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DAY 14: Go and be God’s loving witness

October 8th, 2012 by admin

I am headed, along with our national director, David Bereit, to Nashville, to speak at a prayer rally that will kick off the 2012 Care Net pregnancy center conference. Pregnancy centers have a huge impact at the local level — and they now outnumber abortion facilities in the United States 3 to 1.

Speaking of impact at the local level, I have some great news to share … plus some prayer requests for some 40 Days for Life campaigns:

  • One group believes big changes may be taking place at the abortion center where numerous 40 Days for Life vigils are been held. The local team is asking for extra prayer because this situation involves “an especially notorious and aggressive abortionist.”
  • Several campaigns are having parking issues. With no public parking nearby, campaigns must find business owners willing to offer parking spots for vigil participants. It may not sound like much, but lack of parking could significantly cut into vigil attendance and limit these campaigns’ effectiveness.

Please keep these situations — and the many local 40 Days for Life leadership teams who are making tremendous personal sacrifices during this campaign — in your prayers.


“It’s just heartbreaking to see them go in,” said one 40 Days for Life volunteer, who watched as women were dropped off at the abortion facility. But, she said, “We had one lady leave without going in. Praise God!”

Ernie, the local coordinator, also sent some pictures of a candlelight vigil that drew more than 300 people. Bishop Gregory Parkes led the group in prayer.

“When people go and peacefully pray in front of local abortion facilities, lives are spared,” said Ernie. “God works through us. We just have to go and be His loving witness! Have you signed up to go and pray?”


“It’s amazing that perfect strangers will pull into the parking lot where we are praying,” said Mike, the local 40 Days for Life director, “and trust us enough to share their personal stories.”

A young woman drove up and told prayer volunteers that was pregnant with her second child. She said her boyfriend had told her, “If you love me, you will abort the baby.”

She, in turn, told him, “I don’t love you that much!” She said she was keeping the baby, and then took some information to share with her boyfriend.

Mike says it appears this woman just needed moral support and practical information. “Praise God that we were there to be of service to her,” he said. “We will continue to pray for her and her unborn child.”


The local team in Bryan / College Station is taking a fresh approach to the “community outreach” portion of 40 Days for Life.

“We have five vehicles sporting huge 40 Days for Life decals on both sides of their car,” said Bobby, the local coordinator. The campaign team had these decals made up, then offered them to people who spend a lot of time on the road — guaranteeing that thousands of people will see them.

In addition, 40 Days for Life yard signs are popping up in high-traffic areas around the community, and people are being encouraged to wear 40 Days for Life shirts on Wednesdays.

As a result, more people are now asking, “I keep seeing this 40 Days for Life everywhere. What is that?” It provides a great opportunity to talk about the campaign — and why it’s so important.

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Have you been blessed through 40 Days for Life during this campaign? Please share your story by leaving a comment below.

20 Responses to “DAY 14: Go and be God’s loving witness”

  1. Deborah Leath Says:

    How can we get these 40 days for life t-shirts?

    40 Days for Life t-shirts and other items are available through Heritage House. Thanks!


  2. Shelah Says:

    I am praying with you through e-mail. I am active in Shiawassee County Right To Life in Michigan. Please pray for me and all who will attend our Celebrate Life dinner tonight. The Pregnancy Resource Cent er in Town has double their appointments monthly compared to last year.
    The Center has been active since 1985.
    God bless you all especially those who pray outside facilities in Flint.

  3. Paulette Matthews Says:

    One of the gentlemen, who came to our candlelight opening, now comes every Monday night with a life size banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Babies are killed every Tuesday at our Planned Parenthood. He leads us in prayer, praying that the women will be given the strength to have a change of heart and not keep their scheduled appointments for the next day.
    We try to have candles lighting the imagine of Our Lady when the weather permits. If not, flashlights work.

  4. Lillian Rockage Says:

    I join at home. Every word of your message touches my heart and hopefully will continue my Christian development.

  5. Mary Chase Says:

    I am so thankful for the loving, positive, prayerful, encouraging presence that all in the 40 Days for Life family, both nationally and locally, have been to me and my family! I also want to brag a little about our local folk. Please, indulge me for a minute…

    We were blessed with 2 identical twin grandsons, Isaac and Caleb, on April 18th, 2012. They have been welcomed with open arms into this world. Their lives and the dedication of their loving parents, their caregivers in the medical community in Sioux Falls, and the outpouring of love and support from the Body of Christ in our region is having a profound impact that only God could have designed. Please, see their photos and read their stories at We were then additionally blessed by another grandson, Caden, just over a month ago on Sept. 2nd. Please, ask me for photos and videos! ;) All three are unbelievable blessings!!!!!

