DAY 37: Saving lives in the UK

The 40 Days for Life campaigns in the United Kingdom continue to get media attention. However, much of it is less than complimentary. Even the headlines reflect the abortion industry’s claim that vigil participants “harass” their clients.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words – and the pictures always show the harassment claim is a pure fabrication.

Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, takes a look at a couple of UK campaigns today.

London, England

First of all, please watch this brief video on behalf of the 40 Days for Life vigil in London’s Ealing section. This is a very successful campaign which is led by Iulia, who came to London from Romania.

The vigil takes place outside an abortion business located in a building that formerly served as a Christian house of healing, which is why there is still an image of the archangel Michael on the outside wall.

The campaign has witnessed 19 children spared from abortion thus far. One of those mothers told counsellors that she was moved to seek their advice after seeing people kneeling in prayer opposite the Marie Stopes abortion facility.

“The couple is Christian and in a very difficult financial situation,” Iulia told me. “I talked to them for one hour, telling them about the help we offer … but they could not believe me, as no one has ever helped them. They were very touched by the thought that someone they’ve never seen before could love them so much!”

Another vigil participant spoke of an older woman who approached with a plastic bag.

From this bag, she took out handfuls of white cherry blossom petals, and scattered them near the abortion facility’s entrance. “She knelt down, said a prayer, and quietly left without a single glance,” the volunteer said. “It lasted all of two minutes, but her actions spoke volumes.”

Cardiff, Wales

The Cardiff campaign has faced more than its share of opposition, both on the pavement and in the media. A couple of stories from their local press showed what the volunteers must contend with.

One article featured the headline, “Pro-life campaign accused of harassing women as they visit Cardiff abortion clinic.” But the photo accompanying the story showed a more accurate picture of the vigil, as about a half dozen volunteers stood in a peaceful circle of prayer.

The same newspaper featured a commentary called “Those who stand in judgement should take a look at themselves.” The writer actually put these words into print: “Each lunchtime I find myself resisting the urge to lob my sandwiches at them, or simply shout in their self-righteous faces, ‘WHY?’”

This is a sign the prayer volunteers are doing excellent work, when you have silly articles in the secular press. They are a solid campaign!

Thanks to Robert Colquhoun for today’s international update!