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HOPE for America

April 6th, 2010 by admin

America is in crisis …

… And in this short video, you’ll discover the prescription to remedy what ails our nation:

This video of my presentation at the “Keep God in America” rally in Jacksonville marked the end of the spring 40 Days for Life campaign last week — and is a small way for me to say “THANK YOU” for all you’ve done over these last few weeks to make the recent 40 Days for Life campaign the most successful spring campaign ever!

Hope you are blessed by this hope-filled message.

Yours for Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

PS: After you watch the video, I’d love to know what you think! Share your thoughts by posting a reply at the bottom of this page.

122 Responses to “HOPE for America”

  1. Susan Okun Says:

    Powerful message–thank you so much for these words of encouragement at such a dark time in our nation. There is hope–with God, nothing is impossible!

  2. Peggy Wilson Says:

    This was a very moving, passionate accurate assessment of today and what we need to do to “Heal our Nation.” I am praying for personal strength to carry out the work God has before me. I will continue to pray for your amazing ministry which is SAVING THE VERY LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN AND OUR NATION!

    Peggy Wilson

  3. Cheryl Says:

    “It is not about me, Lord. Only You. Only You.”
    Thank you David for posting this video. While my ministries are confined to my parish, I pray for you and all you do.

  4. Robert Mohorko Says:

    Amen! Thus saith the Lord speaks from your mouth David “Be Right)!!

    I am grateful for those who hear and obey the Word (Bible and Jesus)

    Thank you and all who are standing in the gap; for there is a cause!

    We shall be held accountable according to the Word; I pray we understand and obey…God is love, but there will be crowns and cast offs in heaven

    Ezekiel 22:30 Proverbs 24:10-12

    In Jesus Name, have mercy upon us and open our hearts and minds to what “you would have ME to do”!

  5. Felipe Says:

    “And because of that faithfulness God is hearing our prayer, He is forgiving our sin, he is healing our land; one heart, one mind, one life and one soul at a time!” Amen brother, what a profoundly inspiring speech David! May our almighty Lord continue to bless the 40 Days for Life campaign abundantly with His eternal love. God bless you always David, you all have my enduring support from Sydney, Australia.

  6. Pat Patton Says:

    This beautiful,inspiring speech, along with the daily 40Days messages (many of which I have printed to re-read) help me to continue my committment to sidewalk couseling every Monday.

  7. Maryanne Heath Says:

    Mother Teresa spoke the words many times, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love”. Thank you for having the courage to form a small group that has grown to do great things for babies and women. God Bless You and 40 Days for Life.

  8. Rita Chilson Says:

    I have an older computer, so sometimes I cannot play the video sent to me. I agree that we should keep God in America. I do my part by printing labels “God Bless America” or “In God We Ttrust” and putting them on every envelope that leaves my home. Keep up the good work and God Bless you.

  9. Theresa Says:

    Thank you, David for being here in Jacksonville. I love the power in your voice when you speak and speak scripture. God Bless You! ~Theresa †

  10. Robin Amaral Says:

    What does it say of a nation if we can’t protect our most vulnerable ciitizens; the unborn, no matter what stage of development they are in, who are so dependent on their mother’s body for safety and nourishment. God bless the innocent. I pray the holy spirit can change the hearts of the women and their partners who are thinking of terminating their pregnancies.

  11. Cheryl Says:

    “It is all about You, Lord. All about You.”
    While my ministries are confined to my parish, I pray for you and your work and dedication.

  12. Larry Cirignano Says:


    On August 6th Sean Hannity will be hosting his Freedom tour at Great Adventure in NJ The Concert is at 7PM with Lynyard Skynyrd Charlie Daniels and Michael W Smith.

    At 2 Pm he is hosting a VIP reception $$ for NJ Faith and Freedom with Ollie North, Newt Gingrich and Ralph Reed. I am sure a few others too.

    Following that will be a rally for Faith and Freedom at 3 PM and I’d like you to be there.

    It would be great if you could join us.

    All day at the zoo and amusement rides would be a GREAT ADVENTURE for your family too.

    Save the date as details are coming together.

  13. pat donlevy Says:

    Thank you for the words of hope and encouragement.
    Focusing on the positive things is essential, lest we lose heart.
    Let our focus be on prayer and presence with those who feel as we do.
    Romans 1; 11-12.

    Please put more emphasis on Scripture. Our Holy Father says it is through Lectio Divina(Word of God) that we may experience a springtime of the Church.

  14. Nancy Says:

    “We don’t have the answer, we prayed to see God’s face.” Awesome, I very much appreciate the notice when we think the answer comes from man we are let down over and over and over again. With God all things are possible.

  15. DEBORAH kRISCH Says:

    Watching you on the video this morning, I hope that you and or Abby or John Carney will agree to come to Okc for the Fall 40 days for Life. If God so wants it I will be the Director again as I was last fall. Okc needs a powerfull awakening. They are of good hearts but way too many are silent. I am blessed to be here in a State that is so Pro -Life but need a force to awaken the sleeping giant. Please let me know how I can reach you to get help for the next 490 Days FOr Life.

  16. Catherine Skokowski Says:

    Thank you so much, we Christians do need to wake up before it is too late.When just speaking His Name would be a crime and public prayer at abortion clinics would be forbidden. Thank you also for leading this wonderful movement–what an awesome undertaking.-I hope there is a way that every Church and every Christian can see this video.
    God Bless,
    Cathy Skokowski

  17. Sherry Guess Says:

    Thank you David for this beautiful witness to God and to the power of prayer and fasting, humbling ourselves before Our Lord to ask for healing, pardon and restoration of our country.

    This was my first year of involvement in an active way in 40 Days for Life, as my parish chairman for Respect Life here at St. Francis of Assisi in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. We are a community of retired people, committed to prayer and fasting to make a difference in the struggle for every human being’s right to life from the moment of conception to natural death. I made prayer packets for each week’s daily scripture, prayer and meditation as many of our residents are not techno-savvy. They are however, powerful prayer warriors indeed! I printed and distributed more and more packets each week as I kept running out! We have approximately 180 families in our parish and I had to print 125 copies on the last week of this event.

