PODCAST #7: Know your rights

Join 40 Days for Life’s Shawn Carney as he talks with 40 Days for Life board chairman and general counsel (and former prosecutor and corporate attorney) Matt Britton about your rights as you peacefully participate in the prayer vigils during this campaign.

  • Tokopah

    Where can I find a printed copy of the “covenant of peace” mentioned in this podcast?

  • LeMayzing

    While I understand the benefit of podcasts, those of us that work full time often don’t have the time to listen or are not allowed to stream content at work. Plus, I cannot “skim” a podcast, nor does my fast reading speed do me any good. So I have not listened to any of the podcasts that have been posted. I know that a transcript would be more work, but it can also be more easily translated (automatically, even) for the benefit of non-English speakers.

  • Nancy Brady

    Great to hear that there was a saved life from abortion during the 40 Days for Life Reno campaign!