DAY 22: New effort in an ancient city

For the first time, we’re seeing “40 Giorni per la Vita” in Rome! 40 Days for Life is now going on in a new country … and a new language.

Robert Colquhoun, our international campaign director, just got back from a visit to Italy … meeting with Chiara, the local coordinator. Chiara is a university student who started her own pro-life organization and has traveled to the March for Life in Washington, DC.

“We met with some of the students and prayed at their vigil site outside the San Giovanni Hospital, where some 1,000 abortions are performed every year,” Robert said. “They’ve made a good start, and I think there is much potential here as there are hardly any groups in Italy doing public prayer vigils at present.”

Robert said Italy legalized abortion in 1978. And while Rome is surprisingly secular, “there are many doctors who refuse to perform abortions – the rate of conscience objections in Italy is high.”

The idea of a public prayer vigil in Italy remains “highly counter-cultural,” he said, “so it is a challenge to overcome that hurdle. But I think there is great potential for 40 Days for Life to spread here.”