    Our parish priest was totally supportive of these efforts, allowing me to speak after each Mass briefly outlining our efforts to ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness for all those affected by the scourge of abortion, including mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents who would never be able to hold their loved ones destroyed before birth.

    The Lord has convicted my heart to continue this effort throughout this year and every year, prayers and fasting will continue here in my small hometown. I was a prayer warrior on the street in Little Rock one day and witnesses a couple who went into the abortion mill with an appointment with death, but exited with a decision for life, instead. Our sidewalk counselor trotted along in front of their car to direct them to the St. Joseph Womens Center for some real help and guidance, an ultrasound to see their loved one and all the support they need in their decision to choose life.

    I personally lost my first granchild to an abortion in 1982, when my 15 year old daughter was coerced by her boyfriends father and driven to an abortion mill by him to make sure the baby was killed. For many years, my daugher suffered from depression, alcohol and drug abuse and I did not understand or know what was at the root of this problem until she joined AA, turned back to God through the Catholic church and finally understood the mercy of God. Her life, once so broken by this terrible sin, has now been restored to fullness. She is committed to a Women’s Center in her hometown and works as a volunteer, has done some public speaking and is now working on a book for women who still suffer today.

    My involvement in the 40 Days for Life devotional prayer effort has restored peace to my soul and for that, I am ever grateful and ever committed to helping others find His healing and peace as well. God Bless you and strenthen you in your witness to the power of prayer!

  18. Lena dahlia Says:

    You are speaking the truth! We need God more than ever! Thank you for giving us the message.

  19. joanne ciocys Says:

    Amen!!! Thank you, David!! I really needed to hear that, and I needed to hear it in your voice. I knew Easter, but now I feel it too!
    Praise God, Who IS, Who is Love, Who loves us!!

  20. Irene Thrasher Says:

    Thank you for your untiring service and dedication to this cause. We will keep on praying and seeking the face of God with humility. Life is good and is getting better.

  21. Hi David and group! Says:

    Dear David,

    Good job, you are a wonderful orator and truth teller! However this is not a short video. Someone should time it and put the time it takes so people can finish.

    David, if you are speaking at a tea party you are marking yourself and this organization as a radical, you know that right? This IS politics, I am sure you are aware.

    God bless and keep up the good work.

    P.S. Parker ( Susan )

  22. Sheri Says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Wake up America! God is waiting on us, to take a stand……. David, God Bless You!!!

  23. Mary Pate Says:

    David, thank you for leading all of us in the battle for lives and souls. There are countless stories of people affected by abortion and by the peaceful presence of prayer warriors, changing hearts and lives. Near the end of our campaign, a woman stopped her car in the street to tell the prayer volunteers that 30 years ago she had an abortion and still suffers, but encouraged them to continue praying. Thank you for the daily devotionals and words of encouragement to inspire us to continue standing up for life. Little Rock will once again maintain on-going prayer on the three days when surgical abortions are performed. I urge all cities which participated in the spring campaign to build an army of volunteers to pray year-round at their abortion centers. If 532 lives were saved in 40 days, just imagine what can be done if we pray throughout the year. God bless you and the national leadership team.

  24. George Says:


    Keep up the great work.

  25. Anna Says:

    Thank you David for yet another timely and truthful message. I very much needed to be reminded this morning the God is in control.

  26. Bonnie L. Says:

    I have followed your 40 Days for Life for many years now and am always inspired by how God works through your leadership and the prayers of many throughout the project. He definitely works in the lives of so many who hear your words, those who know God and pray for those seeking abortions.

    We need to stay connected to him throughout this period in history in which so many abortions are attempted; made possible by the laws created and monies collected by our government. May our constant prayers be that abortions will be no more, and that we will be there for many who seek you and that they will find you and pray to you.

  27. Kara Agoston Says:

    Thank you David for your faithful leadership and encouragement! I am seeking God’s will and am feeling called to be more involved in the 40 days for life as Abortion is something I would like to see end. Please pray for me as I am feeling God wants me to be a sidewalk counselor. I was 21 and pregnant and not married and through his grace and love I had my baby. I feel he is calling me in this direction. Pray for me that I find his will and have the courage to do whatever he calls me to do.
    You inspired me by this message to Trust in the Lord and follow his call and be not afraid! Thank you for this hopeful and encouraging message and your perserverance in your mission!
    May God Bless You!
    Kara in NC

  28. Wendy Kile Says:

    Remember Gideon’s small army of 300 who were alert to what GOD required & GOD said “GO in the strength that you have.” Judges 6 & 7. Remember that while Moses lifted his hands on the top of the hill overlooking the fight between Joshua’s army & the Amelikites, the Israelites won against the enemy. When he grew weary, Aaron & Hur, gave Moses a stone to sit on & held up his arms for him, over the ensuing fight. Exodus 17:10-13. Remember that the scripture says in Romans 14:10-12. We will all stand before God to be judged, for GOD has said, as it is written in the Scriptures :
    “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord (JESUS),‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will swear that I AM God.
    — Isaiah 45:23, Philippians 2:10
    So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God” The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob=HOLY JESUS CHRIST

  29. Doug Jeffrey Says:

    Thank you David. Thank you for your obedience to God.
    I am unable to go to the actual abortion sites because of work obligations and I live in an area that is quite a distance away from the nearest event, but I read the devotions everyday and pray! I am one of those people that never really thought that much about abortion. It didn’t happen to me or close to me so I didn’t think much about it. I was introduced to this great event by a man at our church early last year and have been participating in it ever since. My eyes have been opened.
    Thank you to all of the front line people that sacrifice their time and money to be involved in this ministry. To God be the Glory!

  30. Margaret Says:

    Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. Your message is very inspiring! So far i have only been involved through reading your e-mails and praying at my home, i have checked to see what abortion providers are nearest me and i wanted to find out any helpful information on starting to pray outside a clinic.

  31. Billie Cash Says:

    Yes, this verse is the key.
    We must return to Our Heavenly Father’s plan for the nation– one by one– one life matters!!!
    We must begin to LIVE for God.
    Casual Christianity is over.

