DAY 36: Fresh from Wisconsin

Wisconsin native Steve Karlen, our 40 Days for Life North American outreach director, continues to add to his “road warrior” status through five weeks of travel.

Steve led multiple campaigns in Wisconsin, including one that helped prevent late-term abortions from happening in Madison.

I’ve heard Steve speak many times and know why so many have been inspired at every one of his stops. For his part, Steve is seeing how God is using you as we sprint towards Day 40.

Here’s the latest from Steve … starting out with a video update!


I visited several locations … including one of the most notorious abortion centers in the United States. Take a look!



When I arrived in Bloomington, I was told that the 40 Days for Life vigil sometimes has its critics. Sure enough, I experienced that firsthand as I spoke to the volunteers. A man drove into the parking lot blaring heavy-metal music, trying to disrupt the event. We ignored him, though, and he went away.

Earlier that day, vigil participants had spent quite a bit of time with a client outside the abortion center. They suggested that she should insist on seeing an ultrasound. But she said it wouldn’t make any difference – she was having an abortion.

When she went in, however, she was told she was too far along in her pregnancy to have the abortion.

She went back outside to talk with the volunteers … and ended up hugging one of them. They are now working with her to help her get through her pregnancy and beyond.

It was a moving and emotional scene, and one man who had been talking with this client for several hours was crying toward the end of my visit. It goes to show how much 40 Days for Life participants really care about these women … and their babies!



Tom has led a great campaign in front of a Planned Parenthood referral site in Muncie. Over the last three campaigns they have not missed a single hour of vigil coverage.

The event was an exciting candlelight vigil with tea lights and lanterns … and there were 40 Days for Life signs everywhere.

One of the volunteers said a woman was coming for an abortion referral appointment. However, after talking with the volunteers, she did not go into Planned Parenthood. The work of Tom and his crew are proof positive that vigils make a difference, not only at surgical abortion centers, but also at referral sites!.

Thanks again to Steve Karlen for today’s report!

Here’s the link to today’s devotional.