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November 13th, 2012 by admin

I have exciting news below about how you can instantly help DOUBLE the impact of our life-saving work … but first, if you needed a dose of encouragement and hope after the disappointing US election results, last night’s ONWARD teleconference and webcast provided a huge shot in the arm.

Thousands of people participated in the event, and here are what just a FEW of the participants had to say:

  • “This webcast was SO inspiring. I am one of those women who regrets her abortion. The state [where I live] is a very difficult one to fight abortion in but I am going to get involved. I have prayed but now I am going to get myself out there. Thank you SO much.”
  • “Thank you for your encouraging words tonight on the webcast! God has given us our country back — now what are we going to do with it? 40 days is part of it and it elates me to know it! God bless as they cannot take this country from us unless we give it to them. Hallelujah!”
  • “I enjoyed the hope, encouragement and the plan given on the webcast. I am the pro-life leader of my church and I plan to pass this hope onto them tomorrow at our monthly meeting.”

If you were unable to attend the live event — or if you want to go back and re-listen to your favorite parts — it was recorded, and ONWARD is now available.

Even if you have a dial-up Internet connection, you can still listen to the streaming audio online — or you can download the MP3 audio file to your iPod or computer.

As you listen to the recording, you’ll learn:

  • The stunning results of this fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign … which point to BIGGER victories in 2013
  • The breaking news about another Planned Parenthood abortion center that closed its doors FOREVER following eight peaceful 40 Days for Life vigils outside its doors
  • Insights from former Planned Parenthood abortion center director Abby Johnson about how to strip the abortion giant of nearly HALF A BILLION annual tax dollars by exploiting its hidden weakness
  • Why these next 12 months are crucially important … and how our pro-life movement is actually positioned to achieve massive, life-saving success on many fronts
  • The aggressive “next step” plans of our unified efforts … based on YOUR feedback!
  • How YOU can help to save more lives than ever before … right in the community where you live!

Listen now at ONWARD.

On the audio recording, you’ll also hear the humbling announcement about a group of committed donors who issued a $75,000 MATCHING CHALLENGE!!

These donors — who themselves participate in 40 Days for Life and have seen the local impact — want to encourage YOU and others to join them in taking this critical work to the next level.

Bottom line: your tax-deductible one-time gift — or the annualized amount of your monthly pledge — to 40 Days for Life will be instantly doubled, up to $75,000!!

Here’s the catch: This challenge will only double gifts or monthly pledges made by midnight next TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20.

Since we rarely ask for contributions, we don’t want to leave any of these donors’ generosity sitting on the table, so please consider making a gift — and having it doubled — before next Tuesday.

If God is weighing on your heart to make a one-time tax-deductible donation that will be instantly DOUBLED, go to:

On that page, you can make a secure donation online, or you can print out a form where you can indicate your one-time gift and mail it in — but it MUST be postmarked by next Tuesday to be doubled.

If you feel called to make a tax-deductible pledge of monthly support (the annualized amount of your monthly pledge will be DOUBLED) go now to:

We are VERY grateful that God has provided these amazing opportunities at this crucial moment and hope that you feel led to respond generously.

Let’s press ONWARD!

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Here’s that link again where you can listen to the recording of
ONWARD … and discover why thousands of people joined this groundbreaking event.

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