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DAY 8: Prayer is having an impact

October 3rd, 2012 by admin

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in the United States doing a staggering 330,000 abortions EVERY year. The abortion giant does this with more than $480 million in YOUR tax money.

The first 40 Days for Life campaign was held in front of a Planned Parenthood in College Station, Texas — a campaign that led to 28% drop in local abortion numbers. It’s no wonder that the president of Planned Parenthood labeled College Station as “the most anti-choice place in America.”

During the current 40 Days for Life campaign, 150 of the 316 locations are outside Planned Parenthood facilities. Whether Planned Parenthood operates in your community or not, keep praying! Those prayers are making a difference.


Eileen in Spring Valley is encouraging prayer and fasting for a Planned Parenthood-free community.

She’s already seeing signs that prayer is having a direct impact. The local Planned Parenthood affiliate has begun its “pledge-a-protester” program, asking pro-abortion supporters to pledge money for each of the “protesters” (that means the people like you peacefully praying on the sidewalk).

The appeal is loaded with lies about vigil participants and is nothing more than an attempt to keep the number of prayer volunteers down. “Pledge-a-protester” is a sure sign of desperation.

Eileen sent photos of what’s really going on in Spring Valley, including this picture of Pastor Floyd Nicholson of Grace Point Fellowship Church leading prayer during the vigil.


Kathy in Columbia put it in very simple terms for 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers: “All of you are invited! Babies and moms are saved when people pray on the sidewalk!”

The Planned Parenthood facility in Columbia has had a couple of “escorts” on duty most of the time, but they spend more time just chatting than anything else.

During the last campaign, there was even a lone pro-abortion protester showed up almost every day. But this time, she’s only put in one appearance.

Kathy was encouraged by a new volunteer, a man who lives about a block and a half from the vigil site. He prayed for three hours a day and has promised to be there as much as he can.

“God continues to bless us on the sidewalk and we thank all of those who have been able to pray,” she said.


The 40 Days for Life vigil in Fort Myers is taking place in the public right-of-way outside another Planned Parenthood abortion center.

The campaign began with a procession from a nearby church to the vigil location. About 250 people took part, including Bishop Frank Dewane of the local Catholic diocese. The event got media coverage from two TV stations — but as has been the case in other cities, Planned Parenthood declined to be interviewed.

The procession passed the Community Pregnancy Clinic, a pro-life outreach that moved to this location within the past year to address the many abortions taking place at Planned Parenthood.

“This is our second campaign,” said Paula in Fort Myers, “and we are so blessed by more and more hands, feet and hearts to help us along the way.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: What’s going on with 40 Days for Life in your community? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

16 Responses to “DAY 8: Prayer is having an impact”

  1. Tim Hearron Says:

    Downey, California
    At the Family Planning Associates abortion facility the 40 Days for Life prayer warriors saw 2 babies saved from death within the first hours of this fall campaign. A few days later a woman came out and said 11 months earlier she was at the facility for the “at home abortion pill” that the facility gives out. She said she saw the prayer warriors but just went in. When they gave her the pill she threw it down and said, “I can’t do this” and walked out, much to the anger of the abortion workers. This Sunday the mother with have her 3 month old son Christian dedicated at church. Volunteers were able to take her to Living Help, a Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center down the street from the abortion site to pick out an outfit for little Christian and other baby items that mom needs. To GOD be the glory!!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Keep going Keep praying -It’s not a protest – It’s prayer.
    ‘Protests’ come and go – Prayer changes the atmosphere.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    I am humbled by everyone’s commitment each campaign. Especially when I see pictures in other nations. I am proud of you all.

  4. Robert Colquhoun Says:

    Amazing news! Keep up the great work everyone!

  5. J. Angele Kuchukian Says:

    God love 40 Days for Life. You are The Beloved of the Beloved. Pray for my success in bringing 40 Days for Life to Kenya this December. Pray for my fundraiser to Our Lady of Good Remedy. Also, pray for Sr. Lilia, Kenyan Little Sister of St. Francis, celebrating her Silver Jubilee and her Kenyan Charismatic Prayer Group to enter into “40 Days for Life Spring 2013 Campaign and for the other Silver and Golden Jubilarines.

  6. Mary Fischer Says:

    I visited the new PPH facility in McMinnville, Oregon. The volunteers at this site are warm and friendly. We had a wonderful time there, I will return on Thursday!