    We have the privilege of saying “YES!” to these little, dependent, weak and defenseless ones in spite of the incredible care required to keep each of them alive and growing. They are worth it!!! As we are told in Scripture, “Children are a gift of the LORD.” They teach us so much! They reflect God’s glory. They bring out the worst in us, and the BEST! ….such challenges and yet unspeakable joy!!!

    As Father Frank Pavone said in his devotional, “Jesus Christ is the great yes to the promises of God; abortion is the great no.” Amen and amen. I needed to read and be reminded of that this morning as I give thanks for so many who came out to support our twin grandbabies at a benefit for them last night. There was a line out in front of Pizza Ranch for several hours. People kept coming and coming. We are so humbled! We are sooooo grateful! God’s people are saying “YES” to these precious lives. Thank you, Lord! May Your Name continue to be praised through all of our lives!

  6. Janelle Villalpando Says:

    These first days have brought several blessings in disguise for our campaign in Stockton, CA. We’ve received wonderful support from our community of prayer warriors but most unexpectedly from Planned Parenthood itself.

    They’ve been closing early. When we began our campaign, and were deciding on hours we wanted to be at vigil; we chose to be out during the Planned Parenthood’s hours of operation. We considered being out an hour before they start and an hour after they close but we were afraid that would be too difficult to cover. God proved otherwise. Now the clinic is closing early or not even opening at all, like this past Saturday.

    We’ve since learned that this may be a tactic for Planned Parenthood to use during a 40 Days for Life campaign to try to schedule abortions for a post campaign time frame but we still praise God! When they are closed, we are there. We’ve been able to help and offer information as an alternative. So far we’ve taken 3 women to the local Pregnancy Help Center just down the street where they can receive good healthy counseling for themselves and their children because Planned Parenthood was closed. Several lives and souls saved; less money for Planned Parenthood. God is good – all the time!

  7. Zella Wheaton Says:

    Can you give me a list of all the places in the USA where the 40 Days for Life will be held outside these abortion clinics? I would love to sign up and go to them. If people are coming from everywhere ..where do they stay while they get sleep and rest? Thanks! Zella

    Please see the list of 316 locations. These are all designed as local campaings, and vigil participants are usually people in those cities and the surrounding areas — so they’re coming from and returning to their homes. Thanks!


  8. Jessica Says:

    I have not been able to go out and pray because the closest town that was involved in 40 days for life (an hour and a half away) is not doing it this time. I really wish that they will for the coming spring season. I just wanted to share something I found on the pp website closest to my town. “At times there may be protesters outside of the health center. We suggest you avoid interaction with them.” So much for being about giving choice to women. Sometimes I feel at a loss that this horrible atrocity will never end and no one around me seems to care enough to do something about it. When the churches don’t even mention anything about 40 days for life in the bulletins or sermons (or even about abortion) it’s frustrating. If the church won’t stand up for the babies, who will in such a small community?

  9. Foreigner Says:

    Hello again!

    Wow, amazing, so many children saved in only 2 weeks! God is truly great!

    Here in Finland, things are different… A recent example: Today, like twice a year, all the campus cafeterias once again hosted the so-called “Zambia day”, a day where students are asked to donate money and the cafeteria company offers a special “Zambia meal”, from which 10 cents per purchase will be donated to a project in Zambia named EPWDA (Eastern Province Women Development Association). How kind, one could think. On the advertisement there is a big picture of a small child carrying a sleeping baby, looking up to the photographer with hungry, serious eyes. But the picture is actually a little misleading. One could think that the money will provide those kids with what they need most: food, shelter, meds and education. But no. In very small letters on the bottom of the advertisement, those who before donating want to have a closer look at where their money is going, will discover the true purpose of the “Zambia day”: “…for a project, whose aim is to help fulfill the sexual and reproductive rights of Zambian women.”

