tissue” (which is what they kept referring to my little one as) in the garbage. I had asked the doctor if there is any way they could remove the fetus intact, and allow us to give our first, very tiny, child a proper burial. Looking at us as if we were crazy, they told us that was impossilbe, and that there was “nothing” there, just “tissue”, especially once they use the suction.

    So for the next two weeks, we prayed, and prayed that we were doing the right thing…even though scheduling the surgery felt so wrong. But the baby had already passed, and kept reminding myself that it was NOT an abortion because God had already taken the baby safely back to sleep with the angels.

    On Memorial Day, May 25, 2009 at 2:00 AM (nearly one week before the scheduled D and C) the miscarriage had begun at home. I have never felt so sad, scared, and happy at the same time. I wondered if we needed to call the hospital and have them move up the surgery or not. But before we could even think or decide…I had actually passed the “fetus” at home…fully intact, clean, and so very tiny- but easily recognized. We were then holding our first child in the palm of our hand, not even two inches long. God was clearly present there with us, holding our hand, answering our prayers.

    Soon after, we had to go to the emergency room and allow them to go through with the D and C to make sure there weren’t any further complications…but I was so happy that we actually got to see our little baby and keep it’s tiny body safe in a little velvet box, before it was suctioned out and thrown in the garbage. God had answered my prayers, and allowed us to have closure, knowing that the precious little one we had created out of love, was in fact NOT in the garbage, but safe from any harsh man-made instruments.

    Once we returned home from the hospital, we took the tiny velvet box that held our little one to our parish priest to have him give our first born a small blessing, and we buried our precious little one beneath a statue of the Blessed Mother, where we knew he or she would be safe.

    Still very sad about losing our first child, nothing was going to stop us from having a family. Three months after the miscarriage, we were expecting again, and the due date that was given to us was May 24, 2010…EXACTLY one year from the date we miscarried our first baby!!! I was filled with so much joy, knowing that was God’s way of letting us know He was in control- and everything was going to be alright.

    We now have a 2 year old, beautiful little girl, who we can’t imagine living without! She brings us so much joy!!! And every time I look at her, I wonder how it is even possible for people to abort their HEALTHY unborn babies, and take their lives so early as if they are even entitled to make such a decision.

    All I know is, every time my daughter wraps her arms around my neck, and whispers, “I love you Mommy”…I think of how special EVERY little life is, and how lucky we are to be chosen to recieve such beautiful blessings.

    God bless those mother’s who are considering abortion and please listen to all our prayers to steer them away from the abortion clinics. Lead them to a safe place where they know they are loved, as are their unborn babies, and give them the help and guidance they need to make the right decision. May their children be born healthy and live long lives full of love.

    God Bless America and God Bless all of those who are participating in the 40 Days for Life!!! Keep praying and fasting…for through Him, “All things are possible!”

  9. Jody McRoberts Says:

    Thank you, Foreigner, for sharing. Thank you for being willing to take a stand for life in Finland. I am praying for you and your nation, that the Lord would raise up others to join you in prayer. Know that you are not alone. May you be BLESSED and ENCOURAGED as you continue to stand for LIFE!!

  10. Therese Says:

    In Chico, California. The first morning of 40 days for life is a Wednesday, which is the day they perform surgical abortions at the Planned Parenthood site in Chico, Ca. We have a wonderful retired Man named Jim who goes every Wednesday for a couple hours in the morning year round to try to prevent abortions. I am sure it is a thankless job. He carries a very large sign. Apparently he is being effective as a couple of gals came out of the planned parenthood and stood in front of him blocking his sign with a sign of their own! It said something to the effect that “this MAN can’t get pregnant”. As it is now 40 days for life a wonderful volunteer Jenny was also present. She is a very knowledgeable nurse and Natural family planning instructor. She simply spoke the truth to these gals….. “It takes a SPERM and an egg to form a baby.” Pray for us in Chico!

  11. Susan Says:

    There are 49 of our states, which are officially participating in the 40 Days for Life Campaign. I want God to know that Americans in ALL 50 STATES are praying and fasting. I believe He will bless our upcoming elections even more, if we are.

    I called and found out the 50th state — it’s Wyoming. Will you please join me in ’spiritually adopting’ this final state, and pray and fast for one of their abortion mills to close down?

    If anyone knows a pro-life resident of Wyoming, will you please ask them to pray and fast, as well?

    I am a Catholic, and they are offering masses right across the street from our only HUGE abortion mill, in Denver. The mass is known to Catholics, as the most powerful prayer on the face of the earth. That abortion mill’s days are numbered!

    Praise God for all you do for the little, silent martyrs of our day.

  12. Jan Sture Neuman Says:

    Huge thanks for the Finnish contribution, it fits sadly enough my country, Sweden, too. We don´t have any 40 days for Life campaign. Good of you to go pray outside the way you did, I pray at home for all the threatened babies and women and for all you courageous people in many countries who participate in this campaign. It´s a fantastic sign of God´s love.