  7. Leslie Gsitens-Kopper Says:

    Fort Myers: Planned Parenthood did respond to the NBC affiliate later in the day. The spokesperson claimed that abortions were not performed at the local facility. I checked their website and emailed the news director, that according to the website (I provided a link as well as copied the PP Ft Myers page to the email) they not only provide abortions, but explained what was included in the fee for an abortion! Got no reponse from the news director…on the bright side we had a great turn out and the hihgh school students lead the rosary! Praise God!

  8. Penelope Price Says:

    We are praying outside the clinic in Livingston Mt., knowing we are making a difference. We have support from a local business close to the clinic which is helpful in such a small town. We got coverage in our local paper for the kick off which was also attended by pro-abortion people at the clinic. We were on the front page and the heading was Life or Choice. We hope to see hearts changed in our little town which host’s abortions to other states and other towns. Thank you for 40 Days which gives so many people a chance to make a difference.

  9. Deborah Says:

    A friend and I signed up to pray with the local 40 Days for Life group at the Women’s Center in Nashville ,located in the midst of a couple of apartment complexes. During the 2 hours that we prayed, we actually witnessed two of our prayers being answered. Our first prayer was for the African-American and Hispanic communities to be aware of the impact on their populations and to become more involved in prayers/vigils against abortion and for life. While we were praying a young man, Hispanic by his accent, stopped his car to ask at what hours we were present to pray. Then he told us that he would be coming the next morning to join in prayer with the group. Another prayer we lifted was concerning the residents of the apartment complexes surrounding the abortion facility. We asked God to raise up people in those units to pray as they drove past the building daily. Soon a van passed us and stopped. A young African American woman got out of the car and came to tell us that she supported what we were doing. She had just moved to the area from Knoxville and was living in one of the apartments that faced the clinic. She just enrolled 3 of her children in school and hoped to come back a little later with her baby to join the group praying there. We let her know that she was an answer to our prayers and asked her to continue praying from her apartment daily, even when we weren’t present.

  10. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  11. Trish Shaw Says:

    On October 2, we were praying at the Cleveland Surgi Center, a woman came up asked about 40 days. She was holding her 1 year old son. She said she saw people praying last year. At that time, she was pregnant because she had been raped. She went to a local thrift shop and started to pray with a woman there. Things were difficult for her because of the rape. She told us once her son was born; she fell in love with him instantly. She thanked us for doing this because it had helped her change her mind and now wants to get involved to help others. One of the ladies I was with quoted Isaiah 45, 3, “I will give you treasures out of the darkness, and riches that have been hidden away, That you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.”

  12. Patricia Brodie Says:

    Don’t let fear stop us and certainly not fear of the Spring Valley Planned Parenthood’s “pledge a protester”. God hears our prayers and is more powerful than money.

  13. Connie rahe Says:

    Big hello to Ft Myers with respectful applause for Bishop Dewane who led prayers and march at Planned Pthd a year ago. We will be joining you from Avon Park for our second Spring campaign. Can’t wait! As for Kenya, Bishop Martin Kivuva Musonde is the person to contact to get 40 Days going in your area, a dynamic pastor who knows about 40 Days already. Also Fr Daniel Kitila who is a tireless worker for Christ and the poor. My best regards to them both.

  14. Earl G Says:

    First,guys are responsible for at least 50% of this. Second; Innocent blood is spilled when an abortion occurs.. Third,let us not ever to encougage this. This should especially not occur with members in ‘the body od christ.

  15. John T. Valentine Says:

    To even think, for any reason. To commit the very evil act of destroying a beautiful babies body by whatever means. Is an abominable act of an uncivilized being. This beautiful babies body, MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. Has our human race stooped so low, that might provoke our Father in Heaven, pronounce a decree, my childern i have had enough. Beloved American Citizenry, it is now the time to say we have had enough. The butchery, the murder, the savage slaughter of our, unprotected, unborn babies, MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD , is going to stop. PERIOD. May GOD, forgive us, his childern.

  16. Debbie Says:

    Here in Alexandria, Minnesota, our Birthright office is directly across the street from the Planned Parenthood office. One of Birthright’s volunteers told me that on Wednesday when she was in the Birthright office, a couple came in (the woman very tearful) and said they “had an appointment”. Since Birthright doesn’t operate with an appointment schedule she wondered if the people thought they were at Planned Parenthood. The man told the volunteer that they thought the woman was pregnant, and that since she was 40 years old and had never been pregnant, she was frightened and not sure she wanted to have this baby. The Birthright volunteer offered a pregnancy test, which did turn out to be positive. The couple stayed with the volunteer and listened to all the supportive help that was available to them through the Birthright office. The couple left in much higher spirits! Hopefully, another precious baby saved!!!

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