DAY 35: (VIDEO) This will rock your world

Occasionally, during my 40 Days for Life travels, I experience something that moves me profoundly … and then I want to share it with the world.

I just had one of those monumental moments, and this short video tells the story.

The video highlights my family’s just-completed whirlwind trip all across Croatia (our fastest-growing international location) to support their 40 Days for Life campaigns in 20 cities. As we discovered, this Eastern European nation is ROCKING 40 Days for Life!

But the video does so much more than just tell the story of Croatia’s involvement in 40 Days for Life.

It shows the heart of this movement in which you and I are blessed to participate.

It demonstrates how God hears and answers prayers.

It illustrates the hope YOU are providing for the entire world.

And best of all—it features a beautiful surprise at the end … that you’ll just have to watch to experience. WARNING: have a tissue box nearby!

Take 7 minutes to watch and be inspired by this video now.

Before sharing this video with you, I sent it to several people for feedback, and here were a few of the responses …

  • “FANTASTIC!!! I was crying tears of joy by the end of the video – extremely touching and real!”
  • “Amazing video … direct, inspiring, and beautiful end with a flourish :-)”
  • “This is awesome, and I can’t wait for the world to see it.”
  • “This is beautiful!! The people in Croatia seem so full of love in their heart for life. Can’t beat an ending like this one for sure. Tears of joy!”

Watch the video that prompted these comments!

I am so incredibly honored to co-labor in the Lord’s harvest field together with you!

After watching the video, please leave a comment on this page with your thoughts and feelings. Then share the video with everyone you know.

  • MediaMessengers Henderson

    Great video and info. The movement is hitting ALL nations. Pro-Life. Pro-Woman. Pro-Child.

  • kpm

    God bless ALL Croatians..

  • goldenrule

    Beautiful….may God continue to bless this campaign and may abortion be a word of the past.

  • kasia62

    Thank you David for sharing the video. After viewing the videos from CMP and their wonderful work in exposing the very dark side, the absence of life; it is most important to rejoice in the power of God, His Holy Spirit as we all witness His profound mercy and love in the support of life. God bless you Croatian people who have undergone tremendous pain and suffering in order to build up the house of God. Your people are His armor. We need your prayers in the United States. We will continue to pray for you and for everyone all over this world so that God and Truth will not only be heard, but witnessed through our choices to obey His laws…the ways to reach love everlasting. May we all share in this wonderful blessing!

    • Connie Jezak

      kasia62: how wonderfully stated. It sends goose bumps through me as I read this !! So very well put. We can keep praying because our loving God hears and answers them, and He is answering them. Thanks be to God. Jesus, protect and save the unborn !

  • Mary

    May the rest of the world see this video and imitate the Croatian people and support life. We don’t just want to stop abortion, we want to save lives and nurture those lives.

  • Ivica Granić

    God bless you, David & Margaret, for answering that special call … when God almighty was on the other side of the ‘phone’, daring you to do something VERY special for Him …

  • Snowbound

    David, You were right about the tissues! What beautiful people following their hearts and the will of God. This story gives me hope when I feel discouraged as I did just yesterday while standing in front of our local abortion clinic. I will never, ever feel discouraged again. God bless you and everyone at 40 Days for Life and the Croatian 40 Days for Life!

  • trueWorldview

    What a blessing!

  • Daniel Ortiz

    There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that a life has been saved! The fight is hard but we will go on praying and helping babies get into this world. Congrats to our Croatians brothers, a big hug from Mexico.

  • Nancy Allen

    Thank-you, Croatia!

  • Randle C Mauney

    I pray many will see this video and change their minds to pro-life. No one can overthrow the Lord!

  • Connie Jezak

    This just brings joy to my Heart !! The people of Croatia have come together as one to pray and fast to help women chose life for their unborn. I pray that this video is viewed throughout the United States and plants the seed to all to go pray peacefully in front of our abortion clinics. One life saved is joy. If we continue to pray, it will touch more young women’s hearts to keep their babies, or to even consider adoption. Jesus, protect and save the unborn !!

  • Maeve Smith

    David & Bereit family, thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with the Croatians! It was very inspiring & it’s so great to see how they’re responding to this Godly initiative. Especially the new mom & baby. And the leaders there – imagine us speaking Croatian! People respond to love, joy & support everywhere. God bless you!

  • Angela Holden

    I think people in the US sometimes see the prolife movement as something that is only happening in the States. How good it is to know this is worldwide and that through God’s love we are changing the hearts of the world

  • DaleK

    I have prayed for years that we would end abortion in America so we could be an example for the rest of the world to return to the culture of Life. It would appear the world is walking this path together with us! Pray everyday for God’s final victory over the killing of innocent human life. Amen

  • Kathleen

    Beautiful video and beautiful spirit! May God continue to bless this movement!

  • Bernardine

    Well done! David keep the good work going..

  • jle

    Wow! Praise God! David this must be incredibly inspiring for you and Sean and all the good folks who initiated 40 Days for Life through the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

  • Donna

    God Bless you, your family, and 40 Days for Life! I love this video. May God increase our love to 365 days of prayer against abortion, every year, for the rest of our lives.

  • melissa

    May the Lord bless His people in Croatia! I thank God for their faith and hunger to do His will!

  • Eileen T Peterson

    Just Wonderful! We all united in protecting the most precious gift of LIFE!

  • marilyn morse

    Thank you! On e of the best testimonies ever. We need more videos of 40 DFL in action! Overcoming abortion is a spiritual battle, and spiritual battles are fought through our hearts and our wills. Touch someone’s heart and crippling ideologies will crumble.