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DAY 12: On a Sunday?

February 24th, 2013 by admin

As hard as it may seem to believe, the number of abortion centers open on Sunday is increasing. So … the need for prayer is increasing as well.

Even at locations that are closed on Sundays, God is providing blessings for those who answer the call to pray and fast for an end to abortion — and cover these places with prayer on the Lord’s Day.

Here’s an example from one of those campaigns.



“Sundays have typically been a hard day to fill on the vigil calendar,” said Chris in Hanover.

As last weekend approached, there were prayer times with no volunteers. So she sent out invitations by email and posted information on Facebook. That helped draw in a few volunteers, but there were still hours where no one had signed up.

On Saturday, a local newspaper, the Evening Sun, featured a story about the campaign. Chris hoped that would draw more volunteers. But when she left for church on Sunday morning, the midday and afternoon hours were still not covered.

“At that point there wasn’t much more I could do, so I just asked God to please touch someone’s heart to come and be at the vigil during the missing hours,” she said. “And God provides!”

When she got home, she learned that people had made commitments to go out and pray. “So now on our first Sunday of the campaign, with temperatures barely reaching 29 degrees and wind factors making it feel like 15 degrees, we finally had all our hours covered.”


At one point that afternoon, there were TEN people praying in front of Planned Parenthood. And God didn’t just provide volunteers; He provided testimonies about choosing life.

A family participating in the vigil told of their daughter’s pregnancy. Because of a physical condition, there was concern that she could not survive the delivery. Doctors encouraged abortion — advice that the young woman soundly rejected.

“Today, 14 years later,” Chris said, “both mother and daughter are well. Praise God!”

Later, a couple arrived at the vigil site. The woman got out of the car, bringing hot chocolate and coffee to the prayer volunteers. She also told her story.

Eight years ago, she had an abortion. “She said that if people like us were standing out and showing their care and concern then as we are now, she is sure she would not have had the abortion,” Chris said. “But she knows God has forgiven her, and she is now blessed with three small children who were along in the car with her husband.”

As the volunteers thanked them for stopping, the
woman’s husband assured them that “God is watching over you.”

Chris was reminded of something her grandchildren had learned at vacation bible school:

God is great … all the time!
All the time … God is great!

“And boy, does it express the feelings for this past weekend!” she said. “God loves us, He provides for us, He hears and answers us — all the time!”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: If you have stories to share about your own involvement in this 40 Days for Life campaign, please respond below.

8 Responses to “DAY 12: On a Sunday?”

  1. Padre Van Says:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

    Here’s Mr. Biill Draghi’s account of recent “saves” at our Woodbridge, NJ, 40daysforlife vigil site:

    On ash wednesday a couple drove into the parking lot and Ted and I waited at the entrance to the driveway to counsel them. We waited about twenty minutes for them to get out of their car. When they finally came the father stopped and was quite perturbed with our loud talking in persuasion offering them help, $200 a month for 2 years and I suppose he didn’t like 5 ft. baby David picture of an aborted baby I was carrying. He stopped and said that it was hard enough without you people bothering us. Then I said, “No one has to kill their baby”. I thought he may have walked the 80 feet over to us and started something but he walked into the clinic with his partner. About 1/2 hour later they came out and got into their car. The abotionist hadn’t arrived yet. Ted said, go and offer them some literature when they pull out of the exit driveway . I walked over to the exit driveway and waited about 5 minutes but they never came, then I walked back to the entrance driveway. About 5 minutes later they started driving towards the exit driveway and I rushed over to offer them literature. He pulled down the passenger window where his wife was sitting . She looked very sad and was silent. He wasn’t silent and said the same as before in a calm manner as before but added that they changed their mind. Then he said to me, ‘You know when the day comes for you to enter those pearly gates, they are not going to let you in’.

    On ash Wed. Ted and I met a single black girl driving into the killing center. She stopped and spoke to us in a friendly manner. She wouldn’t tell us why she was going in. She was the last patient to enter that day I think. Shortly after wards she drove out the entrance driveway where Ted and I were standing. She pulled down the window and spoke to Ted. Then she drove off. Ted told me that she told him that she was coming back tommorow for an abortion.and that she already had a little baby. Ted told her that she has another beautiful baby that will love her very much. Ted was sad and called Rosanda from NJ Right to Life and told her about the girl. Rosanda sent out emails for prayers for her. The following day, Valentines day, we along with Patty were there to pray and try to dissuade her. We waited and waited, the abortionist came and left and for the first time I can remember, after several years, there were no patients that day. I’ve been there every day since and there’s only one person that I saw entering the killing center that may have been her but I described her to Ted who doesn’t think it was she.

