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More on Abby … and your advice needed!

November 4th, 2009 by admin

What an amazing last few days!

After yesterday’s message sharing the miraculous conversion of Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director in Bryan/College Station, Texas (birthplace of 40 Days for Life,) her story has sent shockwaves through the abortion industry and inspired hundreds of thousands of people world wide.

Here’s a picture of Abby with 40 Days for Life campaign director Shawn Carney in Bryan/College Station on the sidewalk outside of her former workplace:

Among the 100+ media outlets reporting on Abby’s conversion story in the last 24 hours, she was a featured guest yesterday on the nationally syndicated Laura Ingraham radio show (guest hosted by Raymond Arroyo) and shared her riveting story about the impact of 40 Days for Life people praying outside of her workplace.

We just posted a 10-minute audio excerpt of that interview, and you will be deeply touched when you hear what she said.

Listen to the audio online (click arrow to start):

Not only that, but yesterday, the first segment of ABC’s “The View” had Barbara Walters discussing Abby’s conversion and the disturbing revelations about how Planned Parenthood pressured Abby to increase the numbers of abortions to increase their income — which even pro-abortion co-host Joy Behar called “gross.”

The View’s national audience then heard actress Sherri Shepherd relate her own experience of being pressured at Planned Parenthood when she was 17 years old. She told the Planned Parenthood worker, “I’m not quite sure what I should do and she was pressuring me to get the abortion.”

Here’s a brief look at that discussion:

Praise God for all these opportunities Abby has to share the truth about life — and the harm caused by the abortion industry!

Please keep Abby in your prayers as abortion advocates — whose worldview has just been shattered — are now resorting to personal attacks against her.


This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT request I have sent to you throughout this fall 40 Days for Life campaign cycle, and your response is crucial.

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Take the short survey now at:

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I would really appreciate if you could make the time to complete this survey today — or by the end of this week, if at all possible.

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The next few months promise to be exciting, and I truly believe the best days of the pro-life movement — and the biggest victories — are just ahead of us!

For Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

75 Responses to “More on Abby … and your advice needed!”

  1. Patricia Marseglia Says:

    Big hugs to Abbey for leaving her past at Planned Parenthood behind, for
    wearing her belt of truth and wearing her breastplate of righteousness in Christ Jesus!

  2. Teri Says:

    God Bless you Abby!

  3. Debbie Sultan Says:

    WOW, Abby’s story is a great one and hopefully one that will touch other PP employees.
    It is amazing what a sonogram will do. Why don’t we have our tax dollars go toward sonogram machines, then at least they would see their CHOICE.
    Thank you Abby, for your courage and strength to listen to Jesus’ whispers on your heart. He never yells even when we think He should!!

  4. PAT MILLER Says:

    What a wonderful decision, Abby.
    Abortion is not just a sin. It is a crime. It takes life from a body.
    Who would want to be a part of that??????
    So glad that you chose LIFE.

  5. Joe B. Says:


    Welcome home sister! :-)

  6. Janice Lewis Says:

    Dear Abby, Your courage is astounding and I so much admire your willingness to tell the truth publicly in the midst of great opposition. We are with you, praying for you and know you will reap great rewards from the Lord. God bless you today – I know He will! Janice Lewis, Missouri Operation Outcry

  7. Michelle Says:

    Abby, you had no idea the impact that your conversion would have on so many people or yourself, but God always knows your strength and that you will proclaim His will be done.

    As a graduate of Texas A&M, I am thrilled to know more young women in the College Station and other university communities will hear your story, share it, and feel this inner strength as well.

    You made it!!

  8. Harry Rovers Says:

    Thanks for all the updates and your hard work, especially the encouraging stories you passed on.

    God bless!

  9. Juliane Bertagne Says:

    Oh, Abby….my heart breaks for you, it must have been very difficult to see that baby being killed right before your eyes! And praise God that He lifted the scales from your eyes so you couldn’t deny it any longer. You are going to be a great blessing to all of us in the pro-life movement as you tell the REAL story of what is behind Planned Parenthood. Don’t be afraid of their threats, put on the full armor of God and stand. We are standing with you!!!!

  10. Laurence Says:

    Thanks Abby – you can be very proud of your self and thanks for sharing your story.
    – Laurence.