    God bless you!

    Greetings from Sweden

  13. Lissi Holloway Says:

    I attended the kick off rally in Fort Worth Texas last night. You could feel God! I am the Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Thank you for praying!! We deeply appreciate it. We will see many babies being accepted and loved. God’s peace and hope will reach many women!

  14. Sheila Mcleod Says:

    We began our praying of the Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament for those involved in abortion, some weeks before your campaign here at Our Lady of Lourdes Church In Aylesbury, Bucks.,UK. Surely no coincidence.

    By a chance meeting at Mass last Thursday in Wendover, I was given your latest abortion UK.figures in a newsletter by a Milton Keynes pro-life contact, and as a result got a cancelled coach seat for the 25th. Annual Pro-Life Pilgrimmage to Walisngham on Sunday, 23rd Sept.(my first visit).

    Be assured that Pro-Life supporters here in Buckinghamshire are praying the Rosary daily close to the holy hour at 3.00pm. God bless you all.

  15. Sarah T Says:

    This is our first time having a 40 Days for Life event, and our city is not a large one. It also, as we have found out, is a city with a lot of churches living in fear of the appearance of being judgmental. BUT, God has truly blessed this! We have seen God work in several ways, but here are a couple of the ways we’ve seen so far.

    Our first two opening days were going to be covered by a wonderful pro-life church in a small nearby town, but they were unable to fill their hours. We found out the day before the opening rally that we were missing about 12 hours for the first 2 days (8 of which were on the first day). The leader of the church felt so responsible, that he offered to take the day off work to cover the entire time. We all prayed a lot, made some phone calls, and sent out the emails! PRAISE GOD, every hour is filled for these days!

    Our opening rally went very well! We were so blessed and excited to see around 60 people come! Everything worked out beautifully to the glory of God! Even our sheriff came to speak and support us! After the rally, we all went in large groups to pray at our local Planned Parenthood. It is such a great blessing to see God’s hand in all of this, and we are so excited to see what He will continue to do throughout the next 40 days!

    God Bless!

  16. Babs Says:

    Close to the area of our prayer vigil road work is being done so the 2 wide lanes were reduced to 2 narrow lanes. Thankfully, none of us were harmed last night while cars & semi-trucks drove within touching distance from many pro-life prayer warriors on the sidewalk as we sang, listened and prayed outside the newest mega-killing field in St Paul. Some truck drivers were kind & generous, one even drove over the road cones for our safety & his, but a few seemed as if they would rather have driven over us. We were surrounded by Legions of Angels last night while, and as Shawn put it, “some drivers told us we are NUMBER ONE with their middle finger.” =)) Our prayers are reaching the ears of God and some employees within the abortion facilities. May it penetrate their hearts as well.

  17. Molly Grigg Says:

    Looked up Jackson Wyoming, and found that the one remaining abortionist there is Dr.Brent Blue, who runs a “family ” practice, and includes abortion as one of his services. Would be wonderful if believers inJackson WY could join 40 days and bring attention to this abortionist, so that the public could know what is in their midst, and so that moms there could have a chance to find alternatives.

  18. Annie Says:

    We were blessed in Issaquah on Day 1 by a beautiful Letter to the Editor published in our local paper the Issaquah Press. The Editor even gave it a positive title. I’ve pasted it in below:

    40 Days of Life: Standing Up for Another Option

    In a few short days, the Issaquah 40 Days for Life will begin. The purpose of 40 Days is to bring God’s love and hope to women considering abortion.

    Many years ago, I was one of those women. I was scared and uncertain about my decision to abort my first child. Memories still haunt me to this day — the waiting room full of women, the sound of the suction machine, the intense pain, a recovery room full of recliners, the screaming girl in the recliner next to me, the emptiness I felt afterward. For years after that I defended a woman’s right to choose, but would never ever admit to having had an abortion myself. I would get very angry when I saw cars with pro-life bumper stickers.

    During a pro-life campaign much like 40 Days, I heard a minister talking about post abortion syndrome. In anger, I called the hotline number he offered me to inform them that I didn’t have P.A.S, but when the counselor answered the phone, all I could do was cry. And when the counselor asked me if I had any idea what sex the child was, I wailed. After I named this child (I named him Luke) and memorialized him at a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, I became active in standing outside of abortion clinics.

    The 40 Days for Life campaign is not a group of Christians out to condemn women. They are there in love for both the mother and the child; they are there to give hope and help that doesn’t involve the death of that child. I wish they had been standing outside the clinic I entered years ago. My son Luke now rests in the arms of an angel. I hope he rests in mine someday.

    Kimberly B

  19. Frank Streibig Says:

    Day one of the Fall 2012 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil:
    OVER 53 Prayer Warriors joined together to bring the LIGHT OF GOD to
    the darkness that surrounds the TOMS RIVER NJ abortion clinic……and
    our prayers were answered.

