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DAY 41: God spares 554 lives

March 25th, 2013 by admin

Before I take a break from email, I do want to thank you for all you’ve done the past 40 days … and to let you know that we are aware of 554 babies spared from abortion through God’s mercy these past 40 days!

Those are 554 stories of children — made in God’s image and likeness — who were so close to becoming another statistic. But because of your prayers, and your courage to be there for their moms, they have life.

It is in this spirit of thanksgiving — for their lives and our lives — that we enter into the most important week of the year. This week we hand all of our weaknesses and doubts over to Christ, who takes them to the Cross, overcomes death, and reminds us that with Him all things are possible — even ending abortion.


Gerald was praying at the vigil in White Plains when somebody walked off with his backpack. But before he could get too concerned about that, he noticed two women heading his way – an older woman and a younger one.

The older woman told him they had driven two hours from upstate New York. The young woman had an abortion appointment, but now she is “probably going to have the baby.” She asked Gerald for information about pregnancy services.

That information, of course, was in Gerald’s backpack. But he passed along two pro-life pregnancy hotline numbers that he knew, as well as the web address of the Sisters of Life.

The young woman was smiling and said “God bless you” as Gerald waved good-bye. He said he’d been praying about the missing backpack, but “God responded with a much greater blessing!”


Floyd in Kalispell says two babies were saved from abortion. In both cases, the mothers are 16-year-old girls.

One of these young women arrived at the abortion center with her mother, her aunt and one of her mother’s friends. Inside, the girl had an ultrasound exam.

The technician was telling her that she had a “tissue growth” that they could take care of for her. At that point, the girl’s aunt snatched the sonogram printout from the technician’s hand. “Look at this ultrasound!” She said. “It’s a baby!”

“The aunt convinced the young lady that it was in her best interest to have the baby,” said Floyd. “All the ladies left the clinic and haven’t been seen since. We have heard that the young lady went to the pregnancy center with her aunt — and all is well.”


A man stopped his car next to the prayer volunteers and asked where the abortion center was, since his wife had an appointment. One of the vigil participants talked to him, gave him some information … and convinced him to not keep the appointment.

A while later, the volunteer saw that same car, around the corner, parked off the side of the road.

The man and woman were feeling pressured and confused because the abortionist called to pressure them, asking why they had not shown up for their appointment.

The prayer volunteer assured them they were doing the right thing – that God will take care of them, to leave and not to have any second thoughts. The woman was very grateful, and told him God had sent him.

They contacted a pregnancy support center, where one of the workers confirmed that they had made a definitive choice to keep the baby.

“We at the prayer site are all rejoicing,” said one of the local leaders, “and giving thanks and praise to God for this wonderful miracle of life.”

There’s no way I can really express the appreciation I have for everything you’ve done during this campaign — your prayers, your participation, your persistence.

You provide tremendous HOPE for our future!

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

Yours for Live,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Any additional stories from 40 Days for Life in your community? Please respond below.

11 Responses to “DAY 41: God spares 554 lives”

  1. Anna Says:

    I praise God for all the 40daysforlife leaders and volunteers that stand in unity against abortion. Praise God for the lives saved and the renewal these 40daysforlife campaign has brought to His people. We eagerly look forward to the future when abortion will end in our nation once and for all.

    I humbly pray that 2013 will be the year that our nation repents and turns from this grievous sin in against God and humanity. Life is a gift from God! Humans have no right to decide who will receive or who will be denied that gift. May we as a nation stop playing God by destroying the life of our children.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Could somone let me know where the 40 Days for Life is held in White Plains? I was just down there and would have loved to participate.
    Thanks. Also, where can we get some of those beautiful signs?