  11. Laura Brownj Says:

    Abby, God is good. I am certain you will be richly blessed and well used in this LIFE MOVEMENT. You may also see some trials but know that you have the prayers of hundreds if not thousands ministering to you. Your Friend in Christ, Laura Brown

  12. Susan R. Says:

    Abby, Welcome into the Light! Be prepared for barbs and slandor from the abortion industry. I admire you’re willingness to speak out about this industry.
    God Bless!

  13. sarah Says:

    God Bless You! Do not be Afraid to keep showing the Truth behind Plan Parenthood, it will set you free from the Past. God is holding your hand along the path. You remain in my prayers. God love ya! Peace be with you.

  14. Susan Says:

    The Lord touched your heart, Abby, and now he is using you as His instrument. Your life will never be the same. Know you have the prayers of all of in Maryland. The veil has been lifted! Thanks be to God!

  15. Marie Allen Says:

    Abby, thank you so much for your courage in standing up for life. I am remembering you in a special way in my prayers and I give thanksgiving for your witness. Be strong in your committment, as there are many who will disagree with you and try to bring you down. God bless you and your family.

  16. Jane G. Says:

    Abby, you have touched many lives with your witness. As long as we sand together in God’s protection, we’ll be ok. God bless you for your courage. Know that you are in my prayers daily.

  17. Kathy Ingram Worthy Says:

    Abby, How amazing…You shall know the Truth and the Truth set you
    free. How free you must feel. Very proud you have chosen to be on
    the right side the life side.

  18. chaplin Jim Says:

    Abby: Please be aware that when the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, you will experience a glow that is brighter than the sun. Be prepared though that there is one who will try to make you sorry you left him. That is Satan and his fallen angels. You will experience his attacks almost immediately from directions you didn’t expect. He will try his best to get you back by trying to make you think that God has forgotten you. But remember Satan is a liar and the father of liars! I say these things not to discourage you but to give you strength in the days to come! Jesus will never leave you or forsake you!

  19. Jeannie McCullough Stiles Says:

    Thank you Abby for having the courage to listen and leave the industry! May you be showered with God’s blessings!!

  20. FRAY LEONARD Says:


  21. Helen Moffatt Says:

    Abby, way to go girl for standing up to life. Thank you for coming on the life side instead of choice. God bless you.

  22. Stephanie Kemp Says:

    Dear Abby,
    Your courage is awesome. I pray that many others around the country will follow your example when they finally see the Truth. Unborn children deserve life and women deserve better than abortion! Thanks be to God your heart was opened. Our Lord is using your powerful witness to bring people out of the darkness. Thank you so much for speaking up! May you always be sheltered in the Palm of His Hand.
    God’s peace be with you.

  23. A.Andea Pascual Says:

    My dear Abby,
    Thank God and thank you for your decision. I am a Eucharistic adorer and will mention your name and pray for your intentions. Praying that many more will follow what you did. May God bless you always. Andrea

  24. Jennifer Racancoj Says:

    Dear Abby, you and Shawn and the Coalition for Life are in my prayers. I was reading the blogs. Many are comparing you to St. Paul. You are very courageous and well loved by all of us. The court hearing is God’s plan to make your story even more well known. God will protect you and the Coalition for Life. From now on you will be a soldier for Christ like St. Paul!!! Isn’t that something, in the bible it says St. Paul did what he did because he believed he was doing what was right. So to, many in the abortion industry truly believe they are helping women. Let us pray that many come to realize the truth through your testamony.

  25. Pat Says:


    God Bless You. I will pray for you because I have a bad feeling you are about to experience the perfect storm as Planned Parenthood tries to bring you down. Stay strong, you have more people praying for you than trying to discredit you. As you said in your interview, they have moved away from family planning and towards the more lucrative practice of abortion. God used you to hit them where it hurt — their pocketbook.

  26. Aquea J.Crittenden Says:

    Abby, You are a” light’ in the midst of darkness. God bless you for your courageous heart and stance for life. We love you and support you!!!!!!

  27. Janine Rezabek Says:

    Dear Abby, God is so good. He loves us all even in our sinfulness he calls us out to show his great power and might. May God continue to bless you, your family and all the workers of Planned Parenthood nationwide. I love Psalm 51, maybe you will too, for I too was once a great sinner as was King David. Blessings! <

  28. Michele Clark Says:

    Dear Abby, God has blessed you abundantly with this conversion. Let`s see what God has in store for you in moving forward with the truth. God bless you in doing His will.

  29. Bonnie Says:

    In the pictures I have seen of you, you are beaming, radiant as a bride, literally glowing with the love of the Lord! I Praise Jesus for raising you up! Alleluia!

