DAY 17: They despised St. Patrick

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Patrick was a missionary to an unbelieving people and was a true ambassador of Christ. Today the world celebrates him (and we should too) … but our celebration is focused on the way he witnessed the Gospel — fearlessly.

He faced persecution and opposition, but that did not hinder his trust in God. He famously said, “If I may be worthy, I live for my God to teach the heathen — even though they may despise me.”

Our task today is much the same, as Western culture becomes more secularized and dehumanizes the most vulnerable among us.

As it was for St. Patrick, ours is an uphill struggle. But we trust God, we are strengthened by prayer … and we realize that Christ has overcome the world.

Keep praying and — whether you’re Irish or not — celebrate this man of faith today. We need more like him.