    I wrote a book released in Nov 2009 calling America back to faith– It is called The Shelter, Finding Strength To Keep Watch: ( keeping watch over beauty, health, legacy and liberty) based on Psalm 31:19-20a

    I wept for a year and wrote for almost a year.
    We must redeem the land by starting with the house of God– us!
    Repentance brings restoration and then HOPE!
    The womb must be redeemed.
    Our hearts must return. home to the King of Kings.
    Our God is waiting on us!
    I will run my race all the way!
    Blessings to you for your work.

    Billie Cash
    Collierville, TN
    Acts 17:26-28

  32. Joan Green Says:

    I am so thankful for you David and all those faithful lovers of CHRIST!!!
    Our prayers are making a tremendous difference.
    GOD is so faithful and HIS promises true forever.
    Life is so precious and every child a gift from GOD. May HIS Mighty Hand protect every unborn child.


  33. Kristen Says:

    Wonderful message. We must keep this up. Thanks for calling the faithful to action!

  34. Bob Garrett Says:

    Thank you David for those encouraging words. We need to turn this nation around and we need to get off the couch in order to do that!

  35. Mary Fischer Says:

    I personally know Satan’s favorite passion is abortion. He has infiltrated our Church and many others, enticing the leadership into embracing abortion as a gift to the poor, when if fact it robs us all of- souls that were with HIM/us in the beginning and alters our lives here. Killing the innocent in the womb & in fertilization centers, in research centers, etc is a scourge on us all. This wicked crime is demoralizing our culture, our children, our government, our schools, our universities-it is everywhere. We MUST fight this until it is seen for what it is murder of one of us our brother and sister-Jesus commanded us to LOVE one another, I demonstrate this by going down to PPH and praying/protesting, the murder of my tiny brothers and sisters. God be with us all.

  36. Dora Martinez Says:

    Dear David, in all sincerity, Dear David,
    What a powerful message, truthful and painful.

    God bless you and all that have obeyed our Lord’s call for LIFE. I truly believe our land will be healed with an end to abortion, hope for America and the world.
    Where are the people to fill our churches, be our priests,run for office, keep the economy going, and the list goes on because life is a chain of events. They are not here because they have aborted.
    I have been physically active as time permitted, in 40 days for life, serious fasting, prayer and speaking against abortion at grocery store lines and any where I can get a word in edge wise. By the grace of our Lord and with your help I have been given the grace to SPEAK UP for the unborn. Stood up to family, friends without fear of criticism, nor worry about loosing them, or what they will say. Truth about what Easter is all about.

    Thank you and may our Lord bless you, and keep watch over you, your family.

    Dora in NM

  37. Barbara Jane Kitchens Says:

    While listening to David’s speech the thought came to me to have a national campaign of 40 Days of Transformation, based on 2 Chronicles 7:14; between the spring and fall campaigns of 40 Days for Life. Invite people to pray in their homes and churches. Have daily emails of encouragement and direction . As David divided the verse; divide the 40 Days for Transformation. Image thousands of people praying this verse for 40 days – awesome. I pray and serve God the best during the 40 Days for Life campaigns.

  38. Kevin Says:

    Beautiful speech!

  39. Bella Says:

    Thank you David for listening to the call.
    The Lord says to you “Well done, good and faithful servant”
    A powerful message of 2 Chron 7:14
    May all His people here the THEN word,
    because as you said
    then will He heal our land.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  40. Florence Cranney Says:

    Dave, God has certainly blessed you with this job of saving women and their unborn children. We have been blessed to have you start this campaign for the unborn child and their mothers. I felt honored to be a part of this prayer movement, and prayed each day. If I forgot a day, I would say two rosaries the next day just to be sure to get the forty in. I know God knows my weaknesses, and I am weak in many ways, but I still will fight the fight because it is honorable to do the right thing, it is honorable to protect human life which is made in the image of God our Creator. Thank you Dave…..I look forward to the next Campaign. God bless you!! :)

  41. Lorraine Ferrall Says:

    This is a powerful video. I want to share it with family and friends. All things are possible with God. There is always hope with Almighty God. David said it so beautifully today that we need to humble ourselves, pray and turn from our evil ways and repent.

    Forty days for life has been such a blessing for our country.

  42. Adriana Reasner Says:

    Yes!! David you are so right in all you have said. You have the heart of “David” (Psalm 51) and are chosen and anointed to lead in such a time as this.

    I confess before God and before you my brothers and sisters that I have sinned and been too complacent for too long. I have been too reluctant to speak out and stand against the outrageous, offensive and blasphemous actions and attitudes in our world–too reluctant to pay the price that comes from opposition. I commit now and I commit afresh to humble myself, to pray, and to turn from my personal participation in all the wickedness of our world.

  43. Valerie Wadephul Says:

    Dear, dear David, what a blessing you have been to our world and especially North America. We NEED to be reminded that not only prayer, but that the prayerful action of fasting is so very important. We do not hear enough about fasting from the pulpit or we place it in the time of Lent as we prepare for Easter, reminded of what Christ did for all on Good Friday. But, we need to be reminded that fasting, like prayer, needs to be done all year long to bring about results.

    You have made that message loud and strong. I pray that more and more will heed you. Bless you for rallying “the troups” in this army against evil. May the “enlistees” grow in number and zeal and may there be abundant fruit continuing to be produced at each subsequent 40 Days. Bless you and all who give themselves to this project. May we all be showered with all the graces from the Father that we need to presevere with love and wisdom in our own particular circumstances, I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

  44. Gretchen Says:

    Thank you, thank you for giving us courage, hope and strength. May the Lord make clear to each of us what we as individuals and communities need to do, then equip us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Father God, let us be teachable and yielded to Your direction, and let us remember to give You the honor and glory and praise. We ask this in the Name above all Names, Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of Israel, Amen.