  30. JD DiTore Says:

    Abby, being a supporter of Life is a win-win for all parties. There are so many people looking to adopt children, those women who decide to give birth to their child but not to raise it, can pass that precious life along to those who want to nurture it. Another factor is that women don’t have a “right” to abort a child as it is not “their” body, but God’s temple for nurturing a fetus to the point of birth.

    God bless you for your personal epiphany!

  31. Ann Says:

    Your courage in speaking the truth is greatly inspiring. Please know that for every attack that may come your way from the abortion industry, there are exponentially many more people who are lifting you up in their prayers. God is and will continue to use you in a mighty way in saving lives and bringing about His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. God bless you!

  32. C. Hunkele Says:

    God Bless you and keep you Abby! I will be forever grateful for your brave and unselfish decision. Thank you.

  33. Lisa Says:

    The Holy Spirit is definately hard at work these days and I am just elated that Abby opened her heart to Him. Thank you Abby for sharing your heart with the world. I have a feeling that your conversion story will touch the hearts of many others who do not yet realize how very precious life is. You will continue to be in my prayers.

  34. Terese Says:


    I, as every pro-life person does, pray for all who work in the abortion industry and for all the people who are pro-choice that they will have a change of heart and turn toward the light of Jesus Christ. You are an answer to our prayers.

  35. Louise Says:

    Abby, know that God forgives you for working inside the abortion clinic, and that we forgive you too. You are such a beautiful person inside and outl, Jesus loves you and we do too.

  36. Fr. Mike Sis Says:

    Your profound decision will bear much good fruit around the world. The truth has set you free. I will pray for your courage and strength as you tell your story which the world needs to hear.
    Fr. Mike

  37. Lorraine Says:

    Abby, how much God loves you!

    How real God is, that He gives us this capacity also to love!

    Think of it! Shawn and the 40 Days for Life team – all these years – praying for your conversion, for your salvation, for your happiness!

    And today, all of the 40 Days for Life teams, praying for the conversion and salvation and happiness of every abortionist and every staff in every abortion facility.

    Wrapped up in a web of the deceit of the devil – (Picture Frodo bound by She Spider’s silk in her lair in The Lord of the Rings) – no one can free himself. Frodo was a goner.

    But the prayers and the fasting of Shawn and the team, like the courage and ferocious love of Frodo’s devoted Sam, willing to risk his own death, stormed the lair and freed his friend from death.

    Abby, you have been freed from death. You are precious. God loves you.

    Don’t despair when you think of all the horror that you participated in.
    Everyone is culpable because our nation has allowed this to go on so long.

    Forgiveness is real. God is real. Mercy is real.

  38. Connie Beckman Says:

    Dear Abby:
    Thank you for sharing the truth about Planned Parenthood. Thank you for your courage in standing up for life. Thank you for walking away from the darkness of death and destruction. You are now in the Light of Christ and now the precious little ones in the womb through your witness will have a voice and a chance for life. Thank you for helping mothers to choose life. God is going to use you mightly in the days ahead. I will cover you in prayer. I will call upon all the Holy Angels and Saints to intercede on your behalf.

  39. Tina and Brad Amaro Says:

    Dearest friend in Christ, Abby! We thank God for you, such a witness of truth and life! Standing up for what is right! Be assured of our prayers! Abby, you are just what the world needs now, to reveal the atrocity and horror of abortion! May God bless you in all your efforts, and peace be yours as well! What an amazing story, and God bless you Abby!

  40. Gladys Brayer Says:

    Dear Abby: Thank you for sharing the truth of what goes on behind the closed doors of the abortion centers! The fact that women are deliberately not encouraged to recognize their unborn child as a developing HUMAN BEING but simply an unformed mass of cells best to dispose of is truly heartless. Thank God your heart was opened and you realize the truth that all life is a gift to be protected and cherished. Thank you for your testimony and God bless you and your family!

  41. Kathi Says:

    Abby, you are an answer to prayer. I have been praying for conversion of Planned Parenthood workers. Your are helping to to shine God’s light on the evil of abortion. Thank-you, Thank -you!!

  42. Patti Says:

    Dear Abby, I am sure because of your courage and honesty many lives will be saved! Thank you and God bless you!

