DAY 32: A “Texas welcome” for Planned Parenthood

In 2013 – after years of prayerful pro-life witness and seven 40 Days for Life campaigns – Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas packed up and left town.

But this year, Planned Parenthood returned. And so did a powerful 40 Days for Life campaign!

I visited Waco, where the volunteers promised to keep going strong until the end of the campaign – and beyond. “We are not going away,” said John Pisciotta (below, right), who began leading 40 Days for Life in Waco during the very first coordinated campaign in 2007.

Aine Fitzgerald (above, left), who is co-leading the current campaign, encouraged people to continue coming out to pray on abortion days after the campaign.

Planned Parenthood flies in a doctor from Massachusetts to abort babies in Waco. “The local media coverage has been great,” Aine said. “We were on the front page … and that has drawn a lot of attention to abortion being back in Waco.”

Earlier this campaign, we sent a beautiful story of a mom who chose life.

That’s just one example of how God is using the campaign to save lives – and get Planned Parenthood out of Waco forever.