    On Thur., Feb. 15, a black and white couple entered the abortion clinic. As they were entering I waited at the entrance to the driveway to counsel them. I showed them the 5 ft. baby David picture of an aborted baby and said there was help available and I said, “No one has to kill their baby”. About 10 minutes later they left the clinic and I walked over to the car coming out of the exit driveway. The father was smiling and was giving me a thumbs up, the mother was crying but happy. He said that they changed their mind. I said God bless you. I handed them some help literature.

    On Sat,Feb. 17, 2 black girls drove into the killing center. As they were entering I waited at the entrance to the driveway to counsel them. I showed them the 5 ft. baby David picture of an aborted baby and said there was help available and I said, “No one has to kill their baby”. I can’t remember for sure but I probably yelled through to the windows after they entered, ‘Abortion is murder’. I usually do that. Afterwards they were driving out the exit driveway. I walked over and asked if they changed their mind. The mother said yes, I did. I handed them some literature with pregnancy numbers on them and said, ‘ God bless you’.

    In the past week, Feb 19 – 22, a small girl was leaving the clinic crying and walking out the entrance driveway. I offered her literature which she accepted. I told her the numbers on the back and which ones first to call for help. She listened. Then Maria, another pro-life counselor, called her over. She hesitated but then went to talk to her for 10 minutes. She then walked back towards the killing center but never went back in. Fifhteen minutes later she enterd a black SUV and drove away.

    A.M.D.G. JMJ

  2. Alan Says:

    I am encouraged in my spiritual life and practical exercise of faith in defending the helpless precious souls through these daily devotionals. In addition to these devotionals and testimonies of fellow-defenders of the God-given unborn souls, I am encouraged by the deviotionals in the book “40 Days for Life”. I challenge any anyone to read Day 9 devotional without shedding a tear. I was overcome with emotion – may God use it to intensify my burden for the unborn and cause me to ‘rescue those being dragged of to death, those tottering, those near death’ Proverbs 24:11

  3. Anna Says:

    Praying 2013 will be the year that brings an end legal abortion and the shedding of innocent blood in our nation.

  4. Judy Cancro Says:

    I have had the privilege of praying in front of the local abortion mill for a number of years now. As a result, I became motivated to volunteer weekly at a nearby pro-life facility, where I am blessed to witness the tiny unborn babies in the wombs of women and girls who come to us for a free ultrasound and are either pondering or planning to abort their children. With God’s grace, almost all of them decide to keep their babies when they see the life and hear the heartbeat of the child growing within them.

    The other day, on my way home after volunteering, I decided to finally attend to some car repairs I had been putting off. The young manager of the repair shop offered to drive me home and pick me up in a few hours, after the repairs were completed. During our drive, I began to tell him about what I had been doing that morning, and how we were able to see babies’ lives saved and truly help save women and girls from the trauma and suffering of an abortion, as well as future self-recrimination, depression, suicidal thoughts and even a great increase in the possibility that they might get breast cancer in the future! He listened in silence. Then, amazingly, he told me he had recently been married, his young wife was pregnant and she had told him that she was not “yet ready to have a baby” and was considering aborting their child! I was stunned. This man wanted his baby! I told him all about our problem pregnancy center, the excellent counseling she would receive and encouraged him to bring her there for a free ultra-sound. I promised to pray for them. When he picked me up after the car was repaired, I had him swing by to the site of our 40 days for life prayer vigil (just a few short blocks from his repair station!) and picked up some brochures for him to read and possibly discuss with his wife. (After I paid my bill and was about to leave, he came to me and gave me a huge hug. I promised to stay in touch with him.) Please keep “A” and “S” in your prayers, that she will realize the horror of abortion and that they will have a healthy baby son or daughter. Maybe I’ll even get to “babysit” for them!

  5. Bettina Says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story of God’s divine appointments. Thank you for your obedience to speak to this young man. Praise the Lord for being used of the Lord as an encouragement and intercessor for this young couple. I stand in agreement with you and pray in the name of Jesus that this young mother will receive truth and hope and change her heart. Her little baby will bless her more than she could ever imagine.

  6. Pamela Says:

    What a beautiful story of witness for Christ and evangalization.

    I will pray for the couple and pray for all of our volunteers like you who are doing God’s work- even when you least expect it.

  7. Monica Jordan Says:

    Hello I wanted to share with all of you with in a week we have had 10 turn arounds. The Glendale Arizona Eugie Planned Parenthood has been closed on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday of this week. They are normally open on those days. 6 of those turn arounds came from the Planned Parenthood closed days. The side walk counselors where able to help and give information to the local Crisis Pregnancy center. I praise God and thank all the people who are Praying to End Abortion.

  8. Kevin Williams Says:

    @ Judy. Did you get the sneaking suspicion that God was working through you to save this couple’s baby? I have little doubt that both Helen Keller and Ray Charles could clearly see Gods hand in your getting your car worked on.
    I am and will be praying for “A” and “S” to enlist your Baby sitting skills. Please follow up and keep us posted as I am sure others will be praying the same thing. God bless you Judy! :-)

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