What a week for the pro-life movement! Whether you participated in last week’s events in person or through TV or social media — thank you!

The momentum in the pro-life movement is at an all-time high … and what YOU are doing at the grassroots level is beginning to be reflected in Washington, DC.

40 Days for Life board chair Matt Britton and I saw for ourselves, standing on the stage at the March for Life, looking out over the sea of people who came to take a stand for God’s precious children.

It was a great day in Washington … and North American campaign director Steve Karlen and I got a chance to thank Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York … who offered his support (and breakfast) to volunteers praying outside the Planned Parenthood headquarters in Manhattan during the last 40 Days for Life campaign.

And … there are already fresh signatures on the 40 Days for Life bus … including Minnesota 40 Days for Life leader Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries … as we get ready to travel to many vigil locations during the next campaign from March 1 to April 9.

Find your 40 Days for Life location now!

But before the campaign starts … let’s tap into all of this momentum to send a message to Planned Parenthood and the rest of the country!

Planned Parenthood’s half-billion dollar taxpayer subsidy is on the line — and your help is needed on February 11. There will be defund Planned Parenthood rallies at numerous locations around the United States — and many of these are familiar since they’re also 40 Days for Life vigil sites.

If you go to this page, you’ll see a link to the February 11 locations … as well as informative links, webcasts and podcasts that give the full picture of exactly what Planned Parenthood is … and why they should not get a penny of your tax money!

Let’s make just as strong a showing on February 11 as we did at last week’s events! With God’s help, we will make a difference!