  45. Arlene Mizerka Says:

    In 1965 I visited Dachau and smelled the burnt flesh of those that were incinerated by the Nazi’s. I had hoped that if there was ever a holocaust I would somehow help save those who were being threatened. Then, some time in the ’70’s, someone said to me “We are having a holocaust and it is called Abortion!” David’s presentation is quite accurate – not only the sins we have committed but also those good things that we have failed to do – we need to repent and turn back to God.

    We as Christians need to empty ourselves of lots of “stuff” and be open to God’s infilling us with his Holy Spirit. Another good program to equip us to fight the good fight is Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project.”

  46. Patricia Cornell Says:

    What a great testimony to the fruits of good people speaking and acting God’s Will. This is the first year our Oratory in South St. Louis has participated in this event and we had a very fine showing of people. Next time, more will pray and more and more until abortion is a legal thing of the past in our land.

    The end of slavery is our model and the Will of a loving God is our Guide.
    From St. Louis, MO.

  47. paul Says:

    I agree with everything you said. Eph.2:10 God does have a plan for each of our lives. We must turn from our evil ways as you said and seek His face he will use us to do mighty things for his glory. You are a great example of this. I am sure you have had many tribulations as you have strived to be obedient to His call. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. Paul

  48. Dolly Tabor Says:


    Thank you for your fearlessness in speaking the word of truth that our nation so sorely needs to hear and may it resound from sea to sea.
    May we continue to bind together with cords of love and fight the good fight of faith in Jesus Christ through our prayer, fasting and love in action.
    May this call to action be heard and acted upon .

  49. Louise Says:

    This is, by far, the most powerful speech that I have ever heard!! This help to give me more strength in my religion and pursuring THE RIGHT TO LIFE for every unborn child!

  50. Barbara Singer Says:

    Thank you for your powerful message. I would like to add the prayer to the Prince of Heaven, St Michael the Archangel:

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

  51. Suzanne Stack Says:

    Thank you for being faithful to your call, David!! I began active involvement in saving lives through the 40 Days for Life campaign Fall 2008. After that, I started volunteering at a pregnancy center strategically located two doors down from Planned Parenthood. It’s been such life-giving work to help women choose life for their babies!!

  52. Maria Says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work against abortion. We need to persevere and continue praying. My parish priest offers a holy hour every Tuesday throughout the year to pray a rosary against abortion. God Bless You.

  53. Concepcion Flores Says:


    Thank you for your encouraging words. I agree with you that our nation is in big trouble. I see it within my own community. Our families are being targeted especially our children. I am afraid and was mentioning this to my daughter who asked me “In whom do you place your trust?” Well I place my trust in God and will continue to do so.

    I have prayed and will continue to pray for the unborn. I will continue to pray for our families and for our children, and just like that beautiful prayer that Fr. Pavone cited “Sunday is coming”. Thank you.

  54. Sandra Says:


    God is so good and this video is very inspirational. Yes, we need God in our nation in our hearts. Thank you David and family. I want to thank Gaby and Miguel for their support here at El Paso, TX and also Jesus Hernandez and his group from Jovenes por La Vida in Cd. Juarez, Chih. Mex for all their support during this campaing. Nuestra Unidad y Amor a todos ustedes pues somos una familia en Cristo. We are the body of Christ that can bring changes to our nation. Si se puede!, Si se puede!

  55. Laura Romo Says:


  56. Danijela Brekalo Says:

    Thank you Mr. Bereit for this inspiring message. This summs up the evils we are facing in our world and our country today but also gives us the tools to confront it with. This is the vision and the mission we must carry out. Thank you for reminding us that if we do this and if we start with ourselves, not waiting for the world to change, but changing ourselves and our lives and what we do and don’t do, that God will do the rest. Thank you for guiding us. Although the we just finished our Easter 40 days vigil, we will continue with the vigils in front of the local abortion mill, because as you said, children are dying there every day, and we need to bee present and confront this evil not just some days, but as long as it there.

  57. Darryle K. Carlson Says:

    Dear David, God is alive and the Holy Spirit still leads–your message was a true gift from the Holy Spirit! I just came home from a pro-life meeting and we discussed many newspaper articles and the evils of the world and I came home feeling very heavy. Your reminders about “If my people who are called…….” and what we are OBLIGED TO DO as scripture says and to also fast and pray we are in right order for what our world needs today. Thank you for being a dedicated servant of our Lord. I loved the way you started out— you are so right—this is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it! Our God is not a weak god but MIGHTY and He is still in control!

  58. carol Washington Says:

    I am resubmitting my comments with all the spelling and wording errors corrected…I know…I am a hopeless perfectionist…:)

    I want to thank you for this video and the encouraging speech you made.
    Your words are powerful and we join you in your concern for the
    direction our country is taking. However we are not discouraged for we
    know that God is in control, and He will fufill His plan in the earth.
    Until then we must fight the good fight of faith, keeping our eye on
    Christ, who is the author and the finisher of our faith.

    Thank God for raising you up, David, as a voice and a leader for this
    issue and this time in our history. I am so grateful to God for
    ordaining that, I along with my pastor, Suff. Bish. D.L. Bradley, and
    the Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Faith Church, should be joined with the
    40 Days for Life movement. I am pleased to report that we adopted a
    day both during the Fall Vigil and the Spring Vigil, as part of the
    Sterling Heights, MI, 40 Days group. We were blessed with a beautiful
    Spring day, and great support. We were there from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. and
    we had three or more praying each hour. God blessed us that not one
    abortion was preformed during both the Fall and Spring days which we
    were there. I give Him great Praise for that. I also hear that
    their is a great chance that the clinic may be closing and the doctor
    may be in bankruptcy, due to the law suits he is fighting that resulted
    from three deaths of women who had complications from the abortions
    they received at his hands. It is my prayer that their deaths will not
    be in vain but it will cause a stop to his butchering of women and
    unborn babies.

