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More Victory Reports

November 5th, 2007 by admin

More victory reports — God is good!

Before I share more 40 Days for Life success stories, I had a few quick items…

  1. Yesterday I mis-attributed one of the reports. The report labeled “Asheville, North Carolina” should have been labeled “Durango, Colorado.” My apologies to the dedicated teams in both of these locations for my error.
  2. Tomorrow (Tuesday 11/6) is election day in most places around the country. Please be sure to go vote, and bring your pro-life convictions with you into the polling place! If you don’t know where a candidate stands on life, contact him or her today (or their campaign office) and ask! If all pro-life Americans would only vote for candidates committed to protect the right to life — granted to us by our creator — we would see instant transformation in this nation.
  3. If you’ve been blessed by your 40 Days for Life experience, will you do me a big favor? If you live in a city or town that conducted a 40 Days for Life campaign, please thank your local leaders who have dedicated enormous amounts of time and energy to this effort. If you don’t live in a city that did a 40 Days for Life this time around, please scroll to the bottom of this posting and leave a reply with your general thanks to ALL the 40 Days for Life leaders around the country, and I’ll make sure they get to read your words. THANKS!

Now, here are more of the 40 Days for Life victories…


The biggest blessings we have experienced are:

  1. Two saved babies (that we know of.)
  2. Two separate weeks of no surgical abortions.
  3. Leadership of our Bishop and participation of Priests from throughout the state.
  4. Involvement of people from the entire state of North Dakota.
  5. Community Outreach of professionally printed flyers to over 40,000 households.
  6. Unity of purpose accomplished with all denominations, changing minds and transforming hearts through the power — fire — of the Holy Spirit.
  7. Outstanding response and faithful prayer vigil at the abortion site by all ages and especially our  youth and young adults.
  8. Community awareness heightened by daily radio updates in the secular and Christian media as well as weekly presentations at churches, colleges and youth groups.
  9. Up to date reporting, scheduling and pertinent information accomplished on the 40 Days for Life ND web site.
  10. Massive communication promotion by our media coordinator including a diocesan newspaper reaching 127,000 homes.
  11. It has been a privilege to partake in the nation-wide 40 Days for Life campaign in North Dakota and proclaim the call upon our state to become the  first abortion-free state in the nation.


The biggest blessing was the babies that were saved — 3 documented, and who knows how many others didn’t keep their appointments, or changed their minds and we never knew. For the next greatest blessing, I can’t help but think of Jesus in the desert for 40 days. At the end of it, he went into his public ministry. And so it is here in Ann Arbor. These 40 days have prepared the faithful for the battle that continues long after midnight tonight. Until every child is safe from the horror of abortion, WE WILL NOT STOP. The excitement, hope, faith and love that has been poured into each of us through this campaign is truly from our Lord. 40 Days for Life is not ending its mission today. It is just beginning. What an incredible blessing to be a small part of this. The Holy Spirit has awakened our souls, and we are on fire for life!


Here in Madison, we have seen such a beautiful family blossom from 40 Days for Life. This was formed by the Holy Spirit continuing to touch our hearts. From here on out we will be the 40 Days & Beyond for LIFE family!  We will continue to let Him lead us on this amazing
Mission in front of place of great sadness coming as His ambassadors of JOY!


Our greatest victory may be yet to come. That would be the closing of our local abortion mills here in the TriCity’s. We have had a significant increase in the number of active prayer worriers at the abortion mills with a comparable increase in the number of “saved babies.” We have been blessed with a new found commitment of the 40 Day For Life participants that have committed to continue with their activities at the abortion mills. (We have two abortionists in the same building complex, competing with each other to the tune of about 1,200 dead babies annually.) On the last day we had two local media cover our efforts. Both where fair and accurate in their reporting. One media was our local television station. God is God. All praise be to Jesus Christ, now and forever. Amen.


Overall the Frederick effort had significant impact. Several days ago a women came out of the abortion center and told a volunteer she decided to keep her baby. This last Saturday the center was closed, likely because of our presence over recent weeks. We hope to continue our pro-life activities.


