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DAY 25: National media coverage

March 9th, 2013 by admin

From the Washington Times in the US to the BBC in the UK … local and national 40 Days for Life leaders are getting huge exposure through secular media coverage.

These outlets help introduce 40 Days for Life to a new audience and share the fruit of what YOU are doing locally.

Here are two examples … from the United States and Wales.


The Washington Times published an online commentary about 40 Days for Life that I wrote along with David Bereit, our national director.

This article refers to the HUGE campaign – in 261 locations – that is going on in this, the year that marks the 40th anniversary of legal abortion in the United States. The message we deliver is that “God is listening and He does hear us.”

This was a tremendous opportunity to tell the online readers of a major publication about the campaign that is currently under way – which is a huge plus because this site is read far beyond the Washington area.

Read the entire column in the Washington Times.



The first 40 Days for Life campaign in Wales is getting media attention – a television report on ITV and a radio appearance on the BBC. Both news services interviewed pro-abortion spokespersons as well, who generally mischaracterized the vigils as “intimidation.”

“We’re having lots of conversations in the street and certainly raising awareness,” said Clare in Cardiff, with “lots of listening to men and women with their stories of abortion experiences.”

This campaign has also seen intense opposition in the streets – including a group that organized a “pro-choice street party” in an attempt to disrupt the vigil. One volunteer said 40 Days for Life is raising awareness, though “I truly have never felt the brunt of so much hatred.”

You can see a short video clip and read the story from ITV.

Here’s a 5-minute excerpt from the BBC Wales interview (click the arrow to start):

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: How has your community been blessed during 40 Days for Life? Please let me know! You may share your reply by responding below.

5 Responses to “DAY 25: National media coverage”

  1. carole Fox Says:

    Shawn, I was going to Cardiff Wales during the 40 Days Campaign and sought out the address of their abortion clinic before I left the states in hopes of finding my fellow sojourners. I had heard you speak at The Woodlands, Texas Rally and attended my first prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood in Houston the week before. I really didn’t know how it would effect me and did in a profound way. It is easier to pray in the comfort of your own home or church but when you see the woman, men and families faces as they drive into the clinic and then away, it brought such emotion I didn’t realize that I had. I grieved. Seeing the faithful prayer partners around the building brought evil vs God’s sovereignty and sanctity of life to a new meaning for me even though I have two adopted sons. Attending banquets, as I had done in the past, is all good but to be active in prayer at the abortion clinics, takes on a whole new battle.
    Having two adopted grown sons, I often pray for their birthmothers.
    Both were older woman and chose life and carried their babies full term. That is true love of life that most can not comprehend as I experienced when they placed their babies in my arms.
    I had the privilege to pray along side Clare and others on Saturday, March 2 in Cardiff, Wales. Coleen had just finished with the BBC radio and told us of the program. The sight in Cardiff of the clinic is so quaint and historical looking, that one can not image that horrific abortions could take place within those walls. The campaigners were not hostile as indicted by the press or radio show but quietly and peacefully prayed. They have to remain across the street. They hang the banner over a trash can. There is irony in that! Claire, who’s picture you showed in this mornings blog is a physician for the National Health. We prayed for her boldness and protection of her job. Cardiff does not have side walk counselors as of yet as it was their first time but I hope they will soon. They have a true fight on their hands in the UK.
    What a blessing to be able to pray along side people that are miles and worlds apart from me but through Jesus, we are untied for the common goal to educate on abortion with alternatives and to save babies!
    Thank you for your tireless work and others on this years 40 Days Campaign.
    Carole Fox
    P.S. Martha Forester from Conroe, Texas send in a photo of the Cardiff group.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    When I see this stand for innocent human life I am so proud to have Welsh blood running through my veins!! God Bless you, stay strong to God’s message of LIFE!

  3. Linda Says:

    The pro-abort woman used the term person before she called the baby a rapidly reproducing clump of cells. There is hope for her yet. Interesting too how she said 40DFL was pricking the conscience of the women going in for abortions. If she was really all about ‘choice’ as she said then why couldn’t a woman change her mind and keep the baby?! As usual the Poor Choice side can’t get their story straight.

  4. Ken Teune Says:

    Although we don’t have an abortion clinic, 40 days for life does have a vigil going in Ketchikan, Alaska. To date, I know of at least one life that was spared and the positive response to the campaign has been tremendously encouraging. Supporters have brought us food and coffee as we battled inclement weather and our numbers-though small- are growing. I think I am actually gaining weight! God will honor the prayers of His people!

  5. Liz Turner Says:

    On Friday, I signed up to pray at 1:00 at Southwestern Women’s Option (SWO) , the late term abortion clinic where they do abortions up to the 9th month. When I arrived, it was raining pretty hard but I took my umbrella, some brochures, and a sign with a picture of a little baby with the words “Take my Hand not my Life.” There were several women in the porch outside at the entrance, smoking or talking on the phone. I stood holding up my sign so they could see it and called out to them that I’d like to give them some information. They all ignored me but I planned on staying there for my full hour so I just stayed there getting pretty wet since the wind was blowing the rain sideways.

    I resumed my prayers again and even asked God if my getting soaking wet out there was going to be in vain since no one was paying attention to me. Eventually, all of them went back into the clinic except one lady. She had been on the phone the whole time and kept looking at me. I saw her finally sit down and I could see she was crying. I called out to her again and said I would like to give her some information. Well, she walked over to me and said she was 20 wks pregnant and had changed her mind about having the abortion. I asked her what changed her mind and she said it was when she was told that they were going to put a needle into her baby’s heart to stop the heart beat. She said she just couldn’t do that to her child but she already had 5 kids, her husband was out of work, their van broke down, they were living in Los Lunas with someone who was kind enough to let her family move into a back room where all of them were living.

    I told her about Project Defending Life’s (PDL) Pregnancy Crisis Center and showed her PDL’s brochure. She said she knew about it because she had gone there when she was pregnant with her last baby. She was waiting for Safe Ride to pick her up to take her back to Los Lunas. I told her to cancel the call and that I would take her home. I wanted to get out of the rain and talk to her some more and that seemed like a perfect opportunity. She started crying and said her youngest was a 10 mo. old baby and that they couldn’t even afford diapers for her. I told her I worked at PDL and would take her there to get some diapers and would call Maria, the person in charge of the Gabriel Project which assists the pregnant women, to see what we could do for them. Maria spoke to her and told her there was a Gabriel Project in Los Lunas and that she would contact them on Monday to ask them get arrange to get their car repaired and assist them with whatever they needed.

    On the drive down, I asked her if she went to church. She said she did at one time but stopped going. I told her how important it was for them to return to church and to keep God in their lives. We had the opportunity to go into a deep discussion about God. She missed going to get a food box that day because, instead, she went to the abortion clinic. Before I left, I gave her some money to buy groceries. She was so grateful for all the help and took me in to meet her husband and kids. He looked very troubled about their situation. When we talked, I told them I felt God brought me to that clinic just for her. Even though it was raining hard, with lightening and thunder all around, for some reason, I didn’t even consider leaving. I told them it was for her that I stayed and that God has a plan for her and her family.

    What a blessing it was to be there that day. I have never felt God’s presence as much as I did in that situation!!

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