PODCAST #94: Special guest Peter Kreeft

Join Shawn Carney and Matt Britton as they interview author, philosopher and professor Peter Kreeft, seeking his thoughts on questions such as, “Is abortion the defining moral issue of our time?” … “Is the world really so different than it was 50 years ago?”… and “Is the self-help industry helping or hurting the culture?”

  • boaz12

    Great discussion Dr. Kreeft debated an abortionist at the U of M to a packed, overflow room. Quick thoughts: 40 Days has been a common ground where Catholics and Protestants in the Twin Cities have work together, with the Catholics taking on the lion’s share of the participants, yet with the number of Catholic churches in the Twin Cities (after organizing 40 Days for 10 years) participating in 40 Days is surprisingly small- much to the frustration of Catholics active in the pro-life movement. I share that frustration; but not hopelessness concerning my Protestant brethren. The greatest ecumenical effort in the Twin Cities was interdenominational efforts towards defending the biblical (aka “traditional”) definition of marriage a few years ago and when Dalaiden’s tapes were released in 2015. Keep up the good work and see you in S.F. in January.