After the 40 days in the desert, Jesus BEGAN His ministry of three years. We have that same attitude. It isn’t time to quit, but time to look for ways to get moving. One of those ways is the planning of opening a crisis pregnancy center. We would like to implement not only crisis pregnancy services, but also full pregnancy resources and new family resources as well. Included in this plan is to offer ultrasound services. We have spent many hours at this location and many prayers have gone up. We had a save this week, and many of the area anti-abortion organizations have been brought together. Yesterday we were visited by Congressman Trent Franks, who is working diligently on a house bill to require every girl/woman to receive an ultrasound prior to her abortion. We are going to be in prayer for that. He was very excited about the 40 days movement and encouraged us to mark yesterday as the beginning of a new ministry. We already have commitments for next year’s 40 Days For Life campaign from radio stations, Representatives of Congress and local newspapers. It looks like, next year, we (Arizona) will have at least, two more locations to add to the national campaign, God willing.


The biggest blessing here might have been the spiritual growth experienced by so many prayer vigilists. Everyone seemed genuinely grateful for the opportunity to pray publicly at the site where abortions are done, for an end to abortion, for the healing of all who’ve been involved in prior abortions, and for the ever-present chance of a life being saved as a consequence of their being prayerfully present right at the site where “a thought of God” is regularly rejected…in the harshest of ways, typically with a poor understanding of what’s involved in abortion. We were also reminded of how blessed we are to live in America, where we have the right to speak freely and assemble peaceably. On more than one occasion, Planned Parenthood had lined up protesters — people protesting our praying! They didn’t always have the good manners to let our speakers and singers be heard. Undeterred, our people prayed on.


Over 220 people gathered at the Monsignor Kavanagh Center this afternoon to Celebrate Life and offer Thanksgiving for the many blessings we received during these past “40 Days”! Our biggest blessing has been raising the awareness amongst our community to the painful atrocity of abortion and mobilizing people to take prayerful action to bring about a conversion of our nation. Here in the capitol of a very liberal, abortion-supporting state, secular news reporters have described the facts of fetal development, the pain felt by post-abortive men and women, and questioned what happens to the “medical waste” that is produced at these life-ending facilities. Over 1,000 people have participated in our continuous prayer vigil, many coming to the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood in prayer for the very first time. Our lives will never be the same here, due to these “40 Days for Life”. We give all thanks, praise, and glory to God.


We had several hundred who signed commitment cards to pray and fast. Many local churches have advertised the 40 Days, formed prayer groups and distributed prayer cards to their congregations. Thousands pass by our 40 Days billboard in downtown Waco each day. Our local radio ads reach all the way to Dallas with the message to pray for an end to abortion. The opinion editor of the Waco Tribune-Herald wrote an editorial which put down pro-lifers, but inadvertently advertised the 40 Days for Life to thousands. Several hundred have been receiving daily emails with prayer intentions, news, and encouragement during the 40 days.

A local prison minister reported 39 women in a state jail pray the rosary to end abortion each Tuesday, and will continue. A ministry in a youth correction facility has been praying each week with the youth to end abortion. The national 40 Days for Life has been the impetus that our local pro-life group needed to recruit new individuals to become involved in pro-life work in the community and to become educated on the abortion issue and begin to speak out and educate others.

Planned Parenthood is the local abortion clinic which performs between 15 and 20 abortions each Thursday morning. RU 486 is dispensed every day. In addition to the sidewalk counselors who stand and pray on Thursday mornings, 75 individuals have committed to pray for at least one hour each week, during the 44 hours Planned Parenthood is open. Many more have dropped by to stand and pray. We have provided 40 Days t-shirts and bumper stickers to advertise and promote the 40 Days. A pro-life group at Baylor University, Bears for Life, have become re-activated and stood and prayed each Wednesday.

Realizing the importance of standing and praying for life in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, we hope to encourage people to continue to do so. Whether it is on Thursday mornings when abortions are performed or during their hours of operation when RU 486 and the morning after pills are dispensed, or even when they are closed, we will encourage others to continue to stand and pray for life.


Watch for more incredible reports tomorrow!

51 Responses to “More Victory Reports”

  1. Lisa Buestrin Says:

    Thank you, David and all participants, for your efforts to save lives and focus prayers on the pro-life cause!