    I am so thankful for the spark that God ignited in you, David, that is
    causing a fire to burn across the world against abortion. I am so
    dedicated to this cause, and doing all I can to stop abortions in my
    community and in my country. After attending this years March for Life in Washington D.C., I am sold out to the pro- life movement. God raised
    me up for such a time as this and I am willing to go where He sends me
    and speak what He wants me to speak. I will use my time, resources and
    skills to bring about an end to the killing of the innocent unborn.
    I am so blessed to have a pastor, Bishop DL Bradley, who is equally
    committed and willing to, unlike many African American pastors, speak up
    against abortion. He goes even further than just preaching it from the
    pulpit, but he takes an active role in protesting. He was outside the
    clinic praying for the entire twelve hours during the Fall Vigil and
    most of the day during the Spring Vigil.

    As a result of the spark from 40 Days, I have trained as a minority
    presenter of “Life of the People”, with Right to Life of Michigan. I
    also plan to be trained as a sidewalk counselor. God has place many
    other plans within my heart that I will be working to make a reality,
    in the fight to save the precious lives of the unborn.

    To God be ALL glory, honor and praise for all He has done and is doing
    as a results of the spark He placed in your heart to begin to pray
    outside the clinics of America and the world. You are continually in
    our prayers, as you criss cross these United States, teaching and
    praying. One day we will celebrate the over turning of the Roe vs Wade
    decision, and we can all unite in shouting the victory. Until then we
    fight on, an army of believers with God Himself as our leader.
    God Bless you David and all the 40 Days Prayer Warriors everywhere,
    Prophetess Carol Washington
    Clinton Township, MI

  59. Deborah Peterson Says:

    Thank you for being obedient to the call of God in starting and continuing 40 Days for Life. I found out about 40 Days For Life last fall near the end and attended the final rally. I was so ready to do it in the Spring. It was an incredible experience and especially meaningful during Lent. Reading your daily emails and praying among some of the most dedicated and loving people has been such a blessing and encouragement to me. During this time of darkness that you speak about, I felt like I could actually DO something about it by fasting and praying and being about His work. I to am praying about becoming a sidewalk counselor. I met many people there that had been doing this for the first time or it was there 1st day there. To me your message expands the prayer of the National Day of Prayer. I love your message of Hope and the need for all Christians to unite in prayer and fasting. The message is so simple, but you( 40days) are helping us to do it in unity. Continue on with thhis great ministry.

  60. Margarita Szechenyi Says:

    Thank you David for all you do! I pray for you and the 40 DFL volunteers daily. I think one of the great fruits coming out of 40 DFL could be the powerful and inspiring States Rights movement – men and women running for office right now in both parties in many states basing their stands on the 10th Amendment in order to return this nation to its Constitutional foundations. Here in GA we have Ray McBerry who’s running for Governor and is teaching many of us how our founding fathers gave us the final peaceful, Constitutional means to reign in an out-of-control Federal Govt. – esp. when all 3 branches of it are out of control – they gave us the 10th Amendment which says that those powers not given to the Fed govt., nor prohibited to the states, belong to the states or the people. He’s teaching us that our founding fathers gave many abilities to the states to stand up to all 3 of the branches of Fed Govt. when they are acting unconstitutionally. This is I believe a powerful tool for us to use to end abortion in our states, if we will promote and elect those who are running on a truly Constitutional platform. Just recently we had the first ever 10th Amendment Summit here in Atlanta sponsored by the 10th Amendment Center and GeorgiaFirst – candidates from 13 different states (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian & Independent) – all 10th Amendment Constitutionalists – met together to strategize how to return our nation to what it was meant to be. I really think we should keep these brave candidates in our prayers that they may grow ever more in wisdom after the mind of Christ and for the grace to persevere – and win in each state! :-) Evil & unconstitutional laws such as the recent healthcare bill can legally be resisted by the states based on States Rights if we have the right men & women in office brave enough to do so. To find out who is a States Rights candidate in each state, people can contact Ray at or I’d be glad to help find out – my e-mail is One last thought: even if these candidates are not yet well-known or well-funded, I believe that we should get involved in their campaigns and get them known – just like you said, it starts with a small group and then grows like a wildfire if God’s hand is upon it. Thanks again for all you are doing David!! Your daily e-mails were such an inspiration again!!

  61. Magaly Chanez Says:

    Dear David:

    Im glad to hear the 40 days for life campaing the most succefull campaing ever! This is my first time envolving myself in this campaing and am sure in Crist is not the last one.

    I pray to our God for you and your ministry to keep us in this way.
    I am a happy mom of 5 childrens and I pray for other womans to take the blessings that God bring to us in our babies.

    Thanks for this video and the emails GOD BLESS YOU.

    Yours in Crist Magaly

  62. Sandie Herpin Says:

    Dear David and Margaret,
    Thank you for saying “yes” to God and His mission for you to spread the message of hope and healing for our world. “40 Days for Life” has given me so much hope for the future of our country and the pro-life movement.

    Before the vote was cast that dark Sunday, I knew I had to be with Jesus in Adoration. I felt such a deep sadness that I knew only He could give me comfort. I spent 3 hours asking Him, What now, Lord? Where do we go from here? What is my part? What can I do now?

    As I listened to your talk on Hope, I realized He had given me the same message. Pray, fast, and reach out to as many as we can “grass roots”, with the message of the Gospel, and say “yes” to whatever the Lord calls us to do for His people. It all begins with me acknowledging my own sinfulness, neglects, and passiveness. Humbling myself, asking forgiveness for my personal sins against my brothers and sisters, and asking God’s grace to use the gifts he has given me to serve others.

    The answer I received was, “Form a community of pro-active educators for Life. Do not let the darkness block My light. Love and mercy is the only way. Proclaim the Gospel! Bring Me into the hearts of all you meet. Tell them how much I love them and want to heal them so that they can in turn heal others. Tell others I am waiting for them to return to Me with all their hearts so that I can change them into hearts of love and compassion for all my children. All life is precious and wanted by Me. The darkest night in the history of mankind brought new life to all. Believe and know that I go with you through the darkness to bring new life each day. I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. CALL ON ME AND ALL THE SOULS OF THE MARTYRED BABIES TO GIVE YOU STRENGTH TO FIGHT FOR THE MOTHERS AND ALL VICTIMS OF HATRED AND SELFISHNESS.”

    I left my Savior with new hope and joy, knowing He will conquer all if we but turn to Him and ask.

