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Florida abortion clinic: CLOSED!

November 6th, 2009 by admin

There is a REALLY BIG announcement at the end of this message — that you won’t want to miss — but first I have to share the breaking news…

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does!

I stand today in wonder at the awesome power of God, as one miracle follows on the heels of another miracle, which follows on the heels of yet another!

Here’s the latest …

For at least 25 years, there’s been an abortion facility at 6700 North 9th Avenue in Pensacola, Florida. But last Friday — Day 38 of the fall 40 Days for Life campaign — as people prayed outside, the clinic CLOSED ITS DOORS and shut down!

The local 40 Days for Life team didn’t even realize it at the time. Ernie Cyr, the Pensacola coordinator, heard reports that law enforcement officers went into the clinic on Friday to serve some legal papers, but no one really knew what was going on.

Then on Monday, a simple legal notice appeared in the fine-print section of the local newspaper: “As of October 30th, 2009, The Community Health Center of Pensacola will be terminating its practice.”

Ernie’s two-word response? “Praise God!”

A local TV news team did some digging, and last night their top story reported what they discovered. The clinic operated a lab, and that lab required a state license. The owners had a license at one time, but the news report documented that it expired 413 days ago. And that’s something state investigators became aware of only recently.

The clinic was given a choice: pay a huge fine or close down. The fine is $1,000 a day — for each of the 413 days the lab was without a license — which came to a whopping $413,000!

The clinic could not come up with the money … and was left with only one choice: CLOSE.

State officials told WEAR-TV that they had offered the abortion facility a reduced fine as part of a settlement agreement — but they never received a response. The abortion center staff would not talk with the TV reporters for comment, but the legal notice in the newspaper certainly suggests that the closure is permanent.

God works in mysterious — and wonderful — ways!

Here’s the WEAR-TV news report:

Now, I do have to tell you that this clinic had been the target of senseless violence in the past — a bombing in 1984 and two murders in 1994.

Because of that, many of the pro-life people in Pensacola quit coming out and opted to pray for the unborn at home or at church — or avoided pro-life efforts completely.

Although some stalwart Christian witnesses kept up their heroic efforts through the years, prayer presence at this clinic had drastically diminished because of the things that had happened.

Bottom line: the violence did not stop the abortions.

And, it drove away the very people who could have been part of the solution to the abortion crisis.

But God had other plans. A young couple named Ernie and Mary Beth moved to Pensacola and were not fully aware of the past history of the area. They heard about 40 Days for Life during a “Being Human” episode on EWTN and decided to conduct a local campaign — and then another, and then another.

It hasn’t always been easy, but throughout the three local 40 Days for Life campaigns over these last two years, Ernie and Mary Beth Cyr have seen more and more people coming back out to pray at the clinic, PEACEFULLY asking God to end abortion there.

And He did!

The TV news story reported the observable facts about a Florida health agency that took action against an unlicensed facility — but it also featured Ernie saying, “It’s just a complete joy and what a blessing for our community to have this facility close.”

During the news report, Bernadette Ensley — a University of West Florida student, and head of UWF’s Students for Life group — said it best: “For this to up and close the last weekend of 40 Days for Life is really shocking and great!”

Here are some of the Pensacola 40 Days for Life team members in front of the now-closed abortion center:

This now makes FIVE abortion centers CLOSED — facilities where people came to pray outside for an end to abortion during 40 Days for Life.

Praise God indeed, for answering your prayers and the prayers of thousands of others!


Today’s amazing news makes me even more excited to announce that this coming Monday, November 9, you are invited to participate in a live teleconference and webcast where you will:

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I can’t wait to share the breaking news with you next Monday night!

For Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

19 Responses to “Florida abortion clinic: CLOSED!”

  1. Anna Says:

    Our God is GRRRRREAT! Praise the Lord!

  2. Mary Anne Tissot Says:

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!!

  3. Judy Doozan Says:

    It is so exciting to see God’s favor on this campaign! It seems that the passionate prayers of God’s people; and then, organized, peaceful action are key factors in changing hearts among clinic staff and women who were struggling with their pregnancies. This campaign has given me so much hope that God’s people led by His Spirit can make significant change!!!

  4. Gail Peterson Says:

    Thank you, Lord God Almighty.
    We must act today and call our Congressmen and women begging that the House “rule” be defeated, and the Healthcare bill which includes mandated abortion coverage, be defeated. I pray for the conversion of myself and many others, today especially, Nancy Pelosi.

  5. Helen Moffatt Says:

    Thank you God, we praise you forever and forever. Let’s pray so that more abortion clinics and planned parenthood will close, too.