  43. Moira Says:

    Praise God for your conversion and your courage to act on it. You have been chosen to give witness to LIFE, and it is an “inconvenient truth” in our culture. You have a righteous wind at your back, and may you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit uplifting you. God will be with you on what will be a difficult but rewarding journey. WE will be with you in prayer and spirit.

    All the little angel babies are weeping tears of joy in heaven for the lives you will SAVE with your story. God Bless You Abby.

  44. Marie Jones Says:

    Well done Abby! Thank you for you courage and witness to both sides. May God bless you in your new phase in life, Saint Paul comes to mind! After his conversion look what he did for the cause of those he previously persecuted! So many people are praying for you in this tough time. ”Do not be affraid for I am with you always.”

  45. Amy Cabrera Says:

    Dear Abby… I am so happy that you have made the choice of LIFE!!! It is amazing how women can do that not only to their body, but to their child!!! So many people try and try to have a baby, and these women having abortions have no idea the great gift God has given them…. I just pray that America will wake up and see how LIFE does matter.. Not just after you are born, but from the moment you are made!! God bless you Abby!

  46. debbie wilson Says:

    Dear Abbey,

    May Our precious Lord and His beloved Mother, the Blesed Virgin Mary continue to guide and protect you as you courageously protect the defenseless unborn. I am so proud of your endeavors.

  47. Lolly Lee Says:

    You are so brave, Abby! God is so proud of you.

  48. Paula Says:

    The TRUTH shall set you free!! Abby . . .enjoy your freedom. What a victory this is. Praying that your collegues in cities Nationwide would be inspired to take the same stand for life! Praying for you and my local Planned Parenthood Director and employees in Lufkin, Texas.

  49. Charlie Courtois Says:

    Hello Abby!
    God bless you for your courageous conversion. Our Lord told us over and over that it would not be easy to follow Him. I know that you are probably realizing the impact of those words in light of your choice to call “Planned Parenthood” what is really is: A place where life is snuffed out for financial gain.

    God’s children are all rejoicing because you have had the courage and strength to stand up against this horrendous evil. I join them as well in applauding your decision to stand up for Christ.
    Charlie Courtois

  50. Sue Brickner Says:

    Dear Abby, Praise God for your eyes being opened and your courages Yes! I work with the post abortive woman, and have seen their pain and their joyful healing. I believe God is forming his army and that at the forfront is the post abortive.

  51. Jim Says:

    Abby, Thank you for having the courage of your convictions. By you becoming a witness we will never know how many lives you save.

  52. Angie Says:

    This is the kind of thing that we all pray for in ending abortion: that the eyes of the hearts of those who are involved will be opened to the truth! God does hear these prayers. Let’s keep praying!
    God bless you Abby.

  53. Terri Geraci Says:

    Those of us who participated in 40 Days have been extremely blessed to see the fruits of our labor in this MIRACLE. Who could have imagined that God was going to show His majesty in such a way?! Abby, those who wrote above are right. The principalities of darkness WILL come against you. But by putting on the armour of God you will withstand the onslaught. Victory is His! How privileged you must feel to be chose to be His mouthpiece. God bless you abundantly!

  54. Collene Says:

    Abby, you are awesome! I admire your courage! Women deserve a better choice. Thank you so much for standing up for all of us! I had my son when I was 19 and it’s because of people who supported me that i was able to choose life for my son. He is now 5 years old and I have never regretted my choice!

  55. Mary Bothe Says:

    Abbey, Abbey, Abbey! We are so blessed by your witness! When you explained the ways you convinced yourself you were doing God’s work, I heard all the same arguments from old friends I have been trying to reach for years. Thank you for your courage in speaking the truth about Planned Parenthood. We are all so happy to welcome you into our hearts and prayers. Keep smiling! You are beautiful! Love,

  56. Mary Bothe Says:

    Sorry, Abby! Did I spell your name incorrectly? I’m so happy you joined us in prayer for the little ones! God Bless you always, in all ways.

  57. Toni Moriarty Says:

    Dear Abby…Thank God for His super-abundant Grace and unending Mercy that brought you out of that hell-hole and into His arms and the arms of all the pro-life people around the ENTIRE world:-)
    Toni Moriarty

  58. Barbara Says:

    Abby! You go girl! God will bless you richly.

  59. Joe Brougham Says:

    Dear Abby,

    God Bless you! You are the answer to so many prayers from the faithful! Heaven, the angels and the saints sign twice as loud when a sinner coverts their heart to Christ.

