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DAY 21: Be not afraid

October 15th, 2013 by admin

The second half of this 40 Days for Life campaign starts today!

How would your city change if there were 1,000 fewer abortions every year? What about 2,000 fewer abortions every year? That’s what has happened in Jacksonville, Florida since they did their first 40 Days for Life campaign back in 2007.


One thing had to be overcome for those numbers to become a reality in Jacksonville: FEAR.

When we are challenged to pray at an abortion center, fear certainly comes to mind. Fear is normal, because the vigil can be hard — especially the first time. But this fear also offers an opportunity to stretch us … and increase our faith. And faith in God will always overcome fear.

As we enter the second half of this 40 Days for Life campaign, here’s a short video I made in Jacksonville earlier this year that illustrates this.

Now … find one of the 306 campaign locations near you … and remember that it was our Lord himself who told us to “be not afraid.”


Eileen in Beaumont is also reaching out with words of encouragement to invite people to take part in the 40 Days for Life vigil.

“Please remember, all of us who come on a regular basis were once newcomers,” she said. “Yes, we too, had our jitters the first couple of times. But like everything in life, we soon overcame our fears with the grounded truth that Jesus Christ is present with us. He protects us, guides us, consoles us.”

Eileen said some people are nervous about what sort of sign to bring to the vigil. However, she said the primary sign each participant brings is “the love in your heart.”


40 Days for Life participants in Poughkeepsie are stepping out in faith with not only their vigil at Planned Parenthood but other community outreach activities as well.

Pamela writes that the prayers are being answered. “Last Wednesday, the day when surgical abortions are performed,” she said, “eight prayer volunteers were present.”

They watched as a couple left Planned Parenthood – and had a long discussion in their car. “They hugged each other and then left the facility smiling,” she said. They departed without having the abortion.

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Please keep the stories coming! If something great is happening with your 40 Days for Life campaign, please leave a comment below.

11 Responses to “DAY 21: Be not afraid”

  1. Dottie Hampton Says:

    I love what you and your ministry are doing. May God continue to bless your mission.

  2. Frances Aarcher Says:

    I am participating in my first vigil this Saturday….thank you for having this ministry and encouraging others to participate.

  3. Karen Venables Says:

    I can relate to your story of the fear of going to the abortion site to pray. The first few times I went, I had to go with someone else. This Fall, I have been on the Core Team and have been stretched so much more. I can now even speak in front of people! God will give us the strength when we step out in faith. Don’t be afraid to go out and pray or to get involved with the Core Team planning a campaign in your area. The benefits in doing it are awesome!!!

  4. Bogumila Mendoza Says:

    I am so blessed that God gave me strength to stand in front of the abortion site ( despite back pain, intensive heat, heavy rain and strong wind).Knowing that my presence with prayer will safe God’s babies life gives me indescribable joy. May almighty God bless you.

  5. Barry Says:

    I have been fighting the abortion fight for over forty years and praying in front of the mills for the last five. I must say that I feel closer to Jesus when I am praying in front of the abortion mill than at any other time in my life other than attending Mass. The joy one feels when someone changes their mind will remain with you the rest of your life! We owe it to our fellow Christians to twist their arms and get them out to pray so they can experience the same joy we have received. For His Glory!

  6. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion. God Bless

  7. Dan Miller Says:

    We prayed for every 40DFL campaign by name today. It was completely inspirational! Prayer is so powerful.

  8. Paulette Ebbing Says:

    Like Frances above this is my first time to participate in 40 days for Life, and it is very emotional, and fullfilling to be a part of this .
    God Bless all who participate

  9. Isabel Says:

    Prayer is powerful, period.

    Let us be RELENTLESS in praying every day, especially, in the Rosary, for the closing of all abortion clinics, the defunding and extinction of Planned Parenthood, and the conversion of all abortionists and those that work in abortion clinics.

    May I also suggest that we pray for the conversion of everyone in this country that votes pro-choice to vote pro-life

  10. Antonio Baludio Says:

    Very powerful and full of truth. Let us defeat the devil himself by our unity and prayer, through the intercession of Mother Mary, Queen of all mothers, of St. Joseph her most chaste spouse and defender of the Holy Family, and most of all through Jesus Christ who suffered and died on the cross to give us new life. Amen

  11. Cindy Tompkins Says:

    No need to fear because we are doing the Lord’s work!!
    Sometimes, I think, people are fearful because they don’t know how to pray at the abortion facility, or what to say to those who oppose us.

    A little planning ahead of time really helps!

    May God Bless all of us…He will prevail!!

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