    ONLY 3 patients entered the clinic on a day that would normally be very busy.

    One young mother, accompanied by a friend left the clinic, spoke with
    one of our Sidewalk Counselor’s and decided to say YES to God and keep
    her baby. Our counselor accompanied them to the OPEN DOOR PREGNANCY
    CENTER, just 5 minutes away.

    On Day One of our Fall 2012 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil, Satan’s
    plan was stopped and God’s plan was restored for this baby and family.

    Include in your daily intentions that this be the LAST prayer vigil
    needed in Toms River.

    “Your light must shine before others, that they may see your good
    works, and glorify your heavenly Father.”- Matthew 5:16

    Join us in prayer. Contact: Frank 908-330-7861 or Mario 732-557-6689

  20. Mervi Says:

    40 Days for Life in Tampa was blessed today with a lady, who was passing by the prayer vigil and stopped her car to share her story with us. She was 15 years old, when her parents brought her to this very same facility to abort her baby. She is now 46 years old and has been blessed with three children. She told us that she has never over come the guilt of having an abortion and she just wanted to stop and tell how grateful she is that we are praying outside of this abortion clinic. We assured her that God has already forgiven her and she said: “I know, but I can not forgive myself!”. With much love, we gave her the information material for Project Rachel. She was overwhelmed of the love and support from a group of wonderful prayer vigil attendants. May God Bless her and heal her.

  21. Victor Galipi Says:

    This year I participated for the first time in a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil, in front of “A Woman’s Choice” in Raleigh, NC. In the about 90 minutes I was there praying about a half dozen people went in, by car, and a couple came out; one of the ones who came out was a woman I saw enter.

    The thing that struck me the most was how everyone who went in and came out was trying very hard not to look at me. A worker came out of the clinic to mail something. She had to walk by me to get to the mailbox. The whole time to the mailbox and back into the clinic she walked with her head down and turned away.

    These people did not look angry. They did not even look like they were simply trying to ignore me. They looked ashamed.

    My prayer is that these abortion workers and clients were and are not only ashamed but also convicted enough that they will turn from the very thought of murdering babies and instead be advocates for life for all people including the precious unborn. My prayer also is that they will also come to know and experience Christ the Lord of Life as their Savior.

    I didn’t want to leave but had to. I hope to get back to pray more than once during this 40 Days for Life campaign.

    May Jesus Christ Who Is The Life use us to help others find life.

  22. Judy B Says:

    Judy in Florida is praying with you all.

  23. Katie Says:

    Yesterday I was praying in front of the Mankato MN Planned Parenthood when a young man drove his car around and came to speak with us, he said “I had to come and thank you, my sister got pregnant in highschool and if it wasn’t for people like you I wouldn’t have a niece. Thank you.” I invited him to join us in prayer any time. What a miracle.

  24. Patti Smith Says:

    Today I was in front of the Long Beach CA Planned Parenthood. I handed out Pregnancy Help Resource numbers to women going in the door. Most took the info from me because I wore a smile and couldn’t look mean if I tried to! One lady struck me. She got out of her car right in front of the front door, and she looked as if she had been crying, she was so distraught. She wouldnt talk to me or take my info but went into the building. She was still there two hours later when I left. The hopelessness and devastation on her face I will never forget and I prayed for her and her baby that she would change her mind as God spoke to her heart.

  25. Denise from Florida Says:

    I, too have a similar story as Kimberly B. I was an unsaved teenager, knew of God, but never even held a Bible. I was also pro abortion and the bumperstickers for prolife got under my skin as well. I had three secrets, all with different partners.

    At age 51, the Lord saved me and I gave my life to Him. The first thing He put on my heart was to counsel young women at a pregnancy center. When I walked up the steps of that center, very nervous, indeed, I remember thinking to myself ” I am now entering a pregnancy center for a different reason”. When I arrived, and announced my intentions to counsel other women, the most wonderful woman named Sherry, sat me down and asked me to talk alittle about myself. It was then that I cried like I have never cried before. After being involved in the session, “Forgiven and Set Free” and understanding God’s total forgiveness of my sin, I was able to perform ultrasounds for pregnant women and help them see their babies heartbeat (I am in the medical field, myself).
    If only 40 days for life were there to help me and my babies. I have also named my two son’s and daughter, “Seth, Johnathan and Maria”. God bless you all and I pray for the closure’s of these clinics and hearts will be changed for the mothers, fathers, and workers at the abortion clinics. I have been forgiven, but the sadness is still fresh. I will hold my children someday. Right now, they are in the Father’s arms.

  26. Ruth Says:

    Please include in your prayers for babies being aborted up to 24 weeks by Planned Parenthood in Orange, CA. Doing research and came across that PP does abortion up to 24 weeks. I checked the locations and there is no 40 Days For Life in Orange, CA. I do not live in CA.

  27. Mateus Says:




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