    Ave Maria +
    Peace +

  60. Carmen Says:


    You are the St. Paul of our time!!!!!!!!!!
    Your conversion will be something that will be hard to argue against!!
    God works in mysterious ways and now he is working through YOU!!!!
    Thank you and my prayers are with you.

    God does answer prayers and he answered ours with your love :)

  61. Gerard Liston Says:

    Fantastic story! I haven’t been this excited since Bernard Nathanson joined the pro-life movement. Greetings to all my pro-life friends in USEh? and Canada.

  62. Monika Woods Says:

    I am happy about the fact that not only did the view tell the truth, but hopefully MANY women will see this and be as righteously angry as I was. Not only does planned parenthood push people into abortions, when I had one 20 years ago they LIED to get you to do it!!! They told me that it was JUST A MASS OF TISSUES at 13 weeks.
    There were at least 10 other girls in there, and we were being pushed through like cows through the slaughter house.
    Thank you God for Abby! Her face is so beautiful and full of truth. Thank you for the two women on the view who stood up against the women that think there is ever a good reason for such horror to take place.

  63. Cathy Says:

    Praise the Lord and give thanks!

  64. Olivier Says:

    I have been praying with you from Paris during these fourty days. And God listens to those who turn to him. I wish Abby to go ahead with the strength of God she received to make her decision.

  65. Maylane Wong Says:

    Abby, thank you so much for your honesty and courage in responding to the truth about abortion. Whoever hears your story will never be the same again. I just viewed the movie “Amazing Grace” and was reminded that it often takes perseverance and conviction in the hearts of just a few to see society changed for the better. May your step of faith continue to inspire many more to join you on this journey of faith. With God nothing is impossible. Blessings!

  66. Gerry Larkin Says:

    God Bless you
    You have been inspired by the Holy Spirit
    Keep remembering that in it all our side will win
    May you continue in the light of God in this world and the next

  67. Randy Says:


    …The Abbey Johnson interview – approximately 8 minutes. Could you please have someone transcribe this interview, convert it into text and make it available, (email it if at all possible). We have a pro-life meeting this evening and I would love to be able to read exerpts from the interview.

    Abbey had bought the lie that abortion helps women. She has seen and acknowledged the truth of the matter. Praise God for working to shine the light of truth into the darkness. We need only tell the story to spread this light.



  68. Ceec Says:

    Abby, May God Bless Your Heart and Heal Any Wounds Left behind from Memories of the Past. May He open your heart to many new and wonderful memories:o) and give you the strength to ENJOY what your days ahead hold.
    Freedom from all that evil, it’s gotta feel great.
    Gods Peace My Friend.

  69. Graziella María Raluy Zierold Says:

    Querida Abby: I´m praying for you to get a new job. Your brave story really touched me. Miracles do happen! Greetings and blessings from Mexico City

  70. sandy Says:

    You are proof that a person can be truly “blind” because you said that you were always a Christian and felt that you were doing God’s will. It makes it all the more clear how the devil can step in and act like God to win souls over. I would like to mention the March for Life to you. I attend the one in Wash, DC each year. But there women who are part of the “Silent No More” group give testimony to their abortion experience. Speaking about transforming lives, I believe that they have helped many just by their testimony. Hear them. Welcome home to the truth. May God bless you abundantly.

  71. Laura Brumm Says:

    Dear Abby, The grace of God is so mighty! You can’t possibly imagine the impact of your decision to pubicly denounce Planned Parenthood. Telling the truth of what goes on behind closed doors there will be very powerful. Your courage to change your belief will also empower others who are questioning theirs. Your courage will be contagious and will catch on like wildfire. Don’t let them silence you. Continue to be brave.
    The Lord has touched your heart and you are forever changed!!!
    God bless you and thank you. What you have done is far more than most of us could possibly accomplish in years of working in the prolife movement !!! We are ever so grateful!!!

    Laura Brumm

  72. Linda Williams Says:

    Abby’s “change of heart” – now THAT’S “change we can believe in!”

  73. Rosalinda Says:

    May God Bless You and Strengthen You Abby! Brilliant change of heart. What an inspiring story!!!

  74. Justin Taylor Says:

    This is an amazing story. I actually said “excellent” out loud when I heard. Angels in Heaven are celebrating not only Abby’s conversion but the mortal blow she has landed to the abortion movement. Praise God!

  75. Evanjelina Godfredson Says:

    May God bless you for the many lives you have saved by becoming pro life and speaking out about it. Our prayers are with you.

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