    As you said the key word is “then” I will ….. May we all turn back to Him and seek His guidance and respond.

    United in our love for Life,
    Sandie H.

  63. Jeff Ducummon Says:

    An excellent presentation and message to all of us seeking an end to the atrocity of abortion and the other ills that plague our nation. We must continue all our efforts of prayer, fasting, and involvement on a daily basis throughout the year, not just during the 40 Days for Life campaigns.

    Thank you for all your efforts and for your very encouraging message.

  64. Barbara Bowers Says:

    Dear David…I thank God for your passion! I thank you for sharing your gift of faith and hope. May Our Lord continue to shower HIS blessings on your passion in faith and good health. Thank you for your e-mail updates and I am happy to pass them on.

  65. JAN ARMAND Says:


  66. Michaela Says:

    Wow! This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you David.

  67. Eugene Ritter Says:

    Amen David!

    Thank you for this inspiring talk and all you and Shawn and all those involed in 40 Days have done. God Bless and keep up the outstanding work.


  68. Cecile Says:

    Dear David,
    Thank you for your very powerful message. I agree with you 100% that our world is in crisis. Thank you and the others for saying yes to starting the “40 Days for Life” campaign. It has really been successful because it is God’s will and He is with us and answering our prayers. I truly believe in the power of prayer and this campaign proves how powerful it is. I will continue to take part in the upcoming “40 Days for Life” campaigns by following it on the Internet and praying every day for an end to abortion. I live a distance from an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood facility, but in the future if I get the chance to go and pray at one, I will definitely try to go.

  69. Ileana Harbour Says:

    Dear David,

    Thankyou for the powerful message!!!! Thankyou, thankyou!!!!! You are a vessel the Lord has chosen to strenghthen us all and to give us hope. Your words are so powerful! When I see you, I believe the Lord is beginning something very special in our midst. This is the beginning of a Christian revival! Christians are awakening and responding to God’s call to really obey and become his followers specially defending the most vulnerable of all, those who have no rights whatsoever, the unborn, God’s creation, whom He cares so much about! I pray that the Lord will continue to strenghthen and protect all of us who are willing to stand up for the unborn, and specially you and the other organizers of 40 days for life. I know the fight will be hard but at the end God is the winner, there is so much hope, I can see God doing wonderful things in the future. May God bless you and your beautiful and sweet wife and your wonderful children, and a big thanks from the bottom of our hearts for guiding us and leading us. You are a gift to us from God! You have been chosen for these times. Hope to see you here in Manassas in the next 40 days for life campaign. I will continue to do my part by fasting and praying and by praying in front of the abortion clinic when possible. May God bless you, Ileana Harbour and family

  70. Margaret Farney Says:

    That was SO inspirational and much needed at this time in our country!! God bless you for fighting for the unborn babies and their parents. I wish every Christian was able to listen to your passion-filled speech and be touched to help with this all important cause!

    Thank you, David, and to your very supportive family for being such a God-send in this very troubled country and world in which we live in right now.

    May God richly bless you as you are answering his call!!!

  71. Louise-Anne Fair Says:

    David, your message is always clear – be holy as Our Heavenly Father is holy. I am Canadian and I believe that our country is also in crisis. I pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ will raise up holy leaders who will come to our land to lead and guide us in the way of Truth, of Peace, and of true brotherly Love. God bless you for your deep faith and perfect hope in what God will accomplish in us, through us and for us if only we will humble ourselves, pray and seek His Face. God bless you and your family and all those who work for and participate in this holy and blessed cause. Through Our Lord Jesus, Christ, victory is ours!

  72. Rosemary Paulsen Says:

    AMEN! Keep praying for an end to abortion. Thank you for all you have done and will do.

  73. Susan Says:

    Thank you, David for giving of yourself to this noble and life giving cause. You are a catalyst for change in America. May God bess you and keep you.

  74. Jocelyn Bretney Says:

    Thank you Dear God for David!!!. And thank you David for all your hard work. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones. And May God continue to Bless America!

  75. Mike McPheters Says:

    Thank you, David and the entire team for all you do and at this time especially for the video. It is on target and very inspiring. The message is clear, humble ourselves to pray and seek the face of God in all we do.

  76. Sandra Rogala Says:

    God bless you, David, and all the 40 Days for Life Campaign prayer warriors! Your words are so inspiring and speak the truth. We all must continue to pray and have faith in God. God Bless America!

  77. Jacqueline Gasca Says:

    You truly are an amazing speaker & totally filled with God’s spirit. What a blessing it has been that you answered God’s call to form this wonderful campaign which gives voice to those less fortunate.
    It is true that we should all hear God’s voice & stop for a moment to hear our calling. Without a doubt America is in crisis & we are called to carry his work specially in this darkest times. You said it, things happen because we allow them to happen, it’s time to carry God’s message & do his work instead of letting humans run the program. I pray that I will be as brave as you & do whatever it is in my power to do God’s work and carry his message always even when the majority won’t be in my favor.

  78. Jane Wilmer Says:

    David, you are an instrument with which God is playing beautiful music!!! I have been so very grateful for you and all who have rallied us to prayer and action. I have heard the call you have put out, the call to achieve the mission God has in mind for me. I am prayerfully discerning God’s direction to end abortion in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. The end is in sight; the “walls of Jericho” are coming down!!!!

  79. Jess Says:

    Yes, America has HOPE, and his name is Jesus! Who? Jesus! JESUS! J-E-S-U-S! The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, our Savior, our Redeemer, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End!

  80. Shirley S. Angus Says:

    If we all had a heart like Jesus, perhaps we could love like Jesus. So maybe if we all just said one more prayer at the end of our day to help abolish abortion the day would come where abortion would be eliminated from our world. Saying one more prayer…….. the power of prayer might at last conquer the saving of lives and no one used violence. Worth a try, isn’t it?

  81. Kathleen Alkema Says:

    What a powerful message ! Thanks for all you do,may God Continue pouring his blessings upon all who are involved in these efforts to restore our Nation and save our innocent children.Also that more & more of Gods children get involved.

