DAY 4: Great media coverage!

This week, the kickoff of the largest spring 40 Days for Life campaign ever — in 340+ cities — received great coverage from both secular and religious media!

We saw a number of excellent national and local stories … including a feature in The Washington Times.


The vigil in front of the main Planned Parenthood location in Washington kicked off in the dark in a driving rain – with reporters from the Washington Times on hand to talk to participants.

Katie, the local leader, told the newspaper that their prayerful presence outside abortion centers saves lives. “And if our presence saves lives, shouldn’t we be out here as frequently as we can to make a difference?”

There are often signs that people are stopping to think about it before going in for an abortion. “It might be as subtle as a car driving up to the clinic and then slowing down and going past,” she said, “or it might be a couple walking in and out, and you don’t really know if they decided to go through with an abortion or not. But your presence does make a difference.”

Jeanne Mancini of the March for Life spoke at the kickoff, citing Scripture to the group gathered under umbrellas.

“The light came into the world, and the darkness did not overcome it,” she said. “Thank you for being that light. Thank you for being here. The darkness of Planned Parenthood will not overcome the light because you are here.”

“There’s no motivator like meeting a mom who comes up and thanks you for helping her to get a sonogram and turn around,” said Larry, another of the Washington 40 Days for Life leaders.