    I spent 2 hours searching the internet for more information about this project, but I couldn’t find more than vague phrases on the abortion-issue. Also, in English it says something very different from what it says in Finnish: “The focus of the Project is on judicial guiding of women and girls.” There was no evidence of direct support for abortion (only two mentions about too many women suffering from “unsafe, home-made” abortions), but there were hints about distributing contraception (well, as it seems, at least only to married couples, while educating unmarried people about abstinence. A Finnish trainee wrote in her blog, that this, in her opinion, was “bizarre: even if teenagers are in a long-term relationship, they will be denied contraception at the medical center!”). The project does good things too, f.ex. it educates people about false superstitions (many men there are said to believe that raping a virgin is a cure for HIV), and provides “legal help” (for what?). And Caritas is supporting it, too…

    Nevertheless, I just can’t help being suspicious about the euphemism “reproductive rights”. Perhaps in Finnish the term has not yet developed into a euphemism for abortion on demand, but still means something good, like laws against rape and child marriage? Well, even if the fishy expression in this case means a noble reality: what use is there for a plate of delicious food, when there is a moldy dead rat decaying next to it? I rather wouldn’t take the risk of trying the food, however good, lest there be maggots from the rat inside it, too. Killing the poor is the wrong way of fighting poverty. So, until the university cafeteria clarifies the purpose of the donations, they will have one customer less… I just wrote them a mail even longer than this comment. ;)

    God bless you all; keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Finland.

  10. Anna Marie Danyko Says:



    Come on now! Get in your car and drive an hour and a half yourself and park on the street nearby and pray in your car yourself! (NEVER stand outside an abortion mill by yourself.) God is good. God alone is an army!!! And next spring, you organize the 40 Days for Life campaign. But pray FIRST!

    Anna, Southgate, MI

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    Dear Jessica-

    We are all called by God to stand up and witness for the unborn. Be the change you want to see. Start a vigil in your town – even once a week
    in a public place and get a few pro-life signs so people passing by know why you are gathering in prayer. -post your activities in your bulletin. Don’t wait for the clergy to take the lead. We’ve been doing this for 5 years in La Crosse and few clergy are in attendence or taking any leadership. The laity must stand up and gently encourage and lead by example. Get in touch with the nearest Right to Life organization or Pregnancy Care center and see who else in the area supports them. Try contacting these people and other like minded people in your local churches. Where two or more are gathered in His Name – There too is God. Pray to the Holy Spirit for the courage to start your own prayer
    vigil in your town – He will grant this prayer abundantly – I know – it happened to us here in La Crosse WI.

  12. grace Says:

    I came across the 40 Days for Life just surfing around on line to take a mental break from my 7 childeren. I joined and started fasting and praying. It has really changed my own small little world. I asked that my birthday gift this past Sunday be attendance at the ecumenical prayer chain in the town next to ours. We went. I was inspired to give kind words to a friend who always stands up for pro life issues on a social networking site. She was comforted and encouraged by my words. I teach a local confirmation group of 19 teen agers and we have encouraged them to look into the 40 Days for Life Campaign starting in February to serve as their service project. Although I have nothing HUGE to report, it is taking shape and small and significant ways in my life. Thank you.

  13. Juliane Bertagne Says:

    Jessica, do not be discouraged! We have been called protesters and much worse! But when women and men see us being peaceful and prayerful, not protesting, it plants a seed in their minds, “What else are they lying to me about?” We keep a smiling countenance against their frowns, curses and even physical assaults! I will pray that you will be able to participate in 40 Days for Life on site at an abortion provider, but you can also pray and fast at home, and speak about the horror of abortion whenever God leads you to do so. I know just what you mean about not hearing anything from the Church (or any church) about abortion – it should be preached every Sunday in some way until the holocaust ends! But we, God’s people, have to stand in the gap for the babies regardless of what any church does or doesn’t do. God bless you for praying for the unborn!

  14. Brenda Says:

    I had been wanting to go out and pray to end abortion and finally did! In Potsdam, NY there was a Right to Life prayer chain this past Sunday. Close to 100 of us held signs and prayed on the side of a busy street in town. My father, who is unable to walk, sat in the car and said the rosary. So happy to represent the unborn!

  15. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for moms and their unborn children.

  16. Jeanne Says:

    As my husband and another man and I prayed in front of the abortion clinic in Fort Collins, a young girl rolled down her window and shouted at me: Why do YOU want to take away WOMEN’S RIGHTS? I wanted to answer: And what right are you talking about? But instead, I bowed my head and said a quiet prayer for her.