  2. Kendra Martinez Says:

    I’ve kept everyone in my prayers these last 40 days, and hope that next year Spokane, WA will be among the cities participating. If not, a few members from my church’s small group and myself will try to go as often as we can anyway.
    God bless all you sidewalk counselors… you did a powerful, awesome thing these last 40 days. Who knows how many unborn will live because of your actions, many of which will in turn go on to do wonderful things? God knows, and He also thanks you, His chosen children- the ones who are out there making a difference.
    Every time I look into my seven month old son’s eyes and wonder at the miracle of life, I praise Him for bestowing upon me the gift of life. I only hope that, until the killing of babies in our country is finally abolished, other pregnant women can find the strength and conviction to stand up to the propaganda that it’s “ok” to abort, and recognize this gift for what it is as well. All we can do is provide them with love and resources to make the right decision.
    Thank you all again so much. Let’s speak out for those who are unable to themselves!

  3. Patricia Marseglia Says:

    It has been an honor to pray and fast with and for all the workers of
    40 Days for Life. As a post abortive woman, I am going to continue to pray for an end of abortion in this country.

  4. JDB Says:

    I have all of your 40 Days For Life e-mails saved. I shared them as I got them and we are rounding up many prayer warriors. Thanks for everything. Knowledge is power and now that Planned Parenthood is out in the open we can fight at their Gates of Hell.

  5. Betsy Williams Says:

    Thank you all so much! I have been so blessed by this movement, and have joined it by praying and fasting. I’m sad that it is ‘offically’ over – but I rejoice that the movement goes on! I can’t wait until my city does this. Because of pro-life activism, we have kept Planned Parenthood out of Northern Kentucky (where I live) but there is a clinic in Cincinnati. I’m so grateful to everyone who stood up for life these last 40 days!

  6. Herb Moering Says:

    Hey Guys and Gals on the front lines for 40 days,
    Just let me add my thanks for all your efforts and being God’s hands, feet and mouth to tell frightened and troubled pregnant women about other choices beyond abortion and allowing us to hear about babies being saved from death at the hands of abortionists. You have been an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others in cities like mine that did not have a 40 day vigil. While there are pro-life people on the sidewalk in front of a local abortion mill, you inspire us to become better organized and to recruit others to come help in this battle. You have inspired us to reclaim the lost ground where the blood cries out against these evil deeds. May you not lose sight of the goal of an abortion-free America. Herb Moering

  7. Nancy Moorman Says:

    Many thanks to all of you who stood firm in your faith and prayers during this 40 days for life campaign. I work as a volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center. We often have women mistake our center for the abortion clinic across the street from us. We are constantly seeing the transforming power of prayer as women decide for life after seeing the ultrasounds, or after we have prayed with them. Keep up the good work, and yes keep praying!

  8. Lisa Russo Says:


    May God continue to abundantly Bless all of your efforts.

  9. Pat Longoria Says:

    A big THANK YOU to David our national leader and our local leader Amy in San Antonio, Texas for the outstanding work you have done during the 40 Days of Life campaign. Also to the hundreds of volunteers who took time to take part in this awesome goal of ending abortion in our country. God Bless every single one of us, as we continue to bring attention to this horrid tragedy.

    Your sister in Christ,

  10. Jane Field Says:

    Thank you SO VERY much. You are heroes!

  11. The Ekblad Family Says:

    Thank you to all those that coordinated the 40 Days for Life in Ann Arbor. We were only able to come up to the abortion mill a couple of times but my husband, the kids, and I all prayed constantly for your efforts. We enjoyed the email updates. God bless you in all that you are doing to save babies! Know that the Ekblads (who are 9 strong so far with one more on the way!) are always behind the pro life mission! Thanks again!

  12. Natalie Kindrick Says:

    Many thanks to Dianne and the folks in Charlottesville VA time went by so fast and it was so wonderfully organized. Dianne kept us all up to date including every time she had a shortage it was simply a blessing to be a volunteer of such a worthy cause that was so beautifully orchestrated! Thanks again I can’t wait for our next event!

