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DAY 25: Business is off significantly

October 19th, 2012 by admin

I’m back home after a visit with the 40 Days for Life team in Mobile, Alabama. As I mentioned yesterday, a pregnancy help center moved in across the street to help women get loving alternatives.

Pregnancy centers often drive the abortion industry crazy. The abortion business tries to position itself as a mainstream healthcare service. But as anyone who’s ever prayed outside one of those facilities is aware, that is certainly not the case.


A small group was praying outside the abortion center in Eugene when an ambulance pulled up. It wasn’t long before a woman was brought out, put in the ambulance and taken away.

“We have prayed for her and know that she is in the Lord’s hands for healing and recovery,” said Lynda in Eugene. “Again, ‘legal’ does not mean ’safe.’”

That same afternoon, a woman pulled into the parking lot — her car was facing a “choose life” sign. As she sat in her car, a child got out … hesitated … then got back in. The woman put her car in reverse and drove away. A changed heart? Please pray that it is!

The abortion facility usually opens at 9 o’clock. The next day, it didn’t open til 1 pm. According to Lynda, “business has slowed down since 40 Days for Life kicked off. Thanks to prayer and His presence, we are seeing change!”


Adelaide is a long way from Eugene — but these two 40 Days for Life locations have noticed the exact same thing about the impact of their vigils. “During our 40 Days for Life campaign,” said one of the Adelaide volunteers, “we know that business drops off significantly at the Pregnancy Advisory Centre.”

It’s important — wherever you happen to be — to pray for abortion to end. “However,” this volunteer said, “when there are numbers of people praying at the vigil site, we have found the results of our prayers to be much more fruitful than if we just pray elsewhere, away from the site.”

Georgiana Pinwill from the Adelaide team had a great opportunity recently to promote the campaign on the radio with Jayne Lochert of 107.9 Life FM. Here’s a short clip from their chat:


There was an emergency call at the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Charlottesville. The local police quickly arrived, along with a special state police van. It seems a “suspicious box” had been discovered along the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood — which is where the 40 Days for Life vigil is currently underway.

The rapid law enforcement response got the attention of one of the local radio stations, which mentioned it on their newscast.

It didn’t take long for all the excitement to fizzle out. When the police opened the “suspicious box,” they found a Bible and some candles … apparently left outside by a late-night prayer volunteer.

40 Days for Life’s national director, David Bereit, spoke at Charlottesville’s midpoint rally, sharing good news about the campaign with about 60 people. He encouraged volunteers to press on with even greater vigor and commitment.

It had been a rainy day, but by the time the event started, the skies had cleared and a rainbow appeared in the sky — “God’s promise of good things to come,” as one volunteer put it.

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Have you seen signs of encouragement from your local 40 Days for Life campaign? If so, please leave a comment below.

8 Responses to “DAY 25: Business is off significantly”

  1. Joan Albers Says:

    Thank you for sharing the radio clip from Georgiana Pinwill from the Adelaide team in Australia. What a great opportunity to promote the campaign on the radio with Jayne Lochert of 107.9 Life FM. I know the Holy Spirit guided both Jayne in her questions and Georgiana in her answers. It is wonderful to hear that God gives the gift of life to each of us and all should be given the right to live that on this public forum–the radio.

    Praise God and thank you to all who are working and praying for the stopping of abortions and all acts against the gift of life.

    Joan Albers

  2. Dotty Says:

    I was standing alone praying at my 40 Days for Life site in Bemidji, MN when a man pulled up got out of his car and reached out to shake my hand and said “I just wanted to say GOD BLESS YOU”, left to get into his car and I noticed his outfit looked like an off duty police officer with a holster at his side. Many more cars go by & honk or wave, makes me feel good at what we are doing.

  3. chris wingate Says:

    Dear Shawn,
    Its nice to see more participation by other pro-life people and feel very blessed to have participated.

    Thank you, chris

  4. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us pray for a conversion of those involved in the culture of death. God Bless!

  5. Martha Kersey Says:

    To day I mailed a bunch of letters & bills and wished I had ” 40 days For Life” or” Pray to end Abortion” or Vote pro-life stickers..since I did not..I hand wrote it on all my mail…and prayed…..give out the little ” Pray to End Abortion cards to EVERYONE AND ANYONE you talk to..I have and have gotten really good comments and talked to people who did not even know Abortion is going on in their town…CAN’T EDUCATE THE PUBLIC ENOUGH.

  6. Aileen Says:

    You do not have to be from Atlanta to pray at the Atlanta 40 Days for Life vigil site. I received a call from a man From North Carolina who wanted to know where the 40 Days for Life vigils were being held in Atlanta so that he could come pray while he was here visiting a friend. A week later I received another call from a pilot from Dallas who had a lay over in Atlanta. He to wanted to come out to the he Atlanta vigil site to pray during his free time. It really makes me feel like 40 Days for Life is just one big family and we have relatives we can go visit all over the country and abroad.

  7. Julia Pickert Says:

    Empowering Others:

    Something I have been reflecting on lately is empowering others while sidewalk counseling. God gave me the gift of my voice and a passion for the babies in their mother’s womb, but I am not allowed to go into Planned Parenthood where women wrestle with their decision as they wait their turn for an abortion. As boyfriends and friends and parents walk to and from their car (as they always do), I have started to empower them to go in and talk to these women. I remind them, “You have the power to save a life today.” I try to help them realize that forever they will be the one that talked that woman into giving her child life and the chance at making a difference in the future. I am a stranger on the sidewalk, and when a woman is contemplating abortion, she is not generally in an emotional state to listen to me intently. She may, however, listen to the voice of a friend, boyfriend, or loved one when they encourage her with love to keep her baby.

  8. Kathleen Shea Says:

    While I was praying the rosary outside Planned Parenthood In overland Park, KS., a woman came walking by and said: “Let me tell you my story”.
    She said: “When I was twelve years old, I was raped. My mother said that I must have the baby. She did’t believe in abortion. As my son grew up, he beat me, was in all kinds of trouble, and finally raped a 10 year old girl. He is now in prison. I did not tell him about being raped by his father in all those years. Now he has turned out to be just like his father. I am from a family with 9 brothers and sisters, and I have two other children. None of them have anything to do with me because my son did something horrible to all of them. Now my mother regrets not allowing me to have an abortion. She is the only one in the family who speaks to me. I do love my Lord, but this has ruined my life.”

    I listened and told her how sorry I was that she suffered so much and continues to suffer this tragedy. I told her that in allowing this baby to live, she did what our Lord wanted her to do. I then said that Our Lord can and does bring good out of evil! She says she has a support group of women in similar situations. I am asking for everyone’s prayers regarding this lovely woman, her son , and the entire family, as well as all those in her support group.

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