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DAY 24: “Don’t ever mock them again!”

October 18th, 2013 by admin

When you pray outside the abortion center, you’re there representing Christ’s love and mercy — to those entering the facility … to those working there … and even the people who’ve had abortions and suffered in silence for years.

They see you at prayer … and that can often start a journey to healing after after years — or even decades — of despair. Here’s an example.


The abortion business in Boulder just spent thousands of dollars to build a huge fence along the sidewalk where 40 Days for Life volunteers pray.

It limits interactions with clients, said Brenda, the local coordinator. “However,” she said, “our shirts and balloons are getting so much attention … and we are able to share the late-term nature of this clinic. Most people have no idea.”

Recently, a teenage girl and her mother walked up and asked what was going on. Brenda explained the vigil to them.

The mother turned to her daughter and said, “These people have true conviction about this and I don’t ever want you to mock them again!”

But that’s not the end of the story. When Brenda showed the daughter a model of a 12-week baby, the mother began to cry … and said she’d had two abortions many years ago after being told the baby was nothing more than “a clump of cells.”

Brenda offered her information about Rachel’s Vineyard retreats for healing after abortion. The mother dried her eyes and thanked her … then left with her daughter.

“Don’t for a minute think that what we do out there is not important!” Brenda said.


”We watched and prayed as dozens of women arrived, all going inside to wait for the out-of-state abortionist to arrive later in the day,” said Ed, describing a recent morning outside Birmingham’s Planned Parenthood abortion center. “Few were receptive to dialogue, since they had already had their ‘counseling’ visit and paid in full for the abortion.”

Around 9:00, a group of Christian mothers arrived to pray, along with a priest … and “many, many young children all full of energy and joy,” Ed related.

“What a witness for life!” he said. “All the workers and those waiting can see the sidewalk from the large window in Planned Parenthood; and as we prayed, we hoped that they were watching. The presence of mothers and young children on the sidewalk is always such an inspiration to all.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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14 Responses to “DAY 24: “Don’t ever mock them again!””

  1. Hannah Says:

    I have a question for all of you who bring your lovely children to vigils: how do you explain to them what you are doing in an age appropriate way? This past spring we had the privilege of participating in the local vigil. I took my two boys, 5 and 3 years old at the time, and I esimply told them that it was a bad place where people tell mommies lies like “you don’t have to take care of your baby” and that mommies and babies get hurt at that place. I simply couldn’t tell them that babies are killed there, I wasn’t sure how they would process that in their little minds. They were very fervent and sincere in their prayers which was a blessing. Then this summer we had the great joy of seeing that business shut down (Fairfax,VA) and the boys were incredulous and ecstatic. Hwen

  2. Hannah Says:

    When I joyfully told them that the bad place closed and no mommies and babies would be hurt there any more they both began to smile and my oldest asked hesitantly, “Why?” “Because we prayed!” I answered enthusiastically. Since then they have joyfully told the news to our loved ones. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that my children have witnessed the Lord’s faithfulness very tangibly this year. And they have been able to testiify to God’s faithfulness, which has always been my prayer for them!

    We hope to go at least once to the closest vigil this campaign, which is quite a bit further than the spring location.

    But again, just to reiterate my question, how do you explain to a six year old and a four year old the horrific reality of what happens in the building where you are praying. I want them to know the horror and I want them to be shocked, but I’m not sure when is the right time. I’d really appreciate experienced counsel as I have been considering this question since the spring.

  3. Juliane Bertagne Says:

    Hannah, I think you have found just the right thing to say to your sons at this point in their development. There is no need to give them the full, horrible, ugly story right now. As you know, they are too young to properly understand it. Frankly, I wish kids didn’t have to understand the horror that is abortion, but I would say that closer to maybe age 10-12 would be the time to start introducing it. However, if you continue to bring your children with you to the abortion clinic, they may ask questions much earlier than that. Or you may run into the true protestors with ugly signs. It would be good if they could understand some of history and how we got to this point (Roe v. Wade, etc.).

    Certainly when you start talking to them about how God makes children, and their own bodies, the subjects of artificial contraception and abortion will come up at some point.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Hannah, I am certainly not an expert, but I can recall going to Marches for Life every year as a very young child – maybe not at 4 but certainly at 6. Back then, signs were far more gruesome than they are today. We definitely were aware at a young age of the truth of abortion, and it affected me profoundly. I have dedicated my life to the cause, working with pregnant women and fighting for life. I don’t know that every child is prepared for the whole truth, but I think it was ultimately good for me to know! It sounds like the message you shared with your boys did profoundly affect them, however, so I think you’re doing it right.

  5. Patty Says:

    We took our 4 and 3 yr old girls. We simply told them we were there praying for all the moms that had a baby in their belly. We were praying for the baby to be born and for both mom and baby to be healthy. We didnt try to explain what really happens because they are too young. But they did know we we praying for good things.

  6. Margie R. Says:

    Yes, it is a bad place where babies are hurt along with their mothers. This is true. In their lifetimes, these children will know that their parents stood up to the evils of their time and will be strengthened and encouraged to do the same. Although I was in my late twenties, I still remember my two parents going to the local abortion clinic to pray for the end of this evil. Their witness to me remains a legacy now that they are gone to their just reward. Our time is short and we need to speak out and do whatever we can to end abortion, the ultimate child abuse.
    Yesterday, I welcomed a new participant to our 40 Days effort. She is a nurse, a Christian, and onfire for the Lord. Every day we are given the chance to pray and bond with our brothers and sisters in Christ so that abortion in my town of Sacramento, CA and all over the world will be a choice that no mother will choose.

