DAY 15: Tough times in Canada

Pray for our friends in Canada.

It seems the government in the province of Ontario doesn’t care much for free speech.

Legislation was proposed that could create “safe access zones” around abortion centers – a buffer zone of at least 50 meters “where activities such as advising a person to refrain from accessing abortion services … would be prohibited.”

As it was written, the measure could have even forbidden sidewalk counselors from handing out critical life-saving information.

Fortunately, the proposal ran into a legislative roadblock that should keep it locked up in committee. Please pray that it stays there!

40 Days for Life board chair Matt Britton just visited several campaign locations in Ontario (including Oakville, above).

Despite the hostility towards free speech and religious liberty mounting against Christian witness on the sidewalks … he found 40 Days for Life participants outside abortion facilities who were fervently praying for an end to abortion in Canada.