DAY 40: “You weren’t here for me?”

“How dare you judge them! Planned Parenthood saved my life!”

Paula, a dedicated prayer volunteer in Orange, California, shared a powerful story with me during my visit there.

She said a very hostile woman approached her and began yelling at her for “judging and harassing” Planned Parenthood. She claimed they saved her life when they aborted her baby 20 years ago.

When the woman stopped, Paula calmly and compassionately looked at her and said, “They didn’t save you. They killed your baby.”

The woman got upset and left. As Paula prayed for her, she came back, looked at Paula with a different demeanor, and said, “Why were you not out here for me when I went in for my abortion? No one was here.”

Paula told me, “I felt guilty. I should have been here for her. I am in my sixties … and the reality is that 20 years ago, I could have been here for her. But I wasn’t. I was too timid to come out here back then.”

Paula said she shares this story to get more people to overcome their fear to come out and pray. And volunteers have come out to pray in Orange!

Kiersten, the local leader, has many churches and pastors coming out to this massive Planned Parenthood center in Orange. This was the site where baby Milagros was saved with the help of Alejandra, Marty and Graciela. Milagros is featured in the 40 Days for Life book. Marty and Graciela still come out faithfully.