  6. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, Heavenly Father, for closing this facility as we know that you hear our prayers and the cries of mothers, familes and all your children and we beg you, Heavenly Father, to immediately close all abortion facilities and to stop all the killings and all injustices around the world as only you can and beg you to please convert every single soul on earth, that we all turn back to your truth and feel and accept and act upon your tender and tremendous love for every single one of us, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  7. Travis Coleman Says:

    I am so happy to hear that the abortion center in Pensacola has closed. I witnessed an arbortion take place at a Pensacola arbortion center. I think it was this same arbortion center that just closed, though I’m not absolutely certain. I was with my confused girlfriend at the time, who I throught wasn’t going to go through with the abortion. I tried to talk her out of this horrible procedure, and I throught that in the end she would open her heart and her eyes to see that arbortion was not the answer. I prayed for her daily, and tried to talk her out of it. After all of this she still went through with the procedure, which I know she deeply regrets. I know she wishes she hadn’t done this, because just a month or so later she was talking about trying to have another baby…I’m still praying for her, and all the other men and women are confused and think that abortion is the best solution. It is not, it truly is not.

  8. Deborah Garrison Says:

    Oh, Heavenly Father, I have JOY, JOY, JOY overflowing whenever I put my trust in Thee, when I give it up, and let it go, like a child, I BELIEVE, that You know what’s best for me, Oh What Joy That Comes Washing Over ME!!! A song to sing everyday as the Pro-Life movement faithfully admires the Miracles that can only come from The Mighty Hand of The Almighty Father God continually washing each and everyone of US in this moment as we faithfully rest in HIS peace and as we all lay down our cares IN PRAYER and watch HIS Mighty Hand CLOSE DOWN & PUT OUT OF BUSINESS ALL ABORTION CLINICS WORLD WIDE, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, Amen & Amen. I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

  9. Marlene Clark Says:

    ONLY YOU GOD can take A HANDFUL OF THE POPULATION THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES…and WILLINGLY use their efforts for YOUR GLORY…to accomplish REALLY GREAT THINGS. You have blessed the 40 Days for Life people by doing so.. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD YOU ARE!!!!

  10. Teri Says:

    Praise God! as we continue to pray to end the abortion.

  11. PAT MILLER Says:

    Thanks to all of you are going to these sites and praying peacefully.
    I don’t have a facility close by my home, but I”ve been praying right here at home.
    God really does hear our prayers.
    Thank you dear God for another blessing that you have bestowed on our country. The closing of this clinic is an awesome bit of news.
    It probably won’t make the news media, but certainly is very important to all of us pro-life chrisitans. We continue our prayers for this very serious sin/crime of our country, our world.

  12. UWF Students for Life: Nationwide acknowledgement | UWF Students For Life Says:

    [...] I hope you all are celebrating the wonderful victory we have had with 40 Days for Life this year, having the 9th Avenue abortion clinic close. It really is a miracle! 413 days: an oversight for a “professional profiting clinic”? I don’t think so… If that were to happen at one of the hospitals around here, there would be outrage. This is a miracle, and your prayers and participation were a part of it!  Thank you for those who participated!  You can read what the national director of 40 Days For Life had to say about our victory here. [...]

  13. Anna Says:


    Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards sent an email to her members with an “emergency” alert opposing the Stupak amendment.

    She called the efforts of pro-life advocates, including the Catholic bishops, to secure a vote on the Stupak amendment “a discriminatory, mean-spirited attack on women.”

    Excuse ME, Ms. Richards, with all due respect, you don’t know the meaning of “mean spirited”!

    Ripping a child from a mother’s womb and leaving her to die from infection or suffer for the rest of her life, chopping a child to pieces inside the mother’s womb, burning the child to death inside it’s mother’s womb with a saline solution, sticking a needle into a child’s heart to stop it, or sticking a knife into a nine month old unborn baby’s brain to kill it, these things are not only “mean spirited” they are unadulterated acts of EVIL!.

    These are crimes against humanity, NOT HEALTHCARE!

  14. Mickey Kelly Says:

    Thanks Be To God! I can’t believe a clinic like that with an expired license. I hope they shut down more abortion clinics that operate with an expired license. A change is coming.

  15. KimBerowski Says:

    Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ, for the miracle. We have to keep up the good work, and get the word out how abortion hurts women and kills, babies and families. We have to keep praying for an end to abortion and change people hearts and minds with the truth and the truth will set us free.

  16. Syreeta Sarpong Says:


  17. Sandy Says:

    My prayers are with everyone who participated in the 40 Days for Life, as well as with the mothers who are struggling with their pregnancies. I’m overjoyed that my children get to witness the power of prayer.

    Praise God!

  18. Lori K Says:

    PRAISE GOD!!!! What more can we say, this is a miracle and many babies will be saved because of this!!!!! I pray that many more clinics will be closed and hearts will be changed. God is good!

  19. J. Angele Kuchukian Says:

    Even tho we do not see results directly because of our Vigils at Bryn Mawr, Paoli and Lankenau Hospitals, we pray that our hours of sacrifice, prayer and fasting do contibute to National Successes like these.

    Thanks to all for your courage and perseverence.

    J. Angele Kuchukian, Campaign Director
    Main Line Coalition

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