DAY 17: I guarantee you this …

Abortion is never safe.

In fact it is considered unsuccessful unless a baby dies. And his or her death is the most violent you or I could imagine.

“Safe abortion” is a myth and a popular talking point from abortion advocates that further shows how disconnected they are with the scientific reality of life in the womb.

Not only is there obviously no safety for the baby, there can also be physical damage to the mother. There is certainly psychological and spiritual damage.

If abortion were safe (for the mothers, that is), you’d never see an ambulance in front of an abortion facility.

We’re aware of at least five ambulance calls already during this 40 Days for Life campaign.

The picture above (clockwise from upper left) shows ambulances at abortion centers in Houston, Texas (where two ambulances have been seen); Bogota, Colombia; Birmingham, England; and Walnut Creek, California.

Abortion is not safe — nor it is designed to be. It’s designed to kill our own children and is the most unnatural act in all of humanity. It is no wonder that ambulances outside of Planned Parenthood centers and other abortion facilities are such a common scene.

To say that abortion is safe is to live in a mythical world.