DAY 17: Know your rights … save lives

We need to know and exercise our rights as citizens to help save lives from abortion.

The Thomas More Society law firm has been on the front lines of protecting the rights of 40 Days for Life volunteers across the United States since the early days of the campaign … and they’ve just recorded another victory on behalf of a local vigil.

It is often the case that the abortion centers have friends in local government who are eager to do things that will discourage vigil participants. We covered this important topic in a recent podcast episode.

Not only does the Thomas More Law Society help 40 Days for Life … but they are also currently defending investigator David Daleiden. Thankfully, they are great at what they do. Here’s the latest example.

Hollywood, Florida


Early in the campaign, a city police officer told the people praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil that they were not permitted to stand on the sidewalk outside the abortion center.

He basically said the abortion business could decide who could or could not occupy the public sidewalk … and the center’s management didn’t want them there.

So the volunteers got in touch with the Thomas More Society’s team.

“Forbidding pro-lifers from standing on public property violates 75 years of clear Supreme Court precedent that gives broad protections to those engaging in free speech in public places,” said Corrina Konczal, Thomas More Society associate counsel.

The attorneys wrote to the city, challenging the officer’s directive. It didn’t take long to get a response. The police department’s lawyer wrote that the volunteers were indeed in the right, and “the participants in the vigil are entitled to remain on the public sidewalk.”

Thanks to the Thomas More Society for resolving this quickly … and thanks to the 40 Days for Life team in Hollywood for standing up for their free speech rights.