  3. Judy Says:

    Thank you more than I can express for ALL you and everyone that took part in this wonderful mission of God have done. I really don’t know how to say what is in my heart, but God has been so close to me as I have read your daily reports telling us what is happening. I have cried and prayed every day as I have read the wonderful way God has used each and everyone taking part. I have shared many Sundays with my Sunday School class and challenged them to pray and listen to God’s leadership in their lives.
    I look forward to next year when you begin again sending out these updates and I am praying that God will show me what He wants me to do between now and then. God bless you. Your willingness to serve God in this way goes farther than you can possibly know.
    Love in our blessed Saviour,

  4. Mary Gilbert Says:

    Dear Shawn, not sure if this amazing story has been sent to you yet – please ignore mine if it’s a duplication!One morning when Harriet (and her baby) were outside the clinic a woman who had entered the clinic about 10 minutes previously had come out and stood on the porch outside the clinic smoking. When Harriet’s baby began to cry, the lady who was smoking became very unsettled looking to see where the crying was coming from. The baby continued to cry and that woman, instead of going back into the clinic, made a phone call and came out of the car park and left the clinic. It seemed very clear to those observing this that this woman had changed her mind as a result of the baby’s crying PRAISE GOD!

  5. Victor Galipi Says:

    Thanks Shawn for the wonderful report of 554 babies saved during the campaign, with their mothers and families spared the horrors of abortion! Thanks also to Frank Pavone for the bonus devotional to inspire us to press on.

  6. Malcolm Brennan Says:

    I was the director for Charleston SC’s 40 Days For Life recently completed 2013 Spring Campaign. I recently reported 4 saves for our campaign but we were blessed with 2 more saves durring the final week. In total our prayer warriors witnessed 6 saves. The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!

    May God bless all of you.

  7. Alice Curl Says:

    I have been participating in this campaign for 6 years, and have been feeling discouraged. But I have been reading “40 days for life” and have been getting inspired to continue on with praying and sidewalk counseling. I will not let the evil one scare me away anymore! Thank you, Jesus, Christ Our Savior!


    Bravo! It is a wonderful thing we have done this year. This is my first time in the campaign and I feel very proud of the organizers, participants, achievements and lives saved. May God receive all the glory.

    In the same spirit, let us not stop the prayers, albeit in the privacy of our rooms rather let us pray also and even more fervently for the unseen abortions and stifling of spiritual life all over the world through UNBELIEF, UNREPENTANCE, UNFORGIVENESS, UNHOLINESS, UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, UNFAITHFULNESS, WICKEDNESS AND PRAYERLESSNESS.

    In as much as many lives are aborted in the physical, I can assure us that even more souls or spiritual lives are aborted, killed, destroyed or kept in bondage all over the world because the above vices. Our prayer should be that GOD should in his mercy save these souls from destruction by sending help from above. Our duty is to pray and God will do the rest. We can use the names of those we know who need help in this regard as a point of contact to all those who need help all over our territory or worldwide.

    May God continue to bless us and strenghten us as we strive to keep his commandments by His grace. God bless our leaders. Amen! WISHING EVERYBODY A WONDERFUL EASTER CELEBRATION IN ADVANCE. THANK YOU ALL. MAY ALL THE BLESSINGS OF THIS EASTER VISIT AND REMAIN WITH US ALL THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES. AMEN!

  9. Betty Scranton Says:

    Being involved with 40 DFL 360 days a year has changed my life forever.
    I feel a part of each and every campaign as I rejoice in each and every life saved!

    “Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts”

  10. Barbara Butler Says:

    I had the privilege of being one of the founders of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Anchorage, Alaska over 25 years ago. This year I was able to stand in front of Planned Parenthood in Kent, Washington with my beautiful daughter Lisa and 3 of her beautiful daughters. As we stood to pray over the place where so many lose their lives I was filled with gratitude over God’s wonderful gifts in my life–7 beautiful grandchildren here on earth and another 4 in heaven. I was also filled with incredible sadness that so many lives have been lost. What a terrible price we have paid for “free love”. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart who continue to pray and act in in the 40 Days for Life campaign.

