Former Planned Parenthood managers

It really is go time!

And on the eve of the start of the largest 40 Days for Life campaign yet … I want to share words of encouragement from two former Planned Parenthood managers in this brand-new video!

Through 40 Days for Life, it’s possible to prayerfully reach out and change hearts and minds — women who are pondering abortions … passersby on the street … and even the people who work in the abortion business and see your public witness through the windows of their buildings.

Prayer. Does. Work!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this campaign to get started!

See today’s devotional.

  • Snowbound

    Well done and inspirational video!!! Can’t wait for our “kick-off rally” tonight. May God work through us to close down our last standing abortion clinic 🙂

  • Sally Fong

    Thank you for this powerful VIDEO … very inspirational!! Plan to share it with everybody!!
    God bless everyone involved with the 40 Days for Life Campaign!

    • Deborah A. Harney

      Very well done — comprehensive and inspiring! Hurray for young people becoming the force behind Pro-Life! Personally experienced this at a Pikes Peak Citizens for Life booth in Colorado. Just in our shift, several young people came up to encourage us. Three young men came to get brochures in support of their friend who will be a father to his child from an unexpected pregnancy.

  • Martha Kersey

    Praise God, very encouraging..thank you.

  • Shelah Bellis Hockman

    Since reading Abby’s book Feel closer to your movement, but I cannot give my heart to it because I am involved in our Michigan Right to Life. God bless you all.

  • Kathy Forck

    Thanks so much Shawn Carney, my husband, Mike and I are campaign directors of the 40 Days for Life Columbia Mo prayer vigil, I am a Sidewalk Advocate for Life, and am a member of Missouri Right to Life. Love how all of these things work together with one purpose–to end abortion in our nation. I go to lots of pregnancy resource dinner banquets and Vitae Banquets as well. Oh, and I am a LIFE RUNNER!