    Proverbs 11:30

  13. Natalie Kindrick Says:

    Many thanks to Dianne our leader in Charlottesville VA and David our National Leader time went by so fast and it was simply a blessing to be a volunteer of such a worthy cause that was so beautifully orchestrated! I have been blessed so much and bringing such an awareness to the public in such a reverent manner just filled my cup. Thanks again to my brothers and sisters who volunteered right along with me. May God Bless us everyone!

    your sister in Christ
    Proverbs 11:30

  14. Ray Carbone Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters – thank you for your committment and love for people. I have been blessed reading about the victories God has granted us. Praise His Name!

  15. Anna Says:


    For so many years I prayed that God would replace the child that was taken from me.

    I know now that He has answered that pray by saving the lives of all these babies and sparing the mothers and fathers the heartache that my family and I have suffered since my abortion.

    For so many years I prayed for justice, now all I can pray for is mercy for the souls of the people responsible for these atrocities. That in itself is a miracle healing in my life.

    Thanks be to God for prayers of the righteous. Their prayers do indeed move the heart of God. All things are possible with God. We have been blessed to witness His miracles.

    I believe as we begin again to honor life as a nation,we will see even greater healing in our nation. I believe, this is the beginning of the cure of the cancer of immorality and devaluing of life that is destroying our families and the foundation of our nation. I believe, we will see an end to abortion in our lifetime.

    From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of those that have prayed for 40 Days for Life. It has been one of the greatest honors or my life to be a small part of this effort.

    Thank God we live in a nation where we are still allowed to freely express our faith in a public forum.

    God Bless all of you —



  16. Katherine Says:

    Many many many thanks to all the leaders and participants who were active in the 40 Days for Life. It gives me so much hope to see that God is really moving in everyone and the ball is rolling forward to crush abortion and bring it’s reality to light. It has fuelled me to want to do even more with the pro-life work I am currently involved in.

  17. Katherine Says:

    I really want to thank David Bereit and his family for the unspeakably outstanding work they have done in putting 40 Days for Life together. None of this would have happened if it were not for you. I pray and hope that everyone joins me in prayer as they read this that God continues to bless you and your family forever.

    I also pray for God to bless any and all that supported David in this great mission.

  18. Angela Davies Says:

    Praise God for His soldiers who fight for the right to life for everyone no matter how small! Thank you for your dedication and accepting the grace from God to do His will. Make no mistake-lifes have been changed and the seeds you planted will continue to grow and be fruitful!
    God bless you all!

  19. MARYLOUISE Says:

    Thank you to David and all those who participated in 40 days fo life. God bless all of you.

  20. women's life ministries Says:

    We are brand new(2Mo.) pregnancy care center and participated in 40days campaign for first time. More facts of awareness about abortion and the devastation it leaves imprinted on hearts of individuals in our area esp. two young musicians who, after working and sharing with us in outreach, each separately wrote pro-life songs.
    Our participation was a bit different, but effective. We chose 9 different time slots to pray for an hour at scheduled parish street corners.
    Local Knights of Columbus gave us a huge 8 ft. cross with 4000 pennies signifying the number of babies that daily lose thie lives in our country.
    See our pics at

  21. Carolyn Silkwood Says:

    I just wanted to thank each and every volunteer, leader, organizer, and just everyone who has kept the 40 Days for Life campaign in your prayers.

    When our Pastor first asked me to be the point of contact for our church I was an emotional mess because I finally 15 years after my first abortion and barely a year since the last- just began dealing with the guilt and pain.

    Knowing God had forgiven me and knowing that I only needed to forgive myself- I began to talk to other post-abortion women…Thank you Molly!

    I pray that the efforts of all those involved do not end simply because the 40 days has come to an end. I praise our glorious God for the movement across the country and pray that it continues until no more lives are lost and no more mothers have to deal with the pain that so many like myself have had to go through.

    May God continue to bless all of you!

    Your sister in Christ-

  22. Judy Says:

    I’m from Syracuse, New York, home of the first Planned Parenthood.(Isn’t that a chilling thought?) I have been fasting and praying with you these 40 days and I thank you sincerely for your hard work in bringing this about. I listen to your speeches; they are so inspiring. These 40 days have given me the impetus to work harder to promote life, and helped me realize the importance of a presence at the abortion mills.
    Pray for me, as a teacher, I’m filing charges against my school district
    because my union dues are being used,inspite of my religious objection, to promote pro-choice political candidates. I’m not sure what the repercussions will be, but know that it’s in God’s hands.
    God bless you, for the sacrifices you have made for the unborn.

