DAY 23: Two quit … one never started

More good news today …

… we’ve learned that two more abortion business workers have had a change of heart and quit the industry!

In all such cases, we keep the specifics confidential. Former workers often face criticism, rejection from friends … and sometimes even the threat of lawsuits from their former employer.

Please keep these workers in your prayers as they continue the path to healing.

This now makes 156 abortion employees who’ve experienced conversions and left their jobs during 40 Days for Life campaigns!

We also know of one case during this campaign where a person arrived for a job interview at an abortion center – but after speaking with 40 Days for Life participants, this person left without even walking into the building!

The prospective job applicant was greeted by a volunteer who said that God had a better job waiting somewhere else – a job that truly involved helping the sick and hurting.

That brought tears to the applicant’s eyes.

Pray for those who have left the abortion industry … and listen to the story of a Planned Parenthood manager who had a conversion — and then led a 40 Days for Life campaign!