  11. Teresa Says:

    P.U.S.H…Pray Until Something Happens…

    Holy Thursday we prayed for a miracle…our area did not have an official campaign this lent but we have been there for a year now…every Thursday…”surgical day” and this Thursday, Holy Thursday, we all felt should belong to the Triumphant One … and in the end … it DID!!!
    The end of Lent, the end of the 40 Day campaign … the beginning of the Triduum … the beginning of Our Lord’s Triumph over Death … and so we began our day … praying, praying, praying for a miracle.
    We have been praying for one year on Thursdays … our Mission 4 Life group … our hour has been 10:00 to 11:00 praying for the poor souls lost to abortion that day … but last week we were called to change that and start coming at 7:30 when the staff and potential clients are coming in. It just felt right! and so we came again this week at 7:30 am and started praying for a miracle… and we got TWO!
    Miracle #1 – The abortionist came walking towards the clinic from around the corner and down the street where she parks “Have a nice day!” she hollored and waved at us as she disappeared behind their privacy wall …
    “I can’t have a nice day” my answer.”Not as long as you are killing innocent children and hurting desperate women. Shame on you! Shame, shame on you for what you are doing here. May God have mercy on your soul.” Now normally, I am the silent prayer warrior type but not today. The Holy Spirit took control of my tongue and blurted out these words. Shocked at my own outburst, I returned to the rosary and continued praying. About 10 minutes later…the sidewalk counselor came over and nudged me to look up … and low and behold our first miracle of the day … the abortionist was LEAVING !!! She was already down the street and turning the corner … sadly, a missed opportunity to send her off with loving and caring words (and info flyer for ATTWN) … but God had a plan that day so we let it go.
    Miracle #2 Not 20 minutes later … a woman parked frantically near our prayer line and jumped out was headed into the clinic – “I’ve gotta stop her – my daughter’s in there!” She quickly explained how her daughter’s boyfriend had called her at work and told her what her daughter was about to do … so into the clinic she went and down to our knees we went. I don’t remember ever praying SO HARD yet with so much confidence. THIS DAY … THIS Thursday… this HOLY Thursday did indeed belong to our Lord…
    And yes, the woman came out just a few minutes later cheering and hugging us all “I got here in time! She’s not going to do it ! She was on the table and is all doped up – but she’s not going to do it! She going to keep the baby…Thank You! Thank you for your prayers! We saved one!” Hugs and cheers all around … we congratulated the new ‘Grandma to be’ and gave her one our little gift bags. [we hand them to the girls on their way into the clinic...a pretty little package with a onesie inside with the massage "THE GIFT OF LIFE" ironed on the front] the woman tokk the gift bag and got back in her car explaining she had to check-in at work but that she would be back to pick her daughter up once she came out of the anesthetic state. She was exuding confidence but none of us were as sure, so we continued to pray just to be sure … God had a plan THIS day.
    Sure enough the woman came back… and in she went to the clinic clutching the onesie she had finally opened … “Thank you, thank you for this … I can’t wait to show my daughter” … and yes … out they both came … only now there is going to be 3.
    Yes, God certainly had a plan THIS day + + + THIS Thursday, this HOLY Thursday belonged to Our Lord. All we had to do was come and pray … what an incredible Easter gift to be witness to God’s miracles THIS day.

    What prompted us to change our hour of prayer? I believe this came from your campaign…

    “But I can’t save them all,” you say. God isn’t asking you to. He has equipped each of us with time, talent, and treasure to do what we can when He provides the opportunity. He has given us His Holy Spirit to empower us as we abide in Him. He is asking us to be on His side in speaking out and protecting those who can’t protect themselves. When we are obedient to His calling to get in on the work He is doing, we will experience intimacy with Him in a whole new way.

    Abundant Blessings for a Sacred Triduum and a Happy Resurrection Day!!!

    It certainly will be for these prayer warriors + + +

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