  23. Matchbox Says:

    Hi everybody!
    I just wanted to say thanks. You all have encouraged me a lot. Me and some other girls at my church are very pro-life and our prayers are ALWAYS with you.
    Thanks for encouraging me to stand up for what I believe in.
    God will bless you tremendiously for this.
    many blessing,

  24. David Dufresne Says:

    Many thanks to all the leaders in Columbus, OH. Bill Zacharias in particular did a great job with keeping all of us seminarians up to date! We were privileged to participate.

  25. Kelly G. Smith Says:

    Continuing at a Sustainable Level–40 hours per week or month?

    In reflecting on the reenergizing experience of the 40 Days for Life, we do indeed owe our thanks to all the leaders, and we must find ways to continue the core activities of this inspiring campaign year-round at a more sustainable level in ways that will not burden the organizers. Perhaps prayer warriors could organize small groups themselves, providing their own signs and pamphlets listing local pro-life pregnancy centers. Areas with large numbers participating could try 40 hours per week, which would equal a full workweek, enough to target the hours of operation at the clinics. Even areas with fewer numbers could try 40 hours a month, which would equal about 10 hours a week and might work very well at the clinics where abortions are done one or two days per week. After so much success, it would be a shame to lose the momentum of the 40 Days for Life, to lose touch with fellow pro-lifers, and possibly lose the courage many of us have finally managed to muster after years on the sidelines. If it does become ongoing, perhaps the local websites’ blogs could be kept up or morph into message boards to which 40 Days participants can add in order to post information on local activities, when abortions are performed at what clinics, what are the best times to be there, etc.

    A “Keep-In-Touch List”

    Moreover 40 Days participants could be contacted and asked if they would like to reply with their contact info for a “keep in touch list”–it could be limited to name and e-mail or whatever info the respondents would like to share, and the master list could be sent to all who participated. Such a resource would not only be desirable for fellowship but useful for continuing small prayer groups at the clinics–being able to contact other prayer warriors and arrange times and dates will be a great encouragement for all those who would be willing to go out to pray at a clinic if they knew one or two others would be there. A “keep in touch” list should be “opt in” rather than “opt out”–that way only those who actually decide to share their contact info will be included. Perhaps in each locale a computer-literate participant could provide their e-mail as the reply-to address and then compile the “keep-in-touch list” and send it out.


    40 Days for Life also provides a great opportunity for networking in the pro-life community: At the local level 40 Days leaders undoubtedly have developed a treasure trove of contact info–particularly e-mail lists of committed individuals that can be used to send alerts for local pro-life issues and events–for example, the local release of a life-affirming film like “Bella.”

    Please post any other ideas on taking the initiative and sharing the responsibility of ensuring that the 40 Days For Life is a new beginning for the pro-life movement.

  26. Olivia West Says:

    From the bottom of my heart and soul, I want to thank David and all the other 40 Days for Life leaders for all you have done. I have faith that your reward is in store and that our prayers will be answered. May God continue to bless us and bring healing to this land.

  27. Olivia West Says:

    From the bottom of my heart and soul, I thank David and all the other 40 Days for Life leaders for all that you have done. Your reward is in store. I have faith that God will continue to bless us, hear our prayers, and heal the land. I am incouraged by the determination to continue the fight for justice for the babies and a life of peace, love and gratification for mothers who changed their minds.

  28. Olivia West Says:

    From the bottom of my heart and soul, I thank David and all the other 40 Days for Life leaders for all that you have done. Your reward is in store. I have faith that God will continue to bless us, hear our prayers, and heal the land. I am encouraged by the determination to continue the fight for justice for the babies and a life of peace, love and gratification for mothers who changed their minds.

  29. Sue Says:

    Sincerest thanks to every 40 Days For LIFE Leader!!
    We thank God for raising you up for this tremendous opportunity!
    Please be available now to help others achieve leadership roles in the future!

