DAY 20: Saved by a flyer

As we reach the halfway point of this 40 Days for Life campaign, I can bring you the great news that so far …

… our local leaders report 171 babies have been spared from abortion – that we know of!

Today you’ll hear a most amazing story showing God’s perfect timing.

We are called to pray — and trust God with the results. Here’s what can happen when we do just that.

Yuba City, California

Today’s first story is one we heard following one of the stops on the 40 Days for Life bus tour.

A young woman in Yuba City who hadn’t gone to church in a long time knew she needed Christ’s help.

She wasn’t exactly sure which church she was going to attend the next Sunday, but she eventually picked one. When Sunday arrived, she walked into the church – and was handed a bulletin.

Inside the bulletin was a flyer for the local 40 Days for Life campaign – an invitation to pray for an end to abortion.

The service began, and the pastor delivered the message he’d been planning for some time – the story of how his mother had tried several times to abort him. But somehow, he miraculously survived. The pastor and his wife then spoke of the pain of their past abortion.

The woman who “just happened” to choose this church … who “just happened” to pick up a bulletin that mentioned 40 Days for Life … and who “just happened” to hear this message from this pastor … was in tears.

After church – as she was sobbing – she explained to the pastor and his wife that she was pregnant – and she had an appointment the following week for an abortion …

… but all that she had experienced this Sunday convinced her that she had to cancel the appointment.

Church members brought her to a life-affirming pregnancy help center, where she is receiving the assistance she needs as she continues her pregnancy.

“All of this happened by the power of prayer, God’s perfect timing … and the love of Christ through this church,” said Maureen, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Yuba City.

“A baby’s life was saved, a woman was spared the life-long pain of abortion and a community is healing,” she said, “a process that all started with a 40 Days for Life flyer in a church bulletin. Praise and thanks be to God!”