  82. Bobbiann Says:

    The world needs to wake up and realize things are happening for a reason and its time to change for the better.Believe and have Faith GOD BLESS & THANK YOU!!!!

  83. Kathy Says:

    Dear David,
    thank you for your passion and with GOD all is possible.
    We will persevere and never be silent, never be passive. GOD is in control and we will win in the end with HIS help.

  84. sandy Says:

    Keep God in our Country has to be our prayer always for we know that Christianity is under attack. But, this Country was founded on Faith and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. It is difficult to pull up old roots which gives me the hope that these rights cannot be taken away. My prayer is that the 28% of converted hearts will keep growing but we pro-lifers are responsible for encouraging others to become pro-active and it will be through the growth of pro-active people that we will overcome the evil of taking other people’s lives. Thank you, David for founding 40 Days for Life and because I know that God does answer prayer, pro-life activities will continue to spring up because God is the author of life and He will help those who want to continues His work of life. May God bless you and your family always.

  85. Jose Bonilla Says:

    And that, my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, is the Holy Spirit at work through David and all of God’s helpers! Onward warriors of the Father, onward!!! Bravo David! God Bless you and yours!

  86. Mary Louise Dusza Says:

    When God says something He means it. He gives a solution for everything. You are right, we much obey Him and amend our lives. We must fast and pray. I would like to obtain this video. It is powerful! The Holy Spirit was present at that rally. People of God what are we waiting for!

  87. Mary Says:

    Loved this. Very inspiring. Thank you so much!

  88. Pat Says:

    “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.”

    Thank you for this video. Help us God please, to continue your work. “Bless the children, and let them come to Me.”

  89. Joan Cooney Says:


    That was an outstanding speech, sure to fire many people up. Thank you very much!

    Joan and George Cooney


  90. Steve Says:

    Wow! Very inspiring speech. David, you are a great role model.

  91. Sylvia Says:

    “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimonies.”

    Thank you for being faithful.

  92. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome video! Your heartfelt speech was so inspiring. It is too easy to look around at all of the evil in our land & get discouraged, even when we know the answer to our problems is so close. Thank you for reminding us that God is in control & all we have to do is turn to Him and turn away from our wicked ways. All things are possible through God!

  93. Esther Davis Says:

    Dear David, a man of God, you have the answer to the salvation of our nation. May we be open to God’s grace in taking it upon ourselves to do something about it. God IS the answer!! The only answer!!

    God bless you!!

    Esther Davis

  94. Maureen Sullivan Says:

    Powerful and Passionate!!!

    Thank you dear God for choosing David for this work. Give him all the strength and courage he needs, as he inspires and motivates all of us around the world.

    Putting God FIRST and repenting with all our hearts is the answer to heal the nations of the entire world!!!

    God Bless

  95. Molly Jesse Says:

    Forty Days for Life is the most effective movement for saving the unnborn, pregnant mothers and fathers, because it is the only movement that takes into accouont the preciousness of each life in God’s sight. Pryer and fasting is the one surefire method I know that will save our country form the sourge that abortion has whipeed us with.. But we are still standing, and with God we have already won. We’ll keep on praying. God Bless 40 Days

  96. Carole Stammen Says:

    Beautiful! Thank You. I will be listening to see what God wants me to do and praying more for our nation and our people.
    God Bless
    Carole Stammen

  97. Mary Vidimos Says:

    Dear David,

    Your words ring true! Our nation is in crisis today, yet we CAN make a difference.

    By your witnessing to God’s power of prayer, faith in His ability to answer, and the grace to carry out His will, has made this movement a growing success. We all need to pray more, do more, and be not afraid when we hear His voice calling us to witness when and where He needs us to.

    Having listened to you speak in Tahoe, and listening to this recording now, has shown me that I can’t stop when that 40th day arrives, but continue the effort, despite the temptations. To be hopeful and look forward to what He has yet to do.

    May God bless you and all you continue to do to educate, inspire, and guide those who want to make a difference when and where they can, in big and small ways.


    Mary Vidimos

  98. m yuhan Says:

    Praise and Thanks be to You, God, in all things at all times. Our Father has given us the gift of life for His glory, and still watches from His heavenly throne. You are always in charge. Hear our prayers, have mercy on us. Loving Father, you have been so merciful and showed us your love by giving us Your son to bear all our sins. Help each one of Your presious children focus their short time here for Your will, Your Kingdom that must come.
    Dave, and all those that He allows you to touch, there is still so much work to be done. Lets get busy…praising and sharing His Good news to all of God’s children.

  99. Ray Zierhut Says:

    After hearing your speach and reading a lot of these great comments you can be sure our Almighty God is listening. I am so in love with each and every one of you.Although the forty days for life is over with for now our daily prayers will not stop. this muslim president dares to say that these United states is not a christian nation any more.

  100. Dave Mattozzi Says:

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion in the world.

  101. Marie-Odile Bênard Says:

    My country, France, is in crisis too and is becoming a muslim country.

    That is the fact.

  102. Evelyn Schroeder Says:

    thank you so much for that message. i heard God speaking to me through you when you said, “only you can start that project”. I have been called by God to offer ultrasounds for women, right next door to the Planned Parenthood office in our community. I will continue working on that project.
    Thank you and God Bless you for heeding the call and answering God,

  103. Mike Stack MEV Says:

    Thank you, David. I liked the way you used the 2 Chronicles 7:14 to teach the basis for the 40 Days for Life Campaign.
    It is a humbling experience to be involved in this campaign. We are all just ordinary people. We have experienced extraordinary blessings from God through our efforts for Life. Praise God!

  104. Melinda Henson Says:

    David – thank you for inspiring us once again to truly commit ourselves to ending abortion!

  105. Barbara Crabtree Says:

    I have watched and prayed with you and I have seen His face. May God continue to bless you. Several years ago our Planned Parenthood was making plans to do abortions. A group of us met after mass for about a year and they were never able to make it happen in our community. Prayer works when it is in Jesus name.

  106. Bill Seible Says:

    Thank-You Dave!
    Thanks for giving hope and inspiration for us to reach out to America. It is a battle for us, but Thank God we have the freedom to raise our voices! Thanks for your obedience in that room several years ago! I loved hearing that story!

    Though I only made it up to Boulder once, I prayed often for Audra and crew. I’m praying that God will use me much more next time!

  107. Stella Stout Says:

    This speech was not only moving, but inspiring. I work at a Christian pregnancy center, and it is heartening to know that through prayer, 5 abortion clinics closed their doors, several abortion workers were converted and have begun speaking out for life, and that 2000+ children were saved alive during the 40-day period. I praise God for the work you are doing to mobilize the Christians in America and give them a voice to speak for the principles on which our country was founded, and, with God’s help, to stop our present decline into the abyss of socialism.

  108. Barbara McCune Says:

    Praise God for using you, David, and the other four, in starting 40daysforlife. I have been one of those Christians “asleep at the wheel,” yet, through the prompting of my neighbor, found out about your campaign several years ago, and now am blessed to pray with a friend every week out in front of our city’s abortion mill. I will continue to pray that more of God’s people are on their knees in repentance for national sins, to “stand in the gap,” and to serve King Jesus in whatever capacity God calls them to.

  109. Jan Hoelscher Says:

    David, your presentation was uplifting, inspiring and right on. Let us pray we do not become complacent anymore.

  110. Terese Says:

    Thank God for blessing us with 40 Days For Life. This past Lent a Catholic priest in our city held Stations of the Cross at our local Planned Parenthood every Wed. evening. It was very powerful.

    David Bereit is a powerful speaker and we are blessed to have him as our leader of 40 Days For Life.

  111. Jean Floro Says:

    Thank u David… i shared your video in my facebook acct. hoping that many of my FB friends would act favorably. Thanks once again and God bless!

  112. Patricia Marseglia Says:

    Hello David,
    As you well know, it is not alot of fun to “be called by my name, a Christian,
    humble ourselves and pray”. He has made you a Minister of Fire and is using you.
    Thank you for reiterating that some demons are driven out only by prayer and fasting. The demons of hatred, selfishness, murder, jealousy, mental illness, perversion, pornography, domestic violence, deception, the lying spirit all of them and many more need to go.
    But through Christ Jesus Our LORD and Savior, King of Kings and LORD of LORDS, in Him and by Him and through Him, we, his children, will prevail.
    Love and blessings to you and your family and all those who have joined in the battle. May the LORD send you a period of renewal and refreshing now,
    and may His ministering angels surround you and protect you.
    Help us to turn from our wicked ways, the distractions and cares of this world, the sin that so easily besets us
    Hebrews C12:1-2. Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.
    Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set
    down at the right hand of the throne of God.
    Thank YOU for what you are doing and all that the LORD will be doing
    with and through us.

  113. Olivia West Says:

    Dear David,

    AMEN!!! To everything you said in your speech, I say amen! Thank you for the inspiration you always give. My prayers continue for as long as there is breath to utter and a mind to understand what is going on in this country and the world.

    God help us.

    Olivia West

  114. Barbara Jane Kitchens Says:

    I am always inspired by David’s speeches. It would be wonderful to have a 40 Days for Transformation campaign based on 2 Chronicle 7:14, praying and fasting, between the spring and fall 40 Days for Life campaigns.

  115. Nancy Says:

    Thank you. You inspire me to better things.

  116. Duane Matz Says:

    Bravo! Well said! Is this video available on DVD? I think it would be a great recruiting tool for the next 40 days for life outreach.

  117. Nikki Bruni Says:

    Thank you David, for putting all your trust and faith in God…not in man and not in politicians…but in the One who can change hearts and minds. (Yes, even those of politicians!) :-) It is simple, and that’s why I like this campaign. We have a responsibility to repent and pray, and to step out in faith in our communities. God has a responsibility to hear us from heaven and to forgive our sins and heal our land. Hallelujah!

  118. Ed Says:

    David, you are truely a product of Gods annointing. May the Lord bless you AND protect you and your family. I know if EVERY Christ follower would pay attention and see the desperate situation our land is in and devert our human efforts of time, money of trying to fix the problem and channeled it into humbling ourselves before our Most Holy God, drop to our knees and repent and turn from OUR wicked ways, and earnestly pray for healing in our land, that Almighty God would hear our collective prayer and heal our land. How do I KNOW this? Because He promises this in 2 Chron 7:13. Then His Name would be glorified. Not from what man has done, but from what He has done.

  119. Mona Christine Says:

    It has been a priviledge to take time and be part of this web-site in fasting, prayer. May god bless you and continue to bless your work and help many people come to the knowledge of faith, hope and trust and the knowledge of a grace filled life in their own lives by proclaiming God in Trust, values and church. It was interesting to read about the 10th Amendment. This must be a very old law. I hope it is required by schools to study this issue through Faith in government that produce laws that always hold God as Love and than maybe by voting for the right candidates we will be a nation without fear and crisis. Our laws, our lives and our therapies have to reflect this genuine concern for each other. It is too existential to say only I matter and what’s in it for me.

  120. Theresa Lussi Says:

    Powerful prayer! With such heroes as David and all those willing to stand in the gap for righteousness through prayer, fasting and participating in the vigils at the killing centers, there truly is hope for America.

  121. Brian Walker Says:

    Powerful, specific and concise. Thank you brother.

  122. Ginni Bonarrigo Says:

    I finally had a chance to listen to David’s presentation and prayer. What encouragement to hear in this dark time in our history. Several things stand out for me:
    * God’s willingness to bless us when we harken to His word. As we came together to seek His face, humble ourselves and pray, He met us there. And quickly! Two thousand, six hundred and twenty babies saved! And two thousand, six hundred and nineteen moms (remember the twins) kept from the guilt and regret that would have followed.
    *That so few could accomplish SO MUCH because of God’s mercy. If so few can accomplish so much, what would God do if HIS PEOPLE would really come together to pray?
    We serve a mighty, holy and merciful God! May His Name be praised forever!
    Thank you, David, for your obedience to Him and for your willingness to pick up this gauntlet. God bless you and yours.
    His for Life
    Ginni B.

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