  7. Ava Says:

    Good news from Glen Ellyn!

    A SAVE has been reported! This happened yesterday.

    I just got word from John (who devotedly prays at the vigil location every evening) that a young lady stopped by around 6:20 this evening to say that she had gone in to the abortion facility two months ago, and because she saw a man praying out front, she changed her mind and is keeping her baby!!!!!

    >Thanks be to GOD!!!

    She then showed John an ultrasound picture of her baby boy, and when asked if she had chosen a name yet, said she’s going to name him Malcolm! John told the young woman about the pregnancy resource center across the way, and though she doesn’t think she need its help, he informed her that if EVER she needs ANYTHING to please stop by and let us know! We don’t know who the man is that she saw, but God bless him!


    either to the people who look as though they’ll enter the facility or to
    those who drive by (who may be considering having an abortion, or who just may never have thought about what abortion is and why we must stop it)!

    Thank you, God, for motivating that man to stand out there and pray, for
    allowing that woman to be touched by his loving concern, and for saving
    Malcolm’s life! Please motivate others to allow you to work through them, too! AMEN :D

  8. Victor Galipi Says:

    Hannah, you had a really awesome experience with your children, so given that and my own experiences and observations I would say you said and did the right thing.

    It’s been a long time since my own children were that age, and it may depend on the family, so I’m not sure how well a 4 and 6 year old might handle being told children died in an abortion clinic.

    Again, it seems to me you said the right thing, at least for your own family and situation. I’m glad you and the children had such a great experience as to see an abortion clinic closed. Praise God!

  9. Peter Sawyer Says:

    Thank you for your continued daily bulletins. On Tuesday I visited the peaceful prayer witness outside the Marie Stopes clinic, Twickenham, Middx, England, and today outside the Marie Stopes, Warren Street, London. I hear that at least a couple of young women changed their minds about having an abortion in Twickenham. Alleluia! The last time I witnessed outside an abortuary was 25 years ago, when Joan Andrews and Rescue were the prime movers. Peter

  10. Susan Weber Says:

    I don’t know if I witnessed a “save” yesterday or not, but something interesting happened. I put my signs down and went over to simply greet the d.e.’s, the death escorts, by saying “hello, you are in our prayer intentions also” and was threatened with “you have no right to speak to us here! You must stay on the sidewalk! You can speak from the sidewalk only or you will be arrested!” in loud and angry tones. Well, we started praying the rosary; there were reps from 5 different churches there. After a short while a car, with a man and a woman inside, drove up and into a parking space in front of us. They looked out, backed up again, and backed right out of the parking lot, all the while a d.e. was practically standing behind the car, attempting to “help” them. I think the couple saw a “cloud of witnesses” (cf: Heb 12:1) and couldn’t bear to go inside in full view of us; hopefully they will re-think the whole situation! They came face-to-face with the other option, the choice for life!

  11. Cecilia Tombelli Says:

    Praise God for the last 15 days in a row, there have been no abortions and no abortionist at WomanCare clinic in Lansing. We are praying for conversion of Theodore Roumell, the abortion staff workers and for the culture of life to overtake the dark. The doors were shut for two weeks. A staff person did come for a couple of hours today, but then shut the door behind her. 40 Days volunteers continue to be thankful for this peaceful prayer vigil and the Holy Spirit is allowing for many opportunities for us to reach out to the community during this respite from sidewalk counseling.

  12. Laurie Bialik Says:

    This past Thursday, Oct. 24, one of 3 days abortion is done at the Grand Rapids abortion clinic, the church scheduled to pray called the night before and cancelled. An emergency email went out. I don’t know if prayers were there or not but here is what happened. A counselor from Omega House next door, it was her very first day. To make a long story short she prayed on her way to Omega House and during her time there. Two women changed their minds Thursday and she was involved with both of them. Lady S and Lady R. Please pray for their commitment to carry their child and for support all along the way. When we are faithful God shows his mercy and power. Praise God for 2 saves in one day.

  13. Mary Alice Says:

    Atlanta had two saves! On Friday, a woman whose baby is 25 weeks old came out of the facility and said they told her she was too far along! Praise God-she walked up to the volunteers praying and we will see her through this Pregnancy! On Saturday, the 26th, the last volunteer praying was feeling disheartened. There was obviously a pro-abortion promotional Event going on inside the mill, with even a state representative in attendance! She was asking God if she was making a difference, and to show her when to go home, that the day was dine. Moments later, a woman came out of the facility, walked up to her and said I’m keeping my baby…”I saw the ultrasound, and when I saw the baby’s arms, legs, head, and heart beating, I KNEW I couldn’t go through with it. Interestingly, this woman’s tying husband had a Fran that he was holding a beautiful baby boy, BEFORE he knew she was pregnant!

  14. Christine Moore Says:

    The daily updates have been tremendously encouraging. Keep them coming! When I feel as though my time in prayer & sign-holding matters little, I read your updates & see how God is using all of us in His bigger picture. Thank you!

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