DAY 4: 375 cities … 24 countries

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the world … with an estimated 56 million happening every year.

The crisis is global … and so is the solution. Prayer.

From now until November 5, this 40 Days for Life campaign is taking place in 24 countries around the world … and even some of the local campaigns have an international flavor!

German campaigns have great support from the Croatian community, for instance. And there is strong involvement from Polish communities in Canada and also in Scotland, where a first-time leader is bringing fresh excitement to the campaign.

Aberdeen, Scotland

We start today in Aberdeen … with a quick video from the local leader, Klaudiusz Mozelewski, recorded on the Scottish shoreline with a lighthouse in the background.

Klaudiusz brings a powerful message about the role fathers can play in 40 Days for Life, so check it out!

  • conservativesunite4usa

    Is that baby the cutest ?!?! AND a great message, too. God bless us all, everyone ; )

  • Proud mother and friend


  • mikemonohon

    What enthusiasum and joy expressed with a beatiful dynamic background and the wind of the Holy Spirit ruffling over the waves bringing us home. This is a most encouraging….

  • Norma Cahill

    The eyes on that little child should make him famous…We could barely hear the daddy, his eyes were so attention- getting. God bless him and his great daddy.