  30. Theresa Graham Says:


    I took out some donuts for the last three hours of prayer for the Jacksonivlle, Florida team. You weren’t there. I guess I should have brought the donuts in the AM. Thank you Jacksonville prayer warriors and for all of those around the country. I miscarried a baby at three months several years ago (I have 4 children) the Lord put into my heart as I held my baby in my hands with tiny fingers and toes that many women abort their babies at this age told they are not real. God Bless You! These babies are real and have a destiny and a future cut off at the hands of the abortionists.

  31. Sarah Adams Says:

    Over a month ago I got an over whelming feeling that I should go on a fast. I ignored it at first, until a few days later while researching abortion on the internet I found the 40 Days for Life website. Instantly convicted, I began the fast.
    I am a 19 year old college student at Georgia State University. I am not affeliated with any organizations or groups, but I am a child of the one true living God and a member of an eternal family. I believe with every fiber of my being that God is moving in America, and He is using us, every day christians! I thank God that He has not forgotten about America! I am overwhelmed that He has heard our cries!
    I want to thank our devoted brothers and sisters who were outside of the Surgi Center in Atlanta Georgia! God Bless you! And may he bless Atlanta! I pray that God bring freedom to the South! Freedom for our children and the generations to come!

  32. Jay Says:

    Thanks to all for your efforts! Wish I could have been on the front lines…

  33. Shirley Sweeney Says:

    My only participation was to pray most days. The emails helped me to remember that. I know there must be an abortion killing place closer to me than Ann Arbor but I’m not sure where. I would like to be more involved next time around. I have 16 grandchildren here and 5 in heaven. Life is very precious and I applaude those who were on the front lines. Thank you all. And I send you all big hugs.

  34. Maria Merola Says:

    Thanks to all……….it was exciting to be a part of, even if I contributed only a small amount.

  35. teresa o'neal Says:

    Thanks to all of you for your hard work and never-ending faith. I hope you were encouraged knowing those who do not live near a prayer site were offering daily prayers with you all through the 40 days campaign.

  36. Michele Willman Says:

    Thank you David Bereit and all those who thought of and began 40 Days for Life. Thank you to those who prayed, fasted, attended vigils, and personaly talked to parents to save babies. I could only pray from my home, but I know the power of prayer! Thank you for the daily emails. Every single one that I read made a huge impression on me & I shared it with many friends who didn’t know about it. I will continue my prayers.

  37. Jennifer McWethy Says:

    Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this event! I recently started joining my parish at the facility in our town on Saturday mornings, and it was very encouraging to see the 40 Days For Life volunteers join us in the effort. I pray that all of us will have the strength and encouragement to continue in our efforts for the unborn. We have seen in the last 40 days what our prayers can do, so please let us all continue to be protectors of the innocent.

  38. Juliete Parker Says:

    Thank you all for taking a stand for life.

  39. joanne Says:

    A special thanks to all 40 Days directors and volunteers, especially to David Bereit, Shawn, Carment and families!!!!!!Without your faithful and fruitful response to God’s call, we could not have endured 40 days on our Planned Parenthood sidewalk! Also, a special thanks to our veteran champions of the unborn who had been “going it alone” for years. It was an honor to share the sidewalk with you!
    We, in RI, cannot retreat from this effort and from the sidewalks surrounding Planned Parenthood. To do so would be to aid in the institutionalization of abortion. (Every time we turn our backs, they advance. This IS a battle.) We know that the Lord is with us and will guide us in strategic particulars–after all, this is HIS battle. All life belongs to Him, not to PP. The mission in Providence is clear–it is a sidewalk mission to clear away the disinformation that continues to take the lives of thousands annually and urge women and men to Choose Life.
    Without all the prayer support and simultaneous sacrifice given across the nation via 40 Days For Life, we would not have seen and understood the battle before us. We give thanks to Almighty God and to all His faithful for each moment of the 40 Day campaign. And, in Providence we ask for your continued prayer support. Planned Parenthood is moving openly towards becoming the “sex education” provider of our RI public school system as I write.

