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DAY 4: Russia and abortion

February 16th, 2013 by admin

This week marked the beginning of 40 Days for Life vigils in many places. But one particular location has inspired many. Five years ago, I couldn’t have predicted 40 Days for Life going beyond the United States. But it did!

Even as God has taken this campaign to other countries, I would have never imagined that Moscow would ever launch 40 Days for Life. But on Wednesday of this week, that’s exactly what happened.

The international reach of 40 Days for Life keeps growing, with 24 locations outside the United States this time, including the first-ever sites in Wales, Nigeria and South Africa in addition to Russia.

There are 261 locations in all. So please get involved in the closest campaign.

Here’s a look at just a few of the countries hosting 40 Days for Life.


Pastors and their congregations from seven different churches in Moscow have each agreed to take one day a week to pray at the vigil. They’ve also opened up their churches for people who wish to pray.

“I see a great grace for this campaign,” said Arevik, the campaign coordinator. “I have met a lot of young and talented persons from my church whom I didn’t know before. They are writing about abortion … and care about human life.”

According to a report released recently, the number of abortions in Russia exceeds the number of live births.

“It is so painful to hear from women that had abortions before they met Jesus,” Arevik said. “Russia needs to be healed from this spiritual disease.”

Please keep this campaign — and this entire nation — in your prayers these next 40 days.


There are seven 40 Days for Life campaigns in progress in Australia (where it is currently summertime), stretching from coast to coast. It may be halfway around the world from the United States, but the problems are the same … and so are the answers.

“I have been moved by the prayerfulness and commitment of the hundreds of people involved giving witness to Christ’s love, with many being young adults,” said Bishop Julian Porteous of Sydney, one of many Australian religious leaders commending the 40 Days for Life mission.

“In light of the rising attacks on life, faith and family,” he said, “this loving witness is needed all the more.”

The Australian team produced the excellent video posted above. I really recommend that you take a look! The message applies … wherever you’re praying and fasting for an end to abortion.


“The first day in Cape Town was exciting and long,” said Colette, the local coordinator. “This morning there were lots of teenagers going to school and taking pamphlets and asking questions. We got a very positive response from the community.”

The prayer volunteers did receive a few negative comments, but Colette said it was nothing to worry about.

“We have stood at this abortion centre before,” she said, “but what I have noticed today was that the number of clients has declined.” On this particular day at the Marie Stopes facility, there were only four clients.

“The clinic got very upset with us and wanted us to move,” Colette said, “but we had a permit with us that stated we will be there till 24 March.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: As always, if you have a story to share about the blessings of 40 Days for Life, please post a reply below.

10 Responses to “DAY 4: Russia and abortion”

  1. Lorene Klima Says:

    No, I do not have a story to submit; just wanted to say THANKS for sending this most encouraging message.

  2. Marilyn Morse Says:

    During this lenten season, please offer your sacrifices , extra prayers and fastings for an end to abortion. My congregation prays with me for this every morning.

  3. Ella Mae Hedgepeth Says:

    As an American, I am so thrilled to see what God is doing in Russia, Australia and South Africa as well as here in New York and throughout the USA.
    In October when my husband and I were in Moscow we had the privilege of being on Christian radio FEBC with an hour dedicated to the subject of abortion and adoption.
    I have forwarded this day 4 report to my Russian radio friends in Moscow in hope that they may be in touch with Arevik, the campaign coordinator or that he could contact them.

  4. Victress Jenkins Says:

    I’ve noticed in other websites the interest of the Russian Government in promoting more births and less abortion. Pray that thiis continues.

  5. Mary O'Brien-kautz Says:

    Your daily news report of 40 DAYS for LIFE is very inspiring & encouraging, We need to keep praying & fasting for these precious babies to receive love & caring. In our secular world you are making a difference, I feel. Your reports & daily reflections confirm the TRUTH. The short video from Australia was beautiful,loving & wonderful for spreading the message of the dignity of life.Thanks,Mary

  6. Marie McCoy Says:

    On Thursday afternoon, 2/14, I was praying at our vigil in Sugar Land. A young Chinese woman came up to me and offered me a bottle of water. She wanted to support what we were doing. She was visiting from China, scheduled to return in another week. She was an only child, and when she was 12 yrs old, her mother had an abortion. She was now 20, but she felt that her mother still suffered from the abortion. I gave her a business card with the Option Line phone number, so that her mother might at least be able to talk to someone on the phone about her abortion. I later put in some prayer booklets from the Word Among Us for post-abortive women to have available for any post-abortive women who might come by.

  7. nancy pontius Says:

    Normally we have 1 to 5 people praying in front our our Planned Parenthood clinic in Riverside, CA. Today (2/16/13) a church group of 75 gathered for several hours praying and then walking around the block where the clinic is!!! The group included a pregnant woman, many children and teens, and adults. The security guards said they had never seen a crowd there this large!! Many in the group wore matching yellow T-shirts and many had large home-made signs the teens had made during a pro-life and pro-family class. We gathered peacefully and then walked around the block, including on two main streets and received quite a bit of attention.

  8. Susan Towne Says:

    Very heartening news about all the countries that are experiencing such a dynamic response to 40 Days for Life! Was especially touched by the video from Australia and David Bereit`s encouraging words about fasting. Thanks for keeping us informed, Shawn!

  9. Linda Says:

    Thank you for this glorious news about Russia ! How disheartened was Our Blessed Mother over Russia at Fatima when she asked the three children to have Russia prayed for so that her errors would not spread…and this is one of those errors: abortion . Every Russian woman has approximately 8 abortions in her lifetime !(Reported in The National Catholic Register see archives ) Praise be to Jesus, and thanks be toGod for the brave people in Russia so willing to step out of the crowd and proclaim the Good News of $0 Days for Life !

  10. Ron Larose Says:

    On the second day of our 10th campaign in Attleboro, MA a yound couple left the abortion clinic and drove across the street to where a group of our vigil volunteers were praying. They said “thank you, we didn’t do it” and drove happily away. Since Massachusetts laws allow for a large buffer zone near the clinic, we have little opportuinity to engage with those who come to the clinic considering abortion. Those present were surprised and deeply overjoyed at the news. This save is a blessing on our campaign and we continue to pray for many more in the days ahead.

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