DAY 10: “40 Days for Life saved my baby”

Stories like today’s are why you pray!

Those words – “40 Days for Life saved my baby” – are at the top of a Facebook post … written by a young woman who had gone to Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas for an abortion.

“When I got there,” she wrote, “I saw people standing and praying.” When she went inside, “I was told I had to pay for an ultrasound and I didn’t have any money.”

With that, the young woman left Planned Parenthood – in tears.

“That’s when a man on the sidewalk asked me to come talk to him and to pray,” she said. “He was so nice and introduced me to a nurse from Care Net. I didn’t have a ride and the nurse offered to take me to Care Net to get an ultrasound and to talk about my decision.”

That ultrasound was literally a life-saver. “When they did my ultrasound, my baby was dancing!” she said.

“I am so happy that I get to have my baby and build a life for us,” the young woman added. “Thank you to the people on the sidewalk in the 40 Days for Life shirts and signs. You saved my baby!”