  17. Kathe Menown Says:

    I am in Kansas City, just getting involved in praying at Planned Parenthood, and would like to get some signs for myself and friends to carry, if desired. Is there an official way to purchase/obtain them, or is it a make your own kind of thing. Thanks for the help!

  18. Padre Van Says:

    We’re so proud of our local PRINCETON PRO-LIFE group.
    After 35 yrs of operation, the “Princeton Women’s Services” abortion mill had to relocate [Hamilton, NJ] because of our faithful vigil at their previous “W. Windsor, NJ” site.
    The pro-life group at Princeton University has a full program of activities planned this week to mark Respect Life Week. We’re sorry for the late notice, but here are the remaining activities for the week to which all are welcome:
    Tue, Oct. 9 – “When Does Life Begin?”: Dr. Maureen Condic,an embryologist at the University of Utah, will lecture on this fascinating question at 4:30pm in Whig Hall.
    Wed, Oct 10 – “It’s a Girl” film screening: This is a recently released documentary on gendercide abroad. 8:30pm – Rockefeller-Mathey Theatre (through the entrance of the Rockefeller Common Room, take an immediate right up the steps.)
    Thu, Oct 11 – Baby Bottle Thursday: We’ll be tabling in Frist and passing out pro-life buttons and baby bottles for people to fill with change for the ChoiceOne Pregnancy Center. It is also encouraged to wear baby blue on this day.
    Fri, Oct 12 – Candlelight Vigil: 9:30pm – Frist North Lawn

    Padre Van
    coordinator, Woodbridge, NJ, 40daysforlife

  19. Rich Gannaway Says:

    Bless each of you that offer your love to help people in need.
    Realize you may be right in your beliefs and perhaps you may just be learning. But you are on the right path.

    Each of Us have been given a very special Gift.
    Love it
    Nourish it
    and Share it


  20. Michelle Smith Says:

    I recently expreianced healing from 5 previous abortions and had the pleasure of working with Eileen Fahlgren from the Pregnancy Resource Center in Bend Oregon. I am 36 years old and recently had the pleasure of speaking at my local church a month ago regarding my previous abortions and Gods AWESOME HEALING powers. I was given the book “Unplanned” written by Abbie Johnson from one of my church members and read it in 2 days, after reading I realized that I had to go on the frontlines and pray. Today I went to the PLanned Parenthood in Bend Oregon and I walked into their clinic and asked if I could sit inside and pray and I was told absolutely not! (thought it was worth a shot)
    So I sat outside at a table at a business next door to Planned Parenthood and was immediately approached by a women that came outside of Planned Parenthood and she said why are you here? I simply said to Pray. She then said you are considered a protestor and you must leave or I will call the Police. I began to pray and bowed my head and then a few minutes later a police officer approached me, and I began to weep heavily and explain to him why I was there, and I could see compassion in his eyes and he said I am not allowed to make any comments but I am going inside to see if you are allowed to sit here. So, I began to weep at the very thought that babies were being killed while I was there and I felt so helpless!!! The officer came out and said Mam you are going to have to go to the sidewalk and sit there. The same lady that called the police then came out and started taking pictures of me and I could see her bitterness and her exercizing her “authority” and so I packed it up and hit the sidewalk and sat on the tiniest piece of grass near the sidewalk(2milimeters away) and wouldnt you know it here comes that lady AGAIN 20 feet away from me taking pictures again and then 10 minutes later 2 cops arrive and a news van and they approached me and said Mam, you are going to have to sit right on the sidewalk not on any piece of the grass!!! This lady was concerned about me even being there that she was insistent I couldnt sit there!! PRAISE GOD that I did as told stood my ground and continued to pray for her and everyone in there. I KNOW that hearts were stirred and I must of been on the right track if I had so much opposition. I prayed for her that please GOd she knows not what she does and PLEASE FORGIVE HER!!!!! Today was abortion day there and even though this was not a facility where 40 Days for Life is Located IM PRAYING that one would eventually start there!!!!!! PLease pray for one to begin there…. Its Located in BEND OREGON……. I am so excited to see God working even if it didnt look like it today IM EXCITED… I am not going to stop having hope and I am a changed, blessed individual that knows truth now instead of lies…….

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