World Down Syndrome Day

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day.

This is an important area needing prayer, because tragically, more than 85% of parents receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome abort their special needs child.

To directly combat this crisis in the womb, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation created this moving video 2.5 minute video called β€œDear Future Mom.”

(Keep a box of tissue nearby!)

  • Jean-Marc

    Thank you David for posting this video! Here is another beautiful one, “Being different is normal”:

  • Lamar Hagan

    These beautiful people are God’s gift. Please don’t say no to them. Don’t say no to God or His gift.

  • Rasenberger FrankandAnne

    Very moving!

  • Kenneth Wilson

    This is important to me personally because 4 months ago, the Lord gave us our 5th child, Juliana, a Down’s Syndrome child. As a coordinator for the Las Vegas 40 Days For Life campaign, my wife and I, along with our other 4 children, can speak directly to the value, life and love that belong to these precious gifts. These special children have been created by our loving Heavenly Father as vessels of compassion, both for us and to us. And there is no doubt, that among our 4 other super-star children, Juliana will shine the brightest among all of them. πŸ™‚