VIDEO: You can make a difference!

Our culture needs YOU — now more than ever! As 40 Days for Life kicks off tomorrow in 273 cities, ask yourself, “What difference can one person make?”

Many of us want to build a culture of life. But we often get discouraged and lose sight of what God can do through us. But it IS possible for you to make a difference … and save a life in your community! Just find the 40 Days for Life location nearest you.

Steve Karlen, 40 Days for Life’s North American campaign director, talked to volunteers on a visit through Alabama. In this 3-minute video, some of the people he spoke with explained how one person can make a difference … and how one person’s actions can multiply.

The 40 Days for Life campaign starts tomorrow and runs through March 20. In many instances, the “one person” getting things started is the local leader in each of the 273 locations.

Volunteer local leaders are the backbone — and heroes — of 40 Days for Life. Their “yes” is a leap of faith … and it gives YOU the opportunity to save lives from abortion where you live.

So find your nearest location, sign up for a time … and make a difference!

Some people take an hour a day, while others stand an hour a week. It’s a sacrifice. It’s not always convenient. But it’s worth it! The Lord will hear your prayer … and moms will see your peaceful presence and have one last chance to choose life for their baby.

After all … you can make a difference!

As we prepare spiritually for the 40 days ahead, here’s the link to the first of our daily devotionals.

  • disqus_KXqeZMikzj

    brought tears to my eyes!!!! Thank you so much….I want to desperately to stand in front of an abortion clinic with you but I live in a very small town in Canada & there is no PP here & girls are sent south to a bigger center if they are going to have an abortion…..I will offer my prayers and be with you all in spirit……<3


    Hello Friends,
    I strongly encourage people to share the above video with your friends. In my opinion the video ‘clearly’ explains why people who support life – stand and pray in front of abortion mills that ‘destroy the lives’ of innocent and defenseless unborn babies. To stand and to pray in front of an abortion mill is to give witness to life and to God Who gives life.
    Your individual Witness, Prayer and your Individual Faith in a God Who will answer all your prayers if we just trust in Him. Is all we need to end abortion in our Communities, our Country and our World.
    Know too you can find God inside of His Church under the steeple – you can also find God on the street in front of the abortion mill among His people. This, 40 days for life take your prayers, God and your faith in Him and share that with those who need God the most those people at the abortion mill.
    Yes, we can all make a difference as the video says, and with God at our side in front of the abortion mill – abortion will end.
    God Bless You All. God Bless, 40 days for life.
    Respectfully, Fred Sokol – pro lifer – Rocky River, Ohio

  • Jacqueleen

    May I share with you a little secret of what I do when given a sign of opposition from the hands of drivers riding by? Immediately call on the Holy Spirit to “Change their hearts!” I also call on the Holy Spirit when a woman driver pulls into the Planned Parenthood facility…Only the Holy Spirit can Change Hearts….Praying a deliverance prayer over the abortion facility at the onset of your prayer hour also helps.

  • James D. Blocksom Jr.

    I live in Paraguay. How can I make a differecne, besides with the devotional.