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DAY 26: Powerfully changing the community

October 20th, 2012 by admin

This is the biggest 40 Days for Life campaign yet in Canada, with 18 locations from coast to coast.

Over the years, I’ve been to four 40 Days for Life campaigns in Canada … and last year, I spoke at a national Canadian pro-life dinner in Calgary. In all of my visits, I’ve been inspired by enthusiastic, vibrant, diligent — and young — pro-lifers.

Here’s just one example of a Canadian campaign where faithful people are praying and fasting for an end to abortion, overcoming challenges … and changing individuals and communities.


“Community is a pretty special thing,” said Paige, a 40 Days for Life blogger in Calgary.

For this campaign, the leadership team has made an effort to encourage different communities to take blocks of time and pray together — congregations, bible studies and small groups, for instance.

“We believe it will make our communities stronger as we hear from God, and allow ourselves to be changed by Him,” she wrote. “As a result, we’ve seen more full days taken, more people borrowing courage from their friends and fellow believers and more hours covered in prayer. We are encouraged — and believe that this will be our most successful campaign to date.”

Calgary’s team has some built-in challenges, thanks to local restrictions. There’s a bubble zone surrounding the place where abortions are performed, so vigil participants are restricted to a small area on the sidewalk across the street. And they are not permitted to have more than four people praying at a time.

“We’re facing a difficult situation here at the Kensington clinic,” one volunteer wrote. “We’re not allowed to speak unless spoken to.” Because of that, a lot of thought has gone into the signs that some people hold while they pray.

“The signs that we wear at the Kensington Clinic are likely the last pro-life messages that these women will see before making a final decision about the wee life they are carrying,” she said. “We want the signs to be compelling — because this is life and death we’re talking about.”

The messages are short and sweet — so they can be read by women driving to the abortion center:

  • You are loved
  • Life is a gift
  • It’s your child
  • Look at the ultrasound

Some of the women with abortion appointments arrive by taxi. One volunteer took note of that as she prayed for the people going in and out of the building. “I prayed for taxi drivers,” she said. “I prayed that God would work through these taxi drivers.”

She wasn’t seeing anything, but did feel that God was at work. She kept praying, but everyone who arrived at the abortion facility went in. When a taxi pulled up, “I prayed like crazy — don’t let her go in God!”

The door opened, and stayed open for a moment. But no one got out. The door closed again, and the taxi drove away with the passenger — a young woman — still inside.

Had she come for an abortion but changed her mind? There was no direct way of knowing, but the young woman “looked relieved and at peace. This was in harsh contrast to the other women that came out of the clinic, every one weeping, limping and broken … now I believe we are making a difference!”

“And so we’ll pray on the sidewalk in groups, and overflow into the park when we pass our limit of four on the sidewalk,” Paige said. “We’ll pray on our feet — stomping out the cold — or on our knees when He bids us come … and our communities of faith will powerfully change the community at large by our peaceful, prayerful presence and outreach.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Prayer DOES change things! What changes have you seen through your 40 Days for Life campaign? Please leave a comment below.

8 Responses to “DAY 26: Powerfully changing the community”

  1. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us pray for the conversion pf the people who advocate for abortion. God Bless!

  2. Lisa Levy Says:

    God bless the efforts in Calgary. These efforts are a strong and magnificent example of God’s abundant love and powerful grace. Thank you for your loving and sacrificial witness of the power of prayer.

  3. Linda Says:

    It was a very busy Saturday at the abortion clinic. The shepherd of the day counted 15 women who left the clinic with post-abortive “flags” (escorted out by staff into the back seat/passenger seat of a waiting vehicle–patients who recieve IV sedation are not allowed to drive themselves home)…eventually, the doctor left, then, one by one, the staff, departed too. By 2 pm, the parking lot was empty-except for one car. The prayer warriors continued to pray, but were curious about the one remaining vehicle in the parking lot as the afternoon wore on. Had one of our new prayer volunteers accidently parked in the parking lot? (This sometimes happens, but we take care to quickly direct them to park elsewhere). No, this was not the case. Finally, about 7 pm a couple arrive in the parking lot. The woman gets gingerly out of the car, and unlocks the door of the car that has been waiting parked all day. She gets in, and the couple drive away in their separate cars. The puzzle is solved. Pray for them both.

  4. Louise Phillips Says:

    What a blessing to see what these faithful pro lifers are doing against such odds. There is no telling how God will use their faithfulness to save precious lives. Thank you for sharing this story and I shall be praying for them.

    Much love,
    Louise Phillips

  5. Rich Says:

    The post describing the ”Busy Saturday” really Got to me. It really Did.
    Although we can’t be 100% sure of the 15 women all having abortions… their post-abortive ”flags” give a pretty clear indication that they Did.

    As I read that, and allowed the Reality to wash over me of what had taken place with those Fifteen women that day… I, as a Grown Man, started welling up with Tears in my eyes.

    Sometimes being Hit with such Realities like that… are just Overwhelming. Even to a supposedly Tough and Grown Man.

    The description too of the so-called ”Doctor” casually leaving the facility after having (most likely) Extinguished a Total number of 15 Lives that day – - This to me was a Further dagger to my Manly Heart.

    It had the Effect of making Mincemeat of my usually strong and steadfast resolve… and I cried a goodly amount of tears for about a minute.

    Thanks for putting up that Post. It gives Witness to the 15 little ones who’s lives were Lost yesterday at that clinic, and it Prompts us All to Tears followed by Strengthened Determination to PRAY and STOP this kind of Mass Infanticide from Continuing.

    A ”Tough Guy” out West

  6. Laura Says:

    Not to speak unless spoken to, where have I heard that before? oh yes, slavery. Prayed for you at mass today, keep up the good work!

  7. Andrea Says:

    With the power of prayer transforming so many at the 40 Days for Life it makes me wonder . . . what would be accomplished if we organized a prayerful presence near polling booths across the United States?

  8. Judy B Says:

    Thank you for the photos and the encouragement. I have my vote for life bumper sticker and my Choose Life license tag in FL. These items remind me to pray again any time I walk up to my vehicle. Praying for an end to abortion. Come Lord Jesus.

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