Does your hospital do abortions?

Not all abortions happen in freestanding abortion centers. Your hospital may do them … and you may be unaware of it.

If there are abortions taking place in the hospital in your community, there are five very good reasons why that would make a great place for a peaceful 40 Days for Life prayer vigil from February 14 to March 25.

When people pray outside hospitals where abortions are done, lives are saved … and the hospitals can even STOP doing abortions.

That actually happened in Minnesota! Hear about it first hand from the local campaign leader in this edition of the 40 Days for Life podcast.

Watch the video above … share it with friends … and pray.

Is God calling you or someone you know to host a 40 Days for Life campaign?

If the answer is yes … now’s the time to act.

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will run from February 14 to March 25 … and applications to lead the vigil in your community will remain open until December 20.

Now’s the time to ask if you have questions about campaign leadership, so please get in touch!

You may not be thinking of leading a campaign, but this video is well worth watching. Hospitals that offer abortions generally don’t like it when word gets out!

(Only potential campaign leaders need to go through the application process. You never have to apply to pray and fast for an end to abortion!)

  • Jeremy Stephens

    How can you find out if a hospital in TX performs abortions?

    • boaz12

      By God’s grace and foot work , Pro-Life Action Ministries was able to expose and conduct a 40 Days for Life Campaign. This resulted in the closing of the dedicated abortion unit within HealthPartners’ Regions Hospital in Saint Paul, MN Regions used to be a county hospital and we knew abortions were performed before the sale to HealthPartners’ We heard rumors that the unity had not closed. Here are some suggestions for you Jeremy:

      * Contact the hospitals and ask if they perform abortions, usually the later the pregnancy the more likelihood they may perform abortions. Be attentive to what they do not say. This also puts them on record.

      * Look for innocuous names for abortion units. Regions name was called “GYN Special Services”. Question- what is so special special about their GYN services?

      * Is there a med-school near by? Is there a Christian med school club or fraternity or sorority? They may know about resident rotations at hospitals that have abortion training.

      *If you hear a rumor, follow it up don’t blow it off.

      *If your state has an annual report, documenting the number of abortions see if a hospital was listed, Regions was. MN Dept of Health listed it as GYN Special Services: Page 16 – 17/ 64

      *Once you confirm the hospital performs, get 40 Days on the sidewalk! Conduct a rigorous campaign of prayer and focus on community outreach. Your presence on the street will empower pro-life employees in the hospital to speak up. Have 40 Days on the sidewalk at their satellite clinics where patients may be totally unaware that their health provider performs abortions.

      *Be encouraged by the pod-cast about the closing of Regions Hospital’s abortion unit.

      These are just a few suggestions as what to do.

      *Print informational brochures contact Pro-Life Action Ministries: