DAY 39: A 40 Days for Life world tour

I’m speaking at an event in Beaumont, Texas today … celebrating the closing of the abortion facility there. We pray for more closures — around the globe — this final Saturday of the campaign … as we take a world tour!

Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, has collected a few stories from leaders in England, Australia, Spain and Russia who are praying — and working — to end abortion where they live.


“Down here in Sydney, Australia, our 40 Days campaign has been a true success story!” said Andrew, the local coordinator.

“The great news is that no abortions have taken place on either Thursday or Friday for five out of the six weeks of the campaign,” he said. “When we began praying there, they were doing abortions on four days … and now only two! Thanks be to God that our presence is having a significant impact!”


One of the vigil participants in Madrid wrote about her experiences outside the abortion center.

“At the beginning, there were seven of us praying,” she said. “A woman and man came over and started to berate us.” They clearly wanted the prayers to stop. But the volunteer noticed that the woman had tears in her eyes.

In her grief, this woman said that she had not wanted to have an abortion, but that she didn’t have the means to keep the baby.

“We were able to tell her that help is available for mothers who have aborted,” the vigil participant said. But the woman’s companions moved between her and the people praying, insisting that they leave.

The volunteer asked for prayers for this suffering woman. “I am asking Jesus that she may not experience 40 years of post-abortive depression … like those of a family member of mine … before finding the true consolation that only Christ gives.”


Arevik in Moscow said a woman arrived for an abortion “because she was not ready for a second baby.” However, the woman told vigil participants she had changed her mind and canceled the appointment.

Arevik said the volunteers have also heard about an abortion worker with a troubled conscience. “We are praying,” the Moscow leader said, “and we believe that God is doing something here!”


40 Days for Life is a Christian outreach. And the volunteers in Birmingham have been able to show Christ’s love to many who are non-Christian.

Isabel spoke to a Muslim couple, who had an appointment for an abortion. After a visit to a counseling center in London, they skipped the abortion appointment and are looking at other options.

They were very grateful to all who helped. “We have never come across anything like this before where people help each other for free,” they said. “Do all these Christians know we’re Muslim? Why would Christians help Muslims?”

“They still need lots of prayer,” Isabel said, “but they were truly amazed.”

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.

For life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Have you prayed at an abortion facility for the first time during this 40 Days for Life campaign? If so, please share your experiences by responding below.

  • Lamar Hagan

    536 babies already saved from death! Glory to God! 536 mothers given hope for their little ones and saved from the years of grief they would have suffered after making the wrong choice. Thanks for your continued prayers for these precious children and their moms.