DAY 12: Be a sign of mercy

Many moms turn around and choose life at an abortion facility … but many more do not.

The reality is that your prayerful presence is the last sign of hope for the baby before the abortion …

… and your presence is also the first sign of mercy to the woman after the abortion.

40 Days for Life is a campaign of love and mercy. In fact, typically 25% of all campaigns are led by women who have an abortion in their past.

While the baby’s life is in urgent need of saving, it can’t be forgotten that abortion has lifelong, negative effects on mothers, fathers and extended families.

In this short video Robert Colquhoun, our international campaign director, notes, “You could be the person leading somebody to the very first step of healing through your listening, through your support and through your encouragement.”

  • jesspinosa

    One day, as I was praying the rosary, a woman approached and asked where she could get a rosary like mine. I gave her some addresses and a rosary bracelet, and she opened up. She said she has had two abortions in the past and has regretted it. Since then, she has had two children, now grown ups, who have brought her happiness, whom she still thinks of as her “babies.” She promised to join me one day to pray. She said goodbye and we exchanged blessings for each other.