DAY 16: “I came to get my money back”

Abortion businesses often require payment in advance … and they sure don’t like to give refunds.

Please understand that abortion is a business. If there are no customers, they can’t keep their doors open. Some of the most recent closings have taken place for just that reason – there was no longer enough money coming in to cover expenses.

It’s a particular blessing when a mother decides against abortion and goes home. And it’s always especially encouraging when she is confident enough to walk back in and demand that they return her payment.

Greenville, South Carolina


Ingrid, one of the 40 Days for Life leaders in Greenville, said her prayer time ended and she was just getting ready to leave – but she noticed a car turning into the abortion center’s driveway.

“I waved for her to stop, and she did,” she said. “I asked if she had come for an abortion.”

“No,” the young woman answered. “I was going to have one … but I came to get my money back.”

Just to be sure of what she’d heard, Ingrid asked if she’d planned to have an abortion but changed her mind.

“Yes,” she said. “Babies are a blessing.”

“I told her she was absolutely right,” Ingrid said. “We hugged and she went inside to get her money.”

No one had spoken to this woman prior to her original abortion appointment. “The prayers and fasting are doing the work,” Ingrid said. “I was blessed to be there to hear her decision and pass it on to you.”