  40. joanne Says:

    Oops, typo. ‘Carment’ is Carmen Pate. Thank you, Carmen, (and Fr Pavone!!) for pouring out your heart and soul in prayer these 40 Days. We were with you, and with the Lord, all the way!

  41. Molly B Says:

    Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication to the Lord’s work! It was so encouraging reading the daily emails, so thanks for keeping us posted David. I know it took a lot to put one together every day with all of the information. It really blessed me, and inspired me to fight for what i believe is our job as christians to protect. My prayer is that we all continue to fight for what is right!

    “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds. ”
    Samuel Adams

  42. Bernelle Goodwin Says:

    I would like to thank all of you responsible for praying at abortion centers, those who are leaders, directors and all who volunteered during this 40 Days for Life. I only prayed each day for those of you in the 30 states and 80 cities who were doing the hard work. For David Bereit and his family, for those responsible for the devotionals which were emailed each day.
    Thank you and I am sure God is pleased with the work you have done. I will continue to pray that Roe Vs Wade will be overturned before many others are killed.

  43. Doreen Says:

    Thank you one and all for all your faithfulness to life! We, in St. Louis, weren’t one of the cities participating in the campaign but you have many people here praying and fasting for you. God is working miracles through you and I hope St. Louis can be a part of 40 Days for Life in 2008! God bless each one of you!!

  44. Jen from Says:

    I am thankful for 40 Days of Life campaign. I was convicted to be a part of it, after entering the information It encouraged me to get off the sidelines with regard to this issue. It occured to me that Satan doesn’t care if I’m pro-life or not if I do nothing about it. I’ve been more commited to pray for the end of abortions and for a return to valuing life. So many of the problems in our country stem from this basic lack of appreciation for life. I have a lot of grief because my father does abortions for Planned Parenthood and thinks he is doing women a favor by so doing. He is blinded. I used to think anyone who said abortion was wrong was crazy, but now that I am a Christ follower, I think differently. My mother became a Christian after I did. Before she passed away, she regularly volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center in the same city my dad did abortions in. She badgered my father, trying to get him to stop volunteering at Planned Parenthood. I didn’t think her vociferous approach was effective, so I kept my mouth shut. Now that she is with the Lord, I feel that there may be a place for me to talk with my father, asking him what it would take to give up doing abortions. I don’t want that to be the legacy he leaves his grandchildren. I hope to do more in the name of life, to help with my grief over having a father, so loving in so many ways, who is part of the industry. I believe the recent 40 Days of Life campain

  45. Jen from Green Bay Says:

    I pressed the enter key too soon. I meant to add: I believe the recent 40 Days of Life campaign helped push me off the sidelines. I am responsible for entering web updates for our radio station. As I was posting the public service announcement about 40 Days of Life, I feel God was speaking to me, asking me what I was doing about the abortion issue. Thank you to all who participated and most of all for the Holy Spirit who uses our prayers to accomplish much for His glory!

  46. Jennifer from Bremerton Says:

    I am so glad to hear about all the successes and the continued plans for prayer around the country. I hope the Spirit continues to spread the ministry. Maybe we’ll get one going here soon. God bless and preserve you all and your efforts.

  47. Alan Unterreiner Says:

    Hello David:
    How wonderful it has been to read all the letters yet it would be even more so to see as many pictures as possible of all the locations that held a 40 prayer period. This has been a blessing to follow with your wonderful emails and daily input and another blessing to read all the feedback from so many other participants. I would say we are seeing the touch of God for he say where sin abounds grace abounds even more, yes we have seen the pulling down of his grace upon us.

    Thank You!

  48. Rhonda Borelli Says:

    I have been praying and fasting for the end of abortion and for 40 Days for Life. Thank you so much for all that you do. God bless you all and God bless your families!! Thank you!

  49. Rhonda Borelli Says:

    I have been praying and fasting for the end of abortion and for 40 Days for Life. Thank you for all that you do and thank you to your families. God bless you!

  50. Brother Jim Roe Says:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,…,
    I thank JESUS for you all, and for providing the best example of being the salt & light to all our neighbors in the world !!! THANKS AGAIN !!!
    Keep the Faith, God Bless You, and I Love You,…, Brother Jim .

  51. Daniel Says